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Witness: My daughter took part in 13-year old boy’s shooting

Posted at 3:43 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 16:43:23-04

The mother-in-law of David Davila testified today that her daughter took part in the shooting of a 13-year-old boy.

Vicki Stickell, the mother of Christina Trevino, the getaway driver in the January 2015 murder, took the stand in David Davila’s trial this morning.

He is on trial for shooting and killing Alex Torres at the the Treyway Apartments in January 2015.

Alex Torres
Alex Torres, 13, was shot and killed at his home at the Treyway Apartments in January 2015.

On the stand, Stickell talked about driving to Trevino and Davila’s apartment off Port Avenue to drop off baby clothing. She was with a friend when that friend received a phone call from her boyfriend.

Stickell said she overheard him talking about a shooting and that her daughter, Christina, was involved. After her friend hung up the phone, Stickell asked her friend what was said but she said she wasn’t in a place to say anything.

Stickell testified that she and her daughter don’t have a stable relationship and don’t speak much.

So, a month later, Stickell asked her daughter about the shooting. Trevino told her that she thought Davila’s ex-girlfriend may have reported her to Child Protective Services. So, she went to Treyway Apartments to find Davila’s ex-girlfriend and that’s when Torres was accidentally shot and killed.

Stickell told the court Trevino and the woman had verbal and physical altercations in the past.

Christina Trevino
Christina Trevino pleaded guilty to retaliation last week in connection with Alex Torres’ murder.

Stickell told the jury she didn’t tell police what she knew until she was arrested in August 2016 on a bank robbery charge from San Patricio County.

“Two months prior to that … it was just pulling at me. If in fact, this was my daughter, something needs to be done,” Stickell said.

During cross examination by the defense, Stickell admitted she had earlier told prosecutors she thought Davila was innocent.

She added that his name was never brought up in the phone conversation she overheard.