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How a Coastal Bend family is taking a journey to being seizure free

National Epilepsy awareness month
Posted at 9:30 AM, Nov 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-03 10:30:55-04

November is National epilepsy awareness month. Epilepsy is a neurological condition in the brain that triggers seizure. It’s more common than most people think with 3.4 million Americans living with the condition.

"Epilepsy is many different things," said Lorren Tankersley.

According to the epilepsy foundation, doctors believe epileptic seizures cause a short interruption to messages traveling back and forth within the brain.

Tankersley said she found out her eight year old daughter Emma, had epilepsy when Emma had a seizure one day. Her diagnoses wasn't recognized until she had 5 seizures.

"And the only reason she got recognized because she fell out in the doctors office during an allergy visit and had a grandma seizure," said Tankersley.

Tankersley said Emma has a LGS, also known as lennox gastout syndrome. She said Emma has a rare form of epilepsy along with an unknown auto immune disease which attacks her body which develops the seizures. But Mom said not all cases of epilepsy are the same.

"Because I have epilepsy also. I haven't had a seizure in ten years," said Tankersley.

Tankersley said since Emma was two, she was having several seizures a day, even having 300 or more per day. But for mom knowing Emma's triggers are key.

"We're still learning her triggers, even though she has been seizure free, we still don't know if something could trigger, we are not 100% sure that this is the cure," said Tankersley.

While they take on the journey of seizure freedom. Mom said she wants Emma to be able to do things she was never able to do before.

"She's not taking anti convulsants to control them, she's able to have a normal life," said Tankersley.

Tankersley said the Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas provides them with a support group with other parents so they know they are not alone in this battle.

For help and resources on Epilepsy click here.