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A FLOOD ADVISORY is in effect for most of the Coastal Bend until later this morning. A line of heavy thundershower roll through at sunrise. Doppler estimate over one to two inches of rain The heavy rain has caused widespread flooding of low water spots. Do be cautios driving around this morning.

The thundershowers will continue moving south this morning ahead of a cool front that should hit the area around noon time. Clearing skies tonight for a beautiful evening. Clear and cool weather expected for Saturday.

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Storms Early, Clearing for the Ghosts Top Story Fri, 31 Oct 2014 4:45:35 AM Meteorologist Maclovio Perez Storms Early, Clearing for the Ghosts

Thundershowers will move through early this morning as a second front blows through. A sharp cold front will cross the Coastal Bend by noon brining an end to the showers. Skies will be clearing and a gusty north wind will take over for the rest of the day. These will be the coolest temperatures so far this season. High today 82. It will be cool and windy for tonight's activities.

Tonight, clear and chilly. Low 52!

Saturday will be spectacular. Sunny, cool and dry. High only 73. 

Sunday will be very nice. Sunny, cool and dry. High only 78.

Things get complicated early next week. A western storm is expected to bring a significant rain event to South Texas. The rain should begining on Wednesday with heavy rainfall totals by Thursday. We could see 2 to 4 inches of rain next week. We will be tracking it for you!

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Murder Confession Letter Mailed To District Attorney Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 9:16:40 PM Bart Bedsole - Murder Confession Letter Mailed To District Attorney

CORPUS CHRISTI - A shocking letter mailed to the Nueces County District Attorney could lead to a homicide investigation.

It involves the death of a man nearly three years ago on County Road 73 along the Nueces River.

District Attorney Mark Skurka confirmed Thursday that he has turned over the letter to the Sheriff's Office to look into.

Sources tell KRIS 6 News that the letter is from an inmate already in a Texas prison, and includes not only a confession from him, but intimate details that only someone closely connected to the case would know.

Larry Sorrell died in January of 2012, days after he was burned by a fire involving chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

He never received treatment for his injuries until it was too late.

A neighbor said Thursday that after the fire, he went to see Larry, and Larry didn't want to be treated, possibly out of fear that authorities would find out about illegal activity going on at the home.

The neighbor views the death as an accident, and believes it was Larry's own fault for not seeking help earlier.

However, sources say the letter this week indicates someone intentionally lit Sorrell on fire using the methamphetamine chemicals, then wouldn't let him call for help, and a few days later gave him a fatal dose of drugs to end his life.

One of the victim's ex-wives said Thursday that although Larry had problems with methamphetamine, he was never involved in manufacturing the drug.

She and his family, including three grown sons living here, have always questioned what happened, and she was relieved to find out a confession letter was sent to Skurka.

She hopes it will lead to closure for the family.

The sheriff's office didn't return our calls late today to clarify whether they are reopening the case into Larry Sorrell's death.

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Coolest Temperatures Of The Season Headed Our Way Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 6:55:07 PM Chief Meteorologist Dale Nelson Coolest Temperatures Of The Season Headed Our Way

CORPUS CHRISTI- A weak front is dissipating over south Texas this afternoon while a stronger (mainly dry) cold front arrives Friday and will send temperatures and humidity tumbling into the 50's over the weekend and close to the lowest levels of the season. Beyond this weekend the next weather-maker is a wet cold front that arrives Tuesday into Wednesday of next week.

Tonight we will have an isolated shower otherwise mild with a low of 65.

Friday expect and isolated shower in the morning then sunny breezy and less humid during the afternoon with a high near 80.

Friday night will be clear and noticeably cooler with a low of 52.

Saturday will be spectacular with sunny skies lighter winds low humidity and a high of 77.

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Alice Police Looking Into Fire Department Fundraising Theft Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 6:18:47 PM Priscilla Torres Alice Police Looking Into Fire Department Fundraising Theft

CORPUS CHRISTI - Several thousand dollars are missing from fundraising money raised by the Alice Fire Department over the past year.

Alice Police are asking for help from the community to track it down. Investigators with the Alice Police Department say there aren't very many leads at this time so they're depending on the community to get this money back where it belongs.

The money went missing back in September. It was locked in a cabinet inside the firehouse. Lt. Richard Deleon is investigating the case and says they're interviewing everybody and trying to figure out who was working at that particular moment when the money went missing.

We received a comment from the Alice Professional Firefighters Association, "While the money does not directly affect the union, it does affect the organization that we raise the money for... the City of Alice is kind enough to let us have these fundraisers for not only this organization but for other organizations throughout the year. We look forward to this issue being resolved so that we can get the funds to the organization that it was intended for."

Alice PD are asking that if you have any information that can help investigators, your are urged to call the Crime Stoppers of South Texas hotline at (361) 664-7867.


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Arrests Made in Possible Human Trafficking Ring Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 5:51:27 PM Caroline Flores Arrests Made in Possible Human Trafficking Ring

CORPUS CHRISTI - Thirteen people are in custody after police uncover an alleged human trafficking ring. The discovery was made as a joint operation between CCPD and the Attorney General's Human Trafficking Team.

CCPD says the operation focused on identifying sex trafficking victims, specifically those advertised on Internet escort sites, and locating and arresting any suspected traffickers.

The operation began Tuesday and ended early this morning. Arrests were made at various hotels around Corpus Christi including the Motel 6 on Lantanta, and the Red Roof Inn and La Quinta Inn on SPID.

During the operation CCPD says three men were arrested on outstanding warrants, one man was arrested on a drug-related charge, and nine women were arrested for prostitution. The women's ages range from 20 to 34-years old. Police opened two cases for compelling prostitution, and seized $7,000 in cash.

CCPD wouldn't release anything about possible victims, only that no juveniles were found. Investigators say this is an on-going investigation.


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Charges Dismissed Against Wife in Portland Shootings Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 5:30:51 PM Charges Dismissed Against Wife in Portland Shootings

SAN PATRICIO COUNTY - Charges have been dropped against one of the suspects in the shooting of two women in Portland back in 2012.

Laura Strickland was charged with tampering with evidence in the shooting of Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa. Olgin died in the shooting.

The San Patricio County District Attorney says the charges against Strickland were dropped because there wasn't enough evidence against her.

Her husband, David Strickland, is charged with capital murder, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping.


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Retired Judge to Hear Recusal Arguments in Overton Case Top Story Thu, 30 Oct 2014 5:28:40 PM Retired Judge to Hear Recusal Arguments in Overton Case

CORPUS CHRISTI - A retired appeals court judge from the Rio Grande Valley will decide if Judge Jose Longoria should be removed from the Hannah Overton case.

Overton's attorney filed a motion this week asking that Judge Longoria step down, based largely on a "contractual and financial interest" between Longoria and Larry Overton, who is Hannah's husband.

The motion includes several invoices from Larry Overton's business, Southern Lighting, that were marked as "Paid" by Longoria.

The invoices are related to landscaping light installed and later maintained by Overton's company at Longoria's home.

The work happened both before Hannah was indicted, before Larry took ownership of the company, and after her indictment when he did.

Courtroom transcripts indicate that Judge Longoria mentioned the work to both the prosecutor and Overon's attorney prior to the trial in 2007.

Neither attorney had any objections at the time, however Overton's appellate attorney felt the recusal was necessary.

The motion reads, "A contractual or financial relationship between a party to the case and court requires a motion to recuse.  Because our system of justice insists not only upon fair proceedings, but further, upon the proceedings that appear to be fair, this motion to recuse protects the Court from unwarranted claims of favoritism or bias and protects Ms. Overton's rights, including the right to the effective assistance of counsel."

The motion to recuse also mentions that Hannah Overton is related to the husband of Longoria's former stepdaughter.

Judge Longoria refused to step down, so the regional presiding judge appointed Fred Hinojosa to hear the motion on November 7th.

Overton remains in jail and won't have a bond hearing until the recusal motion is decided. Earlier this month an appeals court overturned her conviction on capital murder for the death of her foster son.


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City Denies Claims Of Flood Victims Top Story Wed, 29 Oct 2014 9:35:03 PM Bart Bedsole - City Denies Claims Of Flood Victims

CORPUS CHRISTI - A major pipe break on Macleod Drive, behind the Woodlawn Shopping Center on Leopard, will cost the neighbors there thousands of dollars, even though it was a city water line that broke.

Rebecca Ramirez tried to save what she could when she saw the water rising outside her home earlier this month, but by the time it finally drained out of the home she rents and the backyard, the losses were extensive.

"Three heaters, air condition, exercise equipment, all of that, it's about $12,000," she said.

Ramirez submitted a claim to the city, but learned this week it was denied.

Not every case is denied by the City.

A year ago, when Jose Vera's home was filled with sewage, the City covered all of his repairs.

The reason Vera was paid was because a city crew was actually working on sewage lines in the area and their negligence caused all that sewage to back up into his house.

In the Macleod case, a water line simply broke.

The City believes it was not negligent, and can therefore claim sovereign immunity, which protects governments from most lawsuits and claims from utility mishaps.

In a statement late Wednesday, City Attorney Miles Risley wrote, "In a case like Ms. Ramirez's case, where a claim for property damage does not implicate our negligent use of motorized equipment, we are generally not liable."

Ramirez disagrees.

She believes that while the pipe break may not be an act of negligence itself, the fact that it took 8 hours to shut it off is.

"I understand water breaks, and dang, it happened to me. But you know what? They did not even try to get the whole crew out," she says.

The city claims a valve was frozen, causing delays in shutting off the water.

Because of the flood, Ramirez's family is moving, but with three kids and no extra money, the claim denial has them underwater again.

Ramirez would also like to see a "Citizens Assistance Task Force", saying the police were there to maintain safety, and the water department was there for the pipe, but no one was out here helping the people affected.

She believes if there were such a group to respond to civil emergencies like that, it could have helped save a lot of her stuff.


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