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Share the beach and protect our nesting birds

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Corpus Christi has been crowned the 'Birdiest City in the US,' we even have a festival to prove it! With birds like pelicans, terns and egrets, some say that's what they love most about our city. 

According to one resident she says, "It's so nice to go for a walk along the shoreline and hear all the chirping."

However, if we aren't careful as a community, we may lose the title...and even worse...lose our birds. 

Director of the Coastal Birds at the Coastal Bend Estuaries Program, David Newstead tells us big crowds can mean big problems for these birds and their offspring.

"We need to respect the entire ecosystem and keep it all intact. we never know when you start tinkering with a system as complicated as the ecology of the coastal area if you start removing one component what exactly the carry on effects will be," Newstead says. 

If a shoreline nest is disturbed...it could kill their chance to thrive. Although some habitat loss is out of human control. There's a lot of damage human disturbance can do. In fact, a lot of human and animal activity frighten the birds. So much so, they could leave their nest forever. 

Newstead says, "We really need full compliance. If you have one or two people that go and disturb a nesting colony, that's potentially hundreds of birds." 

Scientists, like Newstead, have been studying the problem, hoping to find solutions. 

Here's some way you can protect our shoreline birds and their nests:

  • Never enter areas posted with shorebird/seabird signs.
  • Avoid driving on or beyond the upper beach.
  • Drive slow enough to avoid running over chicks.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and away from areas where birds may be nesting.
  • Keep cats indoors, and do not feed stray cats.
  • Properly dispose of trash to keep predators away.
  • Do not fly kites near areas where birds may be nesting.
  • When birds are aggravated, you are too close.

If you would like to learn more about the birds along our coast, visit this website and to learn more about how to protect our birds, head over to the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries website.


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