What To Do When

What To Do When A Watch Is Issued

Outside Your Home

  • Located storm shutters, boards, garage door supports and any hardware or tools necessary for installation.
  • Do not prune trees. Trash collection will be delayed and loose branches may become dangerous.
  • Fill all of your vehicles with fuel. Park your vehicle in the garage or pull it up as close as possible to the side of the home.
  • Locate water, gas, and electric shut-offs. You should shut them off if you evacuate.

Inside Your Home

  • Go over your family plan.
  • Check your hurricane supply list.
  • Check medical supplies and prescription medicines, at least a two-week supply. Check first aid kit.
  • Make sure all battery-operated TVs radios, flashlights, and lanterns are in working order with spare batteries.
  • Make sure you have enough cash on hand.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the fire extinguisher is located.

What To Do When A Warning Is Issued

Outside Your Home

  • Begin installing storm shutters or plywood and door braces. All window openings need to be covered and all doors must withstand hurricane-force winds (including garage door).
  • Unplug your TV before attempting to lower an outdoor antenna. Take great care not to allow the antenna anywhere near an electrical line.
  • Drain in-ground pools approximately one foot to allow for heavy rains. Super-chlorinate to avoid contamination. Disconnect electrical pumps.
  • Bring in any outdoor objects that could be blown away.
  • Disconnect propane gas tanks and turn off the main gas line.

Inside Your Home

  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest settings.
  • Make sure you have at least three gallons of water per person on hand.
  • Clean a bathtub using bleach, rinse thoroughly, and let dry. Seal the drain with caulk and fill the tub. This water is to be used for bathing and sanitary purposes only, not for drinking.
  • Prepare your "safe room." Stock it with a battery-powered TV and/or radio with spare batteries, sleeping bags and pillows, chairs, snacks, and drinking water. Have a mattress nearby in case your home suffers structural damage.
  • Place valuables and personal papers in waterproof containers. If you are evacuating, you may be required to provide proof of residency before being allowed to return to an evacuation area after a storm.
  • Close all windows.
  • Put as many loose objects as possible in drawers.
  • Call your out-of-town contact and tell them where you will be during the hurricane.
  • Do not stay in a mobile home.

What To Do During The Storm

  • Stay informed: KRISTV.COM , Facebook (KRIS 6 News), Twitter (@KRIS6News), and by watching KRIS 6 News. 
  • Stay indoors, away from windows. 
  • Consider turning off circuit breakers before the power goes off.
  • Once you get into your safe room, stay there even if you hear breaking glass.
  • If your house begins to break apart, cover yourself with the mattress and pillows. If your safe room is a bathroom, get into the bathtub and cover yourself with the mattress.
  • Stay tuned to local television. Do not leave your safe room until you hear an official "all is clear." If the wind dies down, you may be in the eye of the storm. Winds may resume at any time and may be stronger than before.
  • Use the phone for urgent calls only.

What To Do After The Storm

  • Locate the fire extinguisher before attempting to turn the power back on.
  • Stay away from all downed power lines.
  • Do not dial 911 unless it is a life-threatening emergency.
  • Do not report individual power, water, gas, or phone problems. Utility companies will restore service as quickly as possible.
  • Do not drink tap water until you hear from officials that it is safe.
  • Do not pile debris near power poles.
  • When possible, call your out-of-town contact and tell them you are all right.
  • Avoid driving.
  • Use caution in approaching someone else's property; you could be mistaken for a looter.

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