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Much need shower activity will roll around the Coastal Bend for the next few days. A broad area of low pressure is moving toward the Texas coast. This will loosen the ridge of high pressure and allow the clouds to build into nice afternoon showers. This activity will last through Friday giving us a good shot of one to two inches of rain over the event. High near 90! 

By the weekend, high pressure reaturns with hot and humid conditions for Sunday and Labor Day. Highs move back up to the upper 90's.

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The Opportunity For Needed Rain Is Going Up. Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 8:07:48 PM Chief Meteorologist Dale Nelson The Opportunity For Needed Rain Is Going Up.

CORPUS CHRISTI- Our atmosphere is gradually becoming more unstable as upper level low pressure in the north central Gulf approaches the middle Texas coast from the northeast. The low will eventually track over the Coastal Bend and then shift northward but no until this weekend. In the meantime rain will be on the increase the next several days with some of it locally heavy.

Tonight expect fair skies an isolated coastal shower after midnight warm and sticky but nearly calm and a low of 76.

Wednesday expect generally light winds and mostly sunny skies except neat isolated thundershowers still stifling hot with a high of 97.

Wednesday night expect isolated showers again near the coast otherwise fair skies and tranquil with a warm low of 77.

Thursday showers and thundershowers will be on the increase with a few producing locally heavy rain more clouds and not as hot with a high of 92.

Activity in the tropics in the Atlantic is no threat to the US nor interests here.

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Video Released Of Officers Chasing Shooting Suspect Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 6:30:14 PM Bart Bedsole - Video Released Of Officers Chasing Shooting Suspect

On the same day that an accused killer made his first appearance in court, police dashcam video was released that allegedly shows him fleeing officers after shooting two people.

Jesus Balli-Garcia is accused of killing a man Friday evening on Easley and also injuring his wife.

Court documents indicate Balli-Garcia suspected the two were having an affair.

Mario Garcia died from his wounds, the woman survived.

Following the shooting, Balli-Garcia lead authorities from several agencies on an 80-mile chase that finally ended near Armstrong in Kenedy County.

The chase hit speeds of 70 miles an hour on Greenwood and 120mph on the highway.

Balli-Garcia also ran red lights and swerved recklessly from lane to lane.

It's common for CCPD to cancel pursuits to avoid risking the lives of other drivers on the road, but this pursuit was allowed to continue, due in large part to the nature of the crime allegedly committed.

"This was an armed suspect who had injured two individuals here in town, so that's going to play a big role," says CCPD Captain Michael Alanis.

Most officers broke off the chase after it left city limits on Old Brownsville Road, but a handful of officers followed it all the way to Armstrong, where Balli-Garcia disappeared into the brush.

Border Patrol agents and officers from several other agencies assisted in the pursuit.

Balli-Garcia wasn't found that night, but called for help the next day after he was unable to handle the heat in the brush any longer.

Alanis feels the reason Balli-Garcia is in custody today is because they didn't give up their pursuit.


To watch the portions of the pursuit released by CCPD, click on the following link:



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Mechanic Shop Students Gear up for Another Year Under the Hood Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 11:29:50 AM Rachel Cole - Mechanic Shop Students Gear up for Another Year Under the Hood

ROBSTOWN - High school students are gearing up for another year of hard work under the hood. Literally, students get greased up while working on engines of all kinds, in their automotive shop, located right on campus.

Automotive technician and teacher, Guadalupe Buitron says, engine work is just one part of the real-life procedure of the mechanic shop and the students love it.

"They seem to be drawn toward engines for some reason," Buitron said.

They get to work on trucks, cars and even motorcycles. All of which are donated by staff and the community.

"Anyone who walks in, needs something, if it has educational value we'll consider taking it in and working on it," Buitron said.

He adds, that the course isn't just routine car checks though, the idea is to prep the students for several components of the work force.

"We do things such as job interview, customer service, extemporaneous, prepared speech, things of that nature math contest," Buitron said.

At the end of the year, students compete in what's known as the "Skills U.S.A." contest for all of those categories.

"We are successful every year we go, last year we brought home 17 awards between district and state," he said.

Buitron says, thanks to generosity and support from the community and state of the art equipment the program is a success for both students and alumni like Steven Anzaldua.

"I've always been a gear head since I was little, like it started with my grandpa, he's always had cars, fixing them up and stuff like that so when I got here and saw they offered this program I said sign me up let's go," Anzaldua said.

The class holds about 70 students each year and is open to all grade levels.


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Former Prostitute: Program Facing Cuts Changed My Life Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 4:53:17 PM Janine Reyes Former Prostitute: Program Facing Cuts Changed My Life

CORPUS CHRISTI -- A program to help prostitutes leave the business is having trouble staying in business in Corpus Christi. It has worked in larger cities across Texas, but not here in the Coastal Bend.

We spoke exclusively with one woman who has benefited from the program. She asked not to be identified, so, we'll call her Missy.

"How many times were you arrested," we asked. "To be honest, I don't know," she replied.

She spent about five years prostituting, and over that time, she spent months behind bars for it, along with attending community service.

For Missy, it started with a heroin addiction, then the introduction to what became easy money.

"Oh my god, I was so scared," Missy said, recalling her first time. "I was like shaking, nervous. I want to say after four or five months, I started to get comfortable."

Missy made hundreds of dollars for a few hours of easy, but dangerous work. "I always carried condoms, girl condoms, male condoms, stuff like that," she said.

Today she faces possible death, drug use has ruined her liver and without a new one, she will die. She no longer sells her body, in part because of a probation program aimed to meet specific needs for women working the streets.

"We needed 40 people on this caseload," explained Javed Syed, the director of Adult Probation who applied for the funding. They only got six. Three of those are success stories.

That's why Syed opted to forfeit the money this year. He says there is no justification for the state to continue funding it.

The grant stops next week. He had one officer assigned to work and recruit for that caseload. That office would team up with police during prostitution raids to seek out women wanting help to get out of the business, but the majority opted to do jail time instead.

Part of the problem people like Missy face in recovery is that the stigma of their past makes work hard to find.

"It's a very hard choice to give up prostitution and live a clean life versus making easy money," Syed explained. "If they cannot find a job, yes, they will re-offend, because they have to make a living," he elaborated.

Missy still can't find work, but her desire to change and be a good mother for her three children and a wife to her husband is what keeps her going.

"You got to want it," she said, "you've got to want to wake up and say God you got me here for some reason, there's a life for me somewhere," said Missy.

She said she turned down other programs in the past because she was not ready to leave.

Missy and the others on the case load will be moved over to a female offender caseload to complete their probation. It does not offer all the same services, but it is a specialized caseload crafted to meet the needs many women offenders have.


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Accuser Says She Stabbed Attacker With Keys Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 4:49:55 PM Accuser Says She Stabbed Attacker With Keys

CORPUS CHRISTI - A woman testifying against the man she says sexually assaulted her used three words to describe how she felt the night she was attacked: scared, shaken, and angry.

The accuser's testimony marked the start of the court case against Orlando Robles. Prosecutors say he attacked two women near parks along Ocean Drive.

In today's proceedings, the accuser said she was driving home on September 29, 2013 after spending some time along the bayfront late at night.

She says she stopped at the intersection of Louisiana and Alameda when a man walked up to her window and claimed something was wrong with her car. She told police and the jury that she was attacked once she got out of the vehicle.

"He slams my head, he's hitting me. He goes to pull my shorts off. I say 'No.' He succeeds." She continued her account of the night, "I'm begging him to stop. I told him to take the money that's in the car."

At that point, the woman says she was able to stab her attacker with her car keys. Police later used DNA off of the keys to make a match to Robles.

Testimony in the case will likely continue throughout this week.


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Local Murder Suspect Appears in Court Top Story Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:27:30 PM Veronica Flores Local Murder Suspect Appears in Court

CORPUS CHRISTI - The man police say pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting this weekend appeared before a judge late this morning.

Jesus Balli-Garcia was read his rights this morning. An interpreter was on hand as well. His bond has been set at $640,000.

A just released video purportedly shows murder suspect Jesus Balli-Garcia in a hurry to leave Corpus Christi right after he's accused of shooting his wife and a man who tried to break up their argument at a home on Easley Drive.

The arrest affidavit for Balli-Garcia states he had accused his wife of having an affair with 26-year old Mario Colchado-Garcia. During the argument, Colchado-Garcia got involved before the wife was shot in the back, hand and shoulder. The husband is then accused of shooting the other man in the head.

The victim's brother says he witnessed what happened and carried his mortally wounded brother away from the backyard even as Balli-Garcia continued to shoot.

The Corpus Christi Police Department dashcam video shows where officers started chasing a silver color SUV. The driver reached speeds of more than 80 miles an hour while heading towards and onto the highways.

Balli-Garcia eventually led authorities down Highway 77 where he bailed out of the car and hid into heavy brush. Despite a wide search that night, he was never found.

Instead, he called 911 to ask for help because he was lost. Border Patrol agents picked him up and turned him over to deputies in Kenedy County.

The murder suspect was returned to Nueces County to face charges of murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (x2), evading arrest, and an immigration violation.


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Street Lights Installed Over Dangerous Airline Curve Top Story Mon, 25 Aug 2014 9:15:15 PM Bart Bedsole - Street Lights Installed Over Dangerous Airline Curve

CORPUS CHRISTI - A set of street lights will soon help drivers recognize and navigate a dangerous curve on Airline Road.

The stretch of Airline as it approaches Rodd Field is the site of two fatal wrecks this year.

In both incidents, the drivers failed to make the curve, and instead ended up going over the curb, and crashing into the ditch alongside the abandoned section of Airline no longer in use.

Following the most recent fatal wreck in July, neighbors and the family of the victim demanded action by the City to improve the signage and overall safety of the road.

City officials immediately requested AEP install street lighting in the area, and although the bulbs aren't lit just yet, the poles and fixtures are in place, and the lights should be on in a few days.

Additional safety improvements won't be considered until the final police report on the July wreck is ready.

Police are still waiting for toxicology results before completing the report.

The results should confirm whether or not the driver, Phil Hartley, was under the influence at the time of the crash.

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