Schools take precautions as flu cases rise

5:10 PM, Feb 18, 2019
8:55 AM, Jun 12, 2019


Flu cases are on the rise in Nueces county. With over 500 reported cases in the past month, the flu has made its way to local schools.

“We have a number of students and staff that have been affected by upper respiratory type ailments,” West Oso Superintendent Conrado Garcia said.

West Oso ISD is just one of many school districts in Nueces County that have been affected by this flu wave. Annapolis Christian Academy was hit so bad the school closed its doors to students last Thursday and Friday.

West Oso ISD has taken proper steps in order to reduce the number of students who have fallen ill. Superintendent Garcia and his staff sent out a letter to parents and students warning them on the rise of the flu as well as giving students tips to stay healthy. They also have taken precautions in their own buildings.

“I ordered our district maintenance do some little extra cleaning disinfecting of our classrooms from desks, door knobs light switches counter,” Superintendent Garcia said.

Schools have been a breeding ground for the flu to spread, and children are extremely vulnerable to catching the virus.

“Children live in large groups and there are in contact with other kids,” Dr. Guy Racette of Promptu Clinics said. “They might also forget to wash their hands which can help.”

Health and school officials have said they are urging their students to continue practicing good hygiene and if they feel ill, stay home.

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