A Cool Idea: Five Ways Automatic Awnings Will Improve Your Life Outdoors this Fall

2:01 PM, Oct 10, 2018
8:39 AM, Jun 13, 2019

Here in Corpus Christi, chilly temperatures do not arrive in September accompanied by an onslaught of chunky knits and pumpkin-flavored everything. However, the heat breaks just enough to make outdoor living more bearable and fun. What better way to celebrate a drop in mercury by enhancing the outdoor space of your home? Automatic awnings are a fun way to express your taste and honor everything we love about fall in the south. Here are five reasons to consider automatic awnings this year.

1. We’re in the southwest, and we need shade all year.

There’s a good chance you won’t be getting chill bumps on your first fall afternoon in the south. In fact, it may still be balmy. This is all the more reason to give you and your family or friends plenty of well-deserved shade with a festive awning that covers the outdoor space in style. From patios to decks, everyone will stay cooler with an awning overhead, no matter the weather. Plus, we all know winter has its share of humid days too.

2. That late autumn sun won’t be in your eyes.

Everyone cherishes summer for the long days and late nightfall. When fall arrives, one of the telltale signs is how the sun blinds you in the late afternoon. Guess what? An automatic awning is the perfect answer to this dilemma; as the sun moves, your awning can adjust its position keeping that piercing daylight out of your face. It even offers UV protection.

3. Fair-skinned friends (and all friends) will attend your parties.

Dying to throw a festive autumnal gathering with spiced cocktails and other non-weather nods to the season? Well, trust us, your friends will be more willing to come over and participate under a stylish automatic awning. It’s guaranteed to keep the elements off the food, drinks and fair-skinned neighbors.


4. Your dwelling space will be larger.

Everyone craves a bigger space to live and thrive in, and an automatic awning will allow your outdoor space to have a new purpose and bring delight to family members and friends. Your living room and sitting room aren’t the only places to host gatherings—guests love relaxing outdoors in the right setting. And don’t forget about sending the kids outside for lunch while you enjoy the peace and quiet.


5. Automatic awnings are fun.

Automatic awnings, also known as motorized awnings, work independently from those annoying, old-fashioned hand cranks. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors and patterns and give your home and outdoor space that extra pizzazz along with the ease of functionality. What better way to express your love for the outdoors and your personal taste?

Want to know more about automatic awnings and how they’re perfect for celebrating the change in season and enhancing your home? Visit the Academy Window Covers website at academywindowcoverings.com.

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