Thrive Memory Care helping Alzheimer’s and dementia residents thrive

2:50 PM, Feb 28, 2019


Families and patients dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease face challenges every day.

There is, however, a local assisted living community that’s helping those patients and their families thrive.

Chelsea Cook, the community relations director at Thrive Memory Care says, unlike other communities, this one was built like a large home, specifically for people with this disease.

“Because we know with dementia and Alzheimer’s, environment is key,” said Cook.

People with the disease often experience memory loss, confusion, poor eyesight, or withdrawal from social activities.

About nine years ago, Linda Ramon’s mother began experiencing the symptoms.

“You can’t imagine all the trouble she was getting into – lighting the gas on the stove, and wandering around in the neighborhood,” said Ramon.

Ramon, who retired just to take care of her mother, says it got tough at times.

“Because you turn out to be that person that doesn’t let her have everything that she wants to have,” Ramon said.  “And she was frustrated with me, I was frustrated with her.”

Eventually, Ramon looked into other options like Thrive Memory Care.

The community is an open-concept design, which is easy to navigate. This reduces any confusion a resident may have.

It’s also built with the kitchen and living room in the middle of the community, encouraging residents to socialize. And their care team also wears bright green shirts, because that’s the last color residents see as their vision changes.

“Mom is happy here,” said Ramon. “She’s a different person.”

Now, Ramon says their focus is on having a strong relationship and enjoying each other’s company.

“And that’s been the most beautiful thing that Thrive has given me – is giving me my mother back,” said Ramon.

The community is having an information session on March 14. It’s located at 7425 McArdle Road in Corpus Christi. For more information, call 361-288-4695.

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