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'Drumba Fitness' arrives in Portland

Class created to help parent with Parkinson's
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Posted at 9:48 AM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 10:50:09-04

PORTLAND, Texas — A fitness class that's a combination of dance steps and exercise moves is gaining popularity in the Coastal Bend.

Drumba Fitness has arrived at the Portland Community Center, 2000 Billy G Webb Dr, with workout classes.

It was created by Dina Scott in 2015 in Allen, Texas. Scott says she came up with the idea when her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“We started using these wooden spoons at home on exercise balls and on the couch and pillows, just doing a beat you know trying to get her moving because Parkinson’s is a movement disorder,” Scott said.

From there, Scott and her mom incorporated half-pound weighted sticks and half-pound weighted gloves to help kick up the intensity.

Drumba Fitness is for all ages but, Scott said she is seeing a lot of senior citizens signing up.

“The senior population really really loves it," she said. "And I think the reason why they have embraced Drumba because they can do it."

Portland fitness instructor Janine Trinidad had previously taught the class before the pandemic. Now, she is bringing it back along with other fitness classes that she teaches for senior citizens.

Trinidad said when she heard about Drumba Fitness, she immediately knew she had to teach the class.

“You are moving and grooving," she said. "You’re getting your core worked out, your arms worked out, you are getting everything worked out, your legs."

What’s really intriguing about Drumba Fitness is that you can do it sitting down or standing up.

“I put in a little twist because a lot of people cannot do it standing," Trinidad said. "They need to sit."

Participants say they enjoy the classes.

“It’s very encouraging, inspirational," local Drumba Fitness participant Sandy Murch said. "At this time I happen to be one of the youngest seniors and there happens to be some that are old enough to be my mother. So, they motivate me and I am like if they can be here I surely can be here."

Trinidad says that work with the class will show what participants can do.

“You really can't tell yourself what you can and cannot do until you try it yourself," she said.

To sign up for Drumba Fitness classes at the Portland Community Center visit here.

For more information on Drumba Fitness visit the Facebook page here.