CC Medical Center using smartphone to help with patient care

4:59 AM, Dec 10, 2018
9:34 AM, Jun 12, 2019

A few years ago Mobile Heartbeat, a leading provider of smartphone applications for improving clinical workflow, teamed up with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to help take healthcare into the future.

Clipboards are vanishing; you are not going to find doctors taking a pencil to a piece of paper like they used to.

This new  technology will provide better care, more efficient care, and timely communication.

In 2017 when a gunman opened fire on concertgoers in Las Vegas, 214 victims were transported to Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. The people at Sunrise were ready, thanks to the iMobile instant-messaging system that was used to send a mass message to caregivers, alerting everyone who was able to report to the ER.

“The CEO and CNO had said that capability of communicating to all staff at one time just helps patient improvement, patient care drastically,” said CCMC Manager of Advanced Clinicals Bobi Jo Martinez

The Corpus Christi Medical Center is one of the first in the area to use this iMobile application to help with clinical communication.

“What happens is when there is something that the physician wants to speak to the nurse about or the nurse wants to speak the physician about, they have instant communication with their staff at that time at a click of a button,” said Martinez.

Mobile Heartbeat also addresses the mobile needs of our community.

“Well, your patients, when they are coming into the facility and they see the nurses, are carrying their cell phones and go to the bedside to assess their patients, they have their lab values, have photos that maybe a wound that has not been healing right the nurse can take a picture of it and put it into their chart in the application so that everybody on the care team can go view those photos. Develop plans of care based on hand held iPhones that every nurse and every physician have here at C.C.M.C.” said Martinez.

The fact of the matter is this new system is all about improving patient care.

“The nurse call system is actually connected to the phones as well. So your patient care tech, registered nurses, charge nurses, they all get those broadcast from the patients remotes when they are calling for their nurses as well,” said Martinez.

More than 1700 staff and 700+ healthcare professionals at the Corpus Christi Medical Center have been trained on the new iMobile system that cost 5 and a half million dollars.

“Some people think I.T. and healthcare are totally different, but it goes hand-and-hand. And as we advance in technology, all we are going to do is make our patient care better here at the Corpus Christi Medical Center,” said Martinez.

Advanced Nurse Call employs iMobile wireless integration to route and speed up patient calls, which are received by the nurse assigned to a patient versus being routed through an intermediary central nursing station.

iMobile provides for secure texting and Wi-Fi calling and displays information including nurse assignments, patient demographics and the results of lab tests.

Mobile Heartbeat uses secure smartphones to improve clinical workflow and team communications, delivering better patient care at a lower cost.

Mobile Heartbeat consolidates clinical communications, including alarms and notifications, pertinent patient information, lab data, texting, voice, and photography.

Based upon its Clinical Urgent Response (CURE) technology, Mobile Heartbeat provides a real-time clinical team directory that efficiently connects all members of the patients’ care team inside and outside the hospital as well as across multiple facilities.

Eliminating the need for multiple devices, searching for caregivers or hunting for lab data, Mobile Heartbeat provides a highly efficient, patient-specific, clinical team collaboration solution.

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