5 Benefits of Roll Up Shutters

8:45 PM, Jul 02, 2018
9:28 AM, Jun 12, 2019

</span>Roll up shutters have many benefit to homes besides the obvious of hurricane protection.  You can use them throughout the year rather than just the five months out of the year.  Academy Window Coverings</span> explains the many reasons why roll up shutters should be considered for any home!

</span>Burglary Protection</span>The main benefit of roll up shutters is that they provide security to your home from intruders.  The shutters are difficult to remove because of the close fix to the doors and windows.  Academy Window Coverings</span> sends their technicians to homes for free in-home consultations to properly measure the windows and doors.  Once the windows are installed by professions, they cannot be pulled away without a great deal of force.  As well as being a physical deterrent, they are also a visual deterrent because intruders see the shutters as a more time consuming project rather than a quick getaway.   

</span>Sun Protection

Most people protect their home from the heat using blinds and curtains.  The truth is that the heat is transferred from the window to the blinds or curtains, and released into the house.  Roll up shutters are what really protect your home because it covers the entire window and traps heat.  Overall, this helps save on energy usage.    </span>

</span>Weather Protection</span>Another great benefit of roller shutters is its protection against the weather.  Whether it’s hail, hurricanes, debris outside, or tree branches, roll up shutters will keep your home safe.  Academy Window Coverings</span> has had many clients thank them for the protection from flying debris and past hurricanes.  Ask them about category five roll up shutters.  Openings in the home from weather can cause major damage.  Avoid the risk of broken windows and the possibility of water or other debris entering the home unexpectedly.

</span>Noise Reduction

In addition to privacy and light control, the roller shutters reduce your stress level by providing the additional benefits of reducing the noise coming from the busy main road, living near the Airport or any pet in your neighborhood. Roller Shutters can reduce the noise by up to 50%.</span>

</span>Light Control and Privacy

Roller shutters give you full control over the amount of light and noise that enter the room. You can choose to completely darken a room by lowering the shutters all the way, or you can have them wide open so that sunlight floods the room. Should you choose not to use them at all during the day, you can use simple blinds.  It’s completely your choice. Roller shutters also gives you control over privacy. Roll up shutters are highly recommended to those are located in noisy surroundings like main roads or those living near airports. This is a great option for those needed to sleep during the day due to graveyard shifts because it reduces noise as well as the discussed light. </span>

If you’re interested in purchasing quality roll up shutters, call Academy Window Coverings</span> today at (361) 852-6088.  They can schedule you for a free in-house consultation!

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