Is Now the Time? 6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s HVAC System

10:05 AM, Apr 11, 2019
2:35 PM, Jun 12, 2019

You’ve lived in your house for a decade or more, and you’re thinking about upgrading the way your home is heated and cooled. Is it worth the money you will spend on a new HVAC system? Consider these factors when deciding whether to replace your system now, on your terms, or waiting until it breaks down on a blazing hot summer day or in the middle of bone-chilling winter.

You’ll be more comfortable

You’ll be able to keep your home at a temperature that works for you and your family members, especially if you install thermostats in different rooms, or, if you have a two-story home, one upstairs and another downstairs. Meanwhile, programmable thermostats, which might not have been available when your home was built, will allow you to come home after a hard day at work to a cool house in the summer and a warm environment during the winter months.

Healthier air

New HVAC systems come with modern filtrations systems, which means the air you will breathe in your home will be cleaner and healthier. Besides removing dust and other particles, the air will move more freely throughout the house, helping to prevent the growth of mold and drying up excess moisture. This is especially important if allergies are a problem for you or anyone in your family.

You’ll save money

There’s no doubt that the HVAC systems available today are more energy efficient than they were when your house was built, so you will definitely recoup some money you spend on a new system in the form of lower energy bills. And, if you are thinking about selling your home sooner or later, it will be worth much more with a new HVAC system.

Peace and quiet

Do you wake up every time your air conditioner or heater turns on or off during the night? Are you having difficulty hearing the television because your system makes too much noise? Those problems will disappear when you have a new, efficient system installed.

You’ll be helping the environment

The new HVAC systems are kinder to planet Earth than their predecessors. They use less energy than older models and will reduce your home’s personal carbon footprint.

You’ll worry less

Are you concerned that your air conditioning system will break down in the middle of a sizzling summer? Do you worry that your outdated heating system won’t be able to keep up when the temperatures dip into the teens and 20s? Are you concerned that intense cold or unbearable heat will send your energy bill through the roof? You’ll have a lot less to worry about if you have a new, high-efficiency HVAC system installed.

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