7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

6:16 PM, Sep 06, 2018

Just the words “hurricane season” are enough to strike fear in the hearts of those who live on the coastline – particularly those who have lived through one of the nation’s infamous storms. If you and your family have ever weathered a storm together, you know how frightening it can be, but with a good bit of forethought, you can make sure your home is protected from a storm’s wrath and in decent condition when you return from evacuation.

Here are seven critical steps you can take to prepare your home for a hurricane.

1. Keep the Yard in Order

Just a lowly thunderstorm can be enough to knock large branches out of the trees and onto your roof or somewhere else that can cause damage, so why wait for an even more severe case of weather? Get out in the yard and trim shrubs and branches as the season begins. It’s also a good idea to call in professional tree folks and determine if a tree on your property should be trimmed or removed before disaster strikes. If a storm is forecasted, tying down smaller trees can keep them from uprooting.

2. Check on Your Homeowners Insurance

Is your homeowners insurance up to date? Now is a perfect time to make sure it’s active or even to shop around for better insurance. Wind damage, for example, is not covered under some insurance policies, and insurance policies vary a great deal on what they do cover. You can buy a separate wind policy – or a policy that is more comprehensive – but don’t wait until it’s too late.

3. Buy Flood Insurance If You Need It

If you own a home, you probably know that flood insurance is not covered with your regular homeowners insurance. Only certain communities are required by law to be insured against flooding, and you can check floodsmart.gov to find out if your community is in a flood zone. If it is, you will need to buy flood insurance backed by the National Flood Insurance Program administered by FEMA.

4. Take Care of Your Roof

Don’t neglect your roof when preparing for a lively hurricane season. Cleaning off your roof; checking for potential leaks and other forms of damage; and clearing out gutters are all important ways to make sure your roof can withstand a storm.

5. Survey Your Home for Damage in the Foundation

Experts recommend a walk around the exterior of your home to check for signs of cracks and stress, as such issues can cause your home to be vulnerable during severe weather. You can repair small cracks in the foundation yourself – larger cracks may require the help of professionals.

6. Protect Against Power Surges

Today’s households are filled with complex appliances and electronic devices, all of which can be ruined by a power surge. Prevent this by adding a surge protector to your electric panel as well as using power strips that protect electronic devices, rather than plugging everything directly into the wall sockets.

7. Invest in Good Windows and Doors

Perhaps the most well-known way to prepare for hurricane season is to board up your windows and doors. However, today’s windows and hurricane shutters are built to withstand high winds and severe weather. Installing hurricane-resistant windows and doors is a better idea than hammering plywood all over your house, and sturdy hurricane shutters will further keep wind and water out of your home.

If you’d like to learn more about how hurricane windows and shutters protect your home during hurricane season, contact Academy Window Coverings at (361) 852-6088, or visit their website at AcademyWindowCoverings.com.

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