The Incredible Support of Whataburger and the Dobson Family for Pediatric Cancer Research

2:00 PM, Aug 16, 2019
2:03 PM, Aug 16, 2019

Residents of Corpus Christi are already proud of their homegrown company Whataburger and loyal to what we think are the best burgers, honey butter chicken biscuits and other food around. What started on Ayers Street nearly 70 years ago with the biggest, juiciest burgers only containable on an oversized bun has blossomed into 800 restaurants nationwide.

The family of Harmon Dobson, Whataburger’s founder, still lives in town, friends to many, including James Ragan and his family, the founders of Triumph Over Kid Cancer (TOKC).

The company and the Dobson family have been generous supporters, not only of TOKC, but of children and people with cancer in general.

Here are five ways the company and the family have supported community, and especially Triumph Over Kid Cancer.

1. When TOKC Asks, Whataburger Says Yes

Whatever TOKC needs, Whataburger is happy to help. They provide breakfast to those who keep the party going during the annual toga party fundraiser. They sponsor the golf balls at the annual James R. Ragan Triumph Scramble golf tournament. Those are just a couple examples of their incredible philanthropy, as the Dobson’s Family is extremely generous year-round. Not only monetarily, but by donating their time and energy to be the HOPE and JOY to kids with cancer!

2. They Open Doors

In the world of charities, there are doers, donors and door openers. Many companies are donors, and their beneficiaries are grateful for that. Whataburger is a donor and door opener. They have connected TOKC with other companies that might be willing to contribute to the cause of supporting children with cancer and funding research into pediatric cancer cures.

3. The Dobson Family Does the Same

The Dobson family could say they gave generously at the office through their company. Instead, they are generous benefactors of Triumph Over Kid Cancer separately from their company. As prominent citizens in our community, they help set the tone for others who might be considering the direction of their own philanthropy.

4. Coy Dobson, TOKC Board Member

As boyhood friends, Coy Dobson and James Ragan played Little League, tennis and golf together even as they went their separate ways to college. Coy and James even won a pair of golf tournaments together. In his final days, James asked Coy to carry on his legacy as a board member of Triumph Over Kid Cancer. Since then, Coy has continued to “DoThatOneThing!” and honoring James’ legacy by advocating for the importance of childhood cancer awareness and funding.

5. Whataburger’s Commitment to Community

Whataburger supports a host of philanthropic activities in every market in which they operate. In addition to cancer research, their efforts focus on children’s education, children with disabilities, child abuse prevention, anti-hunger activities, military support and disaster relief.

Whataburger’s philanthropy goes beyond charitable donations. They support their communities through sports sponsorships, volunteering and just being ready to help when they can.

“They’re just so incredibly generous,” says Mecklin. “And of course, they have the best burgers and the best honey butter chicken biscuits. James’ favorite, and mine too!”

You can help Triumph Over Kid Cancer win the war against childhood cancers and save the lives of children alive today and those yet to be born. Visit for more information, to sign up for the events or to make a donation.

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