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Do not give these treats to your pup

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With the holiday season here, we all want to give our furry family members treats so they aren't left out. But, the FDA just came out with a report with certain treats you should not give to your dogs. 

Those treats? Bone treats, which are processed and packaged treats for sale. Many of these treats are knuckle bones, ham bones, femur and rib bones. 

According to local veterinarian, Pancho Hubert from Tejas Veterinary Hospital, "say for instance the wolf, the wolf has up to 1500 pounds of teeth pressure per square inch, where as the regular dog has at least maybe half that much or less in smaller dogs. So, their ability to crush those bones and to be able to digest those bones are a lot more than say our smaller dogs that can't do that and they go down more of a whole fragment and their intestinal track is smaller. So the potential of problems is a lot more."

The FDA says that from September 2010 to November 2017, they have received 68 reports of pet illnesses related to "bone treats," and about 15 dogs have died from these treats. 

A few illnesses that are caused by bone treats are: 

  • blockage in the digestive tract
  • choking
  • vomitting
  • diarhhea
  • bleeding from rectum
  • cuts and wounds in mouth

Dr. Hubert says, "it's really dangerous when they get into these small particles and they chew on just about anything, that you just watch them and make sure that if it does go in, it's gotta come out."

In many cases, even rawhide is not good for dogs because of the chemicals and toxicity that can be passed on to pups. Many vets feel that the best treats to give your pets are the ones that are easy to chew and digest, and even regular kibble can be the treat you give.

So, if you are filling up those stockings, just remember to stay away from anything bone related for your dogs. 


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