Best renovation ideas for your home this year

4:40 PM, Jan 29, 2020

Whether you’re working on a fixer upper for your family, planning to flip a house, or just trying to make your home a more comfortable place, deciding what to renovate takes a lot of consideration and creativity.

Renovations impact everything from your finances to your home’s value to your daily routine during and after remodeling. You’ll want to know ahead of time that all the effort and expense is going to be worth it.

Luckily, several remodeling ideas will not only make your home a cozier and more beautiful place to live, they’ll also increase the value of your home if you’re interested in selling now or in the future.

Kitchen update

Kitchen remodels have ranked at the top of homeowners’ wish lists for years, as styles and tastes have moved toward open concepts. There are also many options when it comes to flooring, countertops, and cabinet finishes. The good news is a kitchen remodel is one of the top projects for adding value to your home.

Often when people think of kitchen remodels, they think of a tear down, all-out construction project. For the most part, however, this level of remodel isn’t necessary to achieve a modern look that will appeal to homeowners and potential home buyers alike.

As a matter of fact, you can get a fresh look with just a few changes. You can simply replace or refinish cabinet doors, along with new countertops and appliances, according to Modernize. Additionally, old-fashioned faucets, sinks and cabinetry hardware are easy to upgrade.

Combine these projects with a freshly painted accent wall and updated flooring like stone, cork, or wood, and you’ll have a kitchen you won’t recognize when it’s done.
Combine these projects with a freshly painted accent wall and updated flooring like stone, cork, or wood, and you’ll have a kitchen you won’t recognize when it’s done.
As a bonus, if you choose to sell your home, you’ll get a high return on investment, as most of the money you spend on the remodel will be returned to you in a sale, according to Remodeling Magazine.

Bathroom redesign

Like a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel can be as conservative or as extensive as you choose. You can budget enough to update your vanity, toilet, and shower, as well as paint the walls, upgrade your flooring, and indulge in some of your dream bathroom ideas. Or you can budget enough to do just a few of the most important items to you.

One bathroom upgrade to consider is tiling from floor to ceiling, making the bathroom easier to clean and maintain in a moist atmosphere than if the walls were painted. Additionally, it makes for an impressive décor style.

Another way to make your bathroom feel comfortable and classy is to install heated flooring, add a heat lamp to the ceiling, replace laminate countertops with quartz, or install a shower with hand-held jets, rain bars, programmable temperature settings and water-proof speakers.

Because nice bathrooms tend to impress to buyers, you can recoup much of your cost if you decide to sell your home.

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