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Refugio community rallies behind state-bound Bobcats

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The word is out and by now you probably know that the Refugio Bobcats are having a great football season. This is old news to the locals who have orange and black pumping in their veins no matter what the sport, but this year proved extra punishing to those who call Refugio, Texas home. 

For starters, hurricane Harvey punished the land the way the Bobcats have their opponents for the better part of the season. Just imagine how hard it is to hold a regular practice when your field is destroyed and many players are left homeless.

Actually, it would have been easier to give Bobcats football a pass if they didn't return to the state tournament for the fourth consecutive year than to believe in them. Ironically, these small-town folks are peculiar, once they get the notion to support something, you can usually take it to the bank. 

"Everyone doubted us and now we are going to state next week, it's very exciting," football mom, and Chamber of Commerce employee, Becky Wright told KRIS. 

Belief is a powerful thing in general, but partner it with a team that has managed to overcome every obstacle placed in its wake and it's downright magical. The Bobcats fastest player suffered a season-ending injury, he is fighting his own battle off the field and his team knows it could have been any one of them.

"So many of them were homeless, you know what happened to Casey, like we wanna do it for him too. We know that the boys are gonna do as best they can," explained Danielle Byrd, one of the team's super fans.

Take note of how Danielle said "we"....'we' wanna do it for him. This is not your run of the mill fan base, this community has been beaten down together. So when the team wins, everyone wins.

"This town is all about football, when the hurricane came and hit that's the number one thing that brought this community together," Wright said. 

"Coming back and supporting the football team has been like one of the driving things, you are like let's go so we can go to a game..let's get this done," Byrd added.

The team will travel on Wednesday and take a shot at winning another state title. Refugio, will become a ghost town, and that is part is understood. Danielle Byrd will work an extra shift and run on minimal sleep in order to see her favorite football team in person, at ATT Stadium. 

Byrd recalls the previous seasons, "I remember, I remember being at both of the games, I was at both of them, and I remember the excitement and the stress."

That connection is a two-way street. The community is equally important to the players on the field, who sell out for the cause to win state every time they buckle up the chin strap.

"My son has said you know, we wanna do this for the community, it's all about bringing home this state title to them this is all about the community," Wright admitted.

Essentially, if you don't believe in rising from nothing, maybe it's time to start.

"It's funny how a small little town can make it somewhere like AT&T Stadium," Byrd thought aloud.

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