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More sunshine today but lingering moisture will give us a few afternoon showers. These will be light showers with not significant rain totals expected. A nice cold front is on the horizon for the weekend. Today high 88.

Tonight, partly cloudy and mild. Low 75. Wednesday should see more sunshine. High near 90. On Thursday, the cold front moves into North Texas and a band of showers will move to the Coastal Bend late in the day. The showers will decrease on Friday morning. 

Nice fall weather for the weekend. Lows in the upper 60's and highs in the mid 80's with dry conditions.

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Drying Out & Heating Up Top Story Tue, 30 Sep 2014 12:25:03 AM Chief Meteorologist Dale Nelson Drying Out & Heating Up

CORPUS CHRISTI- Upper level high pressure will slowly build over the area resulting in a drier and hotter weather pattern especially after Tuesday. The first significant cold front of the season will arrive on Friday with a little cooler but mainly less humid conditions for the weekend and will be preceded by scattered showers and thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday morning.

Tuesday expect only a stray shower otherwise light winds more sunshine and hotter with a high near 90.

Tuesday night will be mainly clear and quiet but warm and sticky with a low of 75.

Wednesday we will have lots of sunshine humid and hotter with a high of 92.

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Murder Suspect Arrested During Traffic Stop Top Story Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:32:46 AM Murder Suspect Arrested During Traffic Stop

CORPUS CHRISTI - Police still aren't saying how a woman found inside a home in the Molina neighborhood died. But they have made an arrest in connection with her death.

Officers arrested 44-year-old Ronald Jackson during a traffic stop late Saturday night. He faces a murder charge.

On Saturday morning, someone called 911 to a Jose Drive home where officers found a 38-year-old woman dead.

Investigators called it a suspicious death. Neighbors told us the woman was involved in a domestic dispute.

Jackson remains in the Nueces County Jail this morning.


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School Lunches May Not Be Enough To Satisfy Student Athletes Top Story Mon, 29 Sep 2014 7:01:52 AM Dr. Brad Hoffman School Lunches May Not Be Enough To Satisfy Student Athletes

CORPUS CHRISTI - What does high school football and food have in common? Well for one thing, athletes like to eat food and lots of it. But does the nourishment the players get at school provide them with enough energy?

The lunches that our school cafeterias provide generally meet most of the students nutritional needs. But what about the kids who participate in extracurricular activities, like football? When you eat lunch here at noon- and practice isn't until 4:00.

Nutritionists claim that a high school aged teen needs to consume between 2 and 3000 calories per day. put on a helmet and shoulder pads and that figure could easily climb to 4,000 calories.

Ray High School football coach Cody Simper believes the district does a good job of providing a nutritionally balanced meal, but obviously the caloric intake for athletes has to be much higher then the normal student.

That balanced meal, albeit nutritious is less than 1,000 calories; hardly enough to get an athlete through a physically demanding day of practice. Especially for Holden Hopkins, a Ray HS 250 pound offensive lineman. He tries to make healthy choices after practice, but says it is difficult. Fellow teammate Isaiah Shamoun brings a sandwich into the team meetings to satisfy his hunger before practice.

So if you play sports and the school lunch is wearing off by the time practice hits, here are some simple and nutritious suggestions of simple snacks to keep on hand:

Nuts- such as almonds are nutritious and easy to store.

Granola or other types of energy bars.

Fruit is easy to keep on hand.

And whole wheat in the form of muffins or a sandwich are all easy to store in your locker when hunger strikes.


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Fewer Showers, Steamy Week Ahead Top Story Mon, 29 Sep 2014 4:41:17 AM Meteorologist Maclovio Perez Fewer Showers, Steamy Week Ahead

Most of the thundershowers have ended but there is enough moisture on the ground and in the air to trigger a few afternoon showers. Partly cloudy and warmer with the sunshine. High 87. Tonight, mostly cloudy. Low 74. Tuesday through Thursday will see partly cloudy days with a stray afternoon shower.

By Thursday night the next cool front is expected through the region. It should trigger a few showers as it moves through early Friday.

Saturday and Sunday look spectacular with sunny skies and highs in the low 80's.  

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Couple Getting Divorced Dead in King's Crossing Murder-Suicide Top Story Fri, 26 Sep 2014 3:25:52 PM Couple Getting Divorced Dead in King's Crossing Murder-Suicide

CORPUS CHRISTI - We're learning more about yesterday's murder-suicide in a Kings Crossing neighborhood.

The couple on Etienne Drive was in the process of a divorce over allegations of domestic violence.

Neighbors and their employer at NAS Corpus Christi identified the couple as David and Patricia Askew.

According to court documents, during their divorce proceedings, Patricia Askew was granted a protective order against her husband, David, after he was arrested on charges of family violence and stalking last month.

A police spokesman has only confirmed that a woman in her 40's was found dead in the street while a man in his 50's was found dead at the front of a home.

The medical examiner says Mrs. Askew died from gunshot wounds to her back. Mr. Askew was shot in the head.

Divorce documents had just been filed in December 2013. According to the petition for divorce, Patricia Askew cited cruel treatment and family violence as reasons for the divorce.

She went on to say that on August 10th of this year, her husband David hit her with a beer bottle, strangled her with his hands, and stepped on her neck.

The divorce petition says because of that abuse, Patricia Askew suffered physical pain and mental anguish. A protective order was granted.

What we don't know is what happened yesterday to lead up to the shooting. The Corpus Christi Police Department is still conducting the investigation.


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