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Corpus Christi- Tonight stays cloudy with a sprinkle or two as we stay chilly. Low: 54. Wind: NNE 5-10mph.

Sunday stays cloudy again, but the clouds thin out. We should warm into the mid-60 as the wind direction turns off the water. High: 64. Wind: SE 5-10mph.

Mostly cloudy to mostly sunny on Monday as the wind increases SE 10-20mph and warm into the 70s.

Tuesday morning our next cold front move through the morning with a little chance of rain and wind flips back to the windy north direction. Temperatures start out warming in the morning than in the afternoon.

Dry air with lots of sunshine Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s and 70s!

Clouds come back on Friday ahead of our next front with a chance of rain is on Saturday morning cooling us off again.


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Fatal Crash Shuts Down Joe Fulton Corridor Top Story Fri, 19 Dec 2014 6:23:48 PM Fatal Crash Shuts Down Joe Fulton Corridor

CORPUS CHRISTI- Traffic on the Joe Fulton Corridor remains closed several hours following a fatal head-on crash Friday afternoon.

The crash occurred around 3:30 about halfway between Highway 181 and Interstate 37, near Breakwater.

According to Port Police, the driver of a white car was westbound on the corridor, when it drifted left into the eastbound lanes.

An 18-wheeler was eastbound and tried to aviod the car, but it was too late, the two collided head on.

After the collision, the semi ended up in the eastbound ditch, where the cab overturned.

The driver of the semi was not hurt, the driver of the car died at the scene.

Port Police are investigating the crash, they say the driver of the car was an older man, possibly from the Ingleside area.

The Joe Fulton Corridor is expected to be shut down through early Friday evening.

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Family Finds Expired Baby Food at the Portland Walmart Top Story Fri, 19 Dec 2014 5:40:05 PM Caroline Flores Family Finds Expired Baby Food at the Portland Walmart

PORTLAND - A Portland family contacted KRIS 6 News after learning the baby food they bought at the Walmart in Portland was expired.

Normally when you buy food from the store, you buy it with the expectation that it's fresh. One Portland family had that expectation when buying an Ella's Kitchen brand baby food at the Walmart in Portland. The mother tells us she was feeding her 8 month old baby boy Saturday, when she noticed the expiration date on her son's food was September 2014.

In a Facebook post to Walmart, the family says "it was 3 months expired!! We looked and all of them were 3 and 4 months expired."

When that family returned that expired baby food to the Portland Walmart, they say that the manager had to no empathy or remorse for the situation. But the manager did refund them their money and took about 20-30 of the expired pouches off the shelves.

Friday we went in the Portland Walmart to see if all the expired baby food pouches were taken off the shelf, and we found one that was still out. While doctors say expired baby food isn't good, it's also not something to get too worry about.

"When it comes to sealed and canned foods, they rarely get really really expired. You know, in a fact in a way that a fungus and bacteria growing in them," said Pediatrician Dr. Senait Adebo.

As for the Walmart allowing expired baby food being sold, a Walmart spokeswoman tells us they are supposed to check for expired item every month.

"We spoke to our management team. Our management team has covered it with the associates in the store to help ensure this doesn't happen again," said Walmart Spokeswoman Erin Hofmann.

Hofmann says they've gotten rid of all the expired baby food. As for the family who bought the expired baby food, Hofmann says in addition of refunding their money Walmart also gave them a $50 gift card.


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Firefighter Guilty Of Family Violence Top Story Fri, 19 Dec 2014 3:24:12 PM Bart Bedsole - Firefighter Guilty Of Family Violence

CORPUS CHRISTI - A former firefighter was found guilty of Continuous Family Violence for assaulting his former wife at least two times in 2013.

Elliot McAllister was arrested in August of 2013. The victim testified Friday that he repeatedly slapped and punched her at their home on August 13.

She also said he cut her on the arm with a razor.

Most of the incident was videotaped by Elliot McAllister. His attorneys argued that the assault was part of a consentual sex act between the two.

Attorney Ron Barroso said at the most, it was a misdemeanor assault, and there was very little evidence at all of the previous assault in July.

But 319th District Court Judge David Stith was convinced that both incidents occurred, and found McAllister guilty.

Several months after his arrest, a psycholigist ruled that McAllister was not mentally competent to stand trial, and the trial was postponed.

It was rescheduled after a later ruling found him to be competent.

The punishment phase of the trial will be held at a later date.

McAllister faces anywhere from probation to 10 years in prison.

Barroso hopes McAllister will be able to avoid prison, so he can seek help for his psychological problems.

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Man Murdered Near Carroll High School Top Story Fri, 19 Dec 2014 2:55:51 PM Priscilla Torres Man Murdered Near Carroll High School

CORPUS CHRISTI - A shooting victim was taken to Spohn Memorial around 2pm Friday as officers searched for a Cadillac seen leaving the area.

CCPD spent nearly 4 hours gathering evidence from three different crime scenes. The first was where the shooting happened at Carroll Lane and SPID, the second was at Wilkinson Dr. and SPID where the victim's body was left and third, where the driver of the Cadillac was pulled over just near Kostoyrz Elementary.

The search started when a man with a gunshot wound to the chest was picked up by medics at Wilkinson and S. Padre Island Drive. Witnesses told police a grey Cadillac sedan was seen driving away.

Soon, officers found the car on Tiger Lane next to the athletic fields of Carroll High School.  But it is believed the shooting actually took place on the SPID access road at Carroll Lane.

The driver of the Cadillac was detained by two officers. There are multiple bullet holes in the side of the car.

Just before 5pm, police announced the shooting victim died from his injuries.

At this time, no one is under arrest for the murder and police have not said anything about a motive.

If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS.

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