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Jun 6, 2014 2:20 PM by Janine Reyes

AFT: CCISD Students Doomed to Fail STAAR Tests

CORPUS CHRISTI -- Corpus Christi's American Federation of Teachers President Ray McMurrey is weighing in on Corpus Christi Independent School District's low test scores.

"We're an inner-city school district and we know that the statistics are very strong that inner-city school districts that deal with poverty on average are going to have lower test scores, so how do we address that?" McMurrey asked.

The district is trending below state levels, and teaching advocates say that's no surprise. McMurrey says CCISD ranks high in poverty levels, and higher poverty and minority students typically test lower on a regular basis.

The American Federation of Teachers hopes to put an end to high stakes STAAR-type testing in the next legislative session.

"To me the test, the high stakes test around pearson is a money maker, it's a billion dollar industry by Pearson, which is a London based corporation that they are using as a political weapon to use against minority and low income schools," McMurrey said.

Many teachers in that organization feel this type testing is used to shut down public schools in a move toward privatization and charter school systems.