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How to remodel during a pandemic

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Posted at 12:03 PM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 11:09:08-05

Like many people, you may be spending a lot of time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means you’ve probably memorized every nook and cranny.

While you likely love some parts of what you see every day, others might need an upgrade. And you’re not the only one who feels that way, what with a 58% increase since last year in potential projects for home professionals, according to Houzz.

One renovation that has seen an uptick among locals in the Corpus Christi area is flooring, says Sal’s Tile owner Teresa Rodriguez. Business at the store has been brisk throughout the summer. Part of the reason for its popularity may be that a change to flooring makes a dramatic difference to the look of a room, making it easy to reflect your personality.

Popular flooring styles

Sal’s Tile has been busy helping residents remodel master bathrooms, upgrade countertops, add backsplashes, and replace flooring on main levels and in bedrooms.

A favorite flooring choice is vinyl wood, which makes up about half of flooring sales at the local business. Vinyl flooring can be printed to look like different types of wood, so you can choose what will look good in your space. Additionally, it is coated to prevent damage from scuffs and tears, and it can be waterproof.

The next most popular flooring is tile, Rodriguez says. It comes in many colors and at price points for any budget. It is easy to clean and maintain and is resistant to moisture.

Safety precautions

It may seem intimidating to let installers into your home during a pandemic, but Sal’s Tile is taking precautions, so it can continue to provide high quality service while keeping customers and workers safe.

For example, when having flooring installed, you can leave a key or share a passcode, so installers can enter, complete the installation, and leave without making contact with you. If you wish to be in the house, the installers practice social distancing as well as other safety protocols.

“We have our guys wear masks and carry hand sanitizer,” Rodriguez says. “We encourage the homeowners to do the same.”

Even if you don’t share a key or code, you can let workers in and then leave for the duration of the installation.

“Often, homeowners choose to be out of the house or they have us only come in a certain door,” Rodriguez says.

How to get started

Choosing your flooring will depend on how you use a room and your decorative taste. A flooring consultant can explain the pros and cons of each material to help you make the best decision for your lifestyle. When you’ve chosen, you’re ready to get moving.

“Once they make a selection, we make an appointment to measure,” Rodriguez says. “Knowing what material they want to use helps us know what measurements to take.”

Then comes the bid.

“When we know exactly what we’re going to be installing, we can make a more accurate bid,” Rodriguez says.

During installation, Sal’s Tile makes the process simple by offering a service that includes moving furniture, something most customers take advantage of.

For more information about your flooring options or to request a bid, visit Sal’s Tile online or in store.

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