Continuous News Continuous News en-us Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved. Feed content is not avaialble for commercial use. () () Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:10:48 GMT Synapse CMS 10 144 25 7th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 7:31:54 AM Candace Torrez 7th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival

CORPUS CHRISTI - Get your face paint ready for the 2014 Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival.

The Dia De Los Muertos Festival is taking place November 1st, 3 pm to midnight downtown on Starr, Mesquite, and Peoples Streets.

The Festival will feature 3 stages with live music and latin influenced entertainment. Over 80 vendors will be on hand with Dia De Los Muertos themed craft items, jewelry, and artworks.

Use the hashtag #DiaCC to share your festive celebration photos on social media.

For more information visit

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YWCA Now Accepting Nominations for Women in Careers Award Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 7:17:00 AM YWCA Now Accepting Nominations for Women in Careers Award

CORPUS CHRISTI - Recognition is an important acknowledgement of professional success. That's why the YWCA wants to recognize professional, successful women who make a significant impact in their career field with the Y Women In Careers Award. The YWCA is accepting nominations for the award through Thursday, December 4, 2014.

Honorees will be recognized at the 35th Y Women In Careers Awards Banquet Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the YWCA Corpus Christi, 4601 Corona Drive; they will join 245 amazing women as they are inducted into the Y Women In Careers Hall of Fame.

An ideal nominee holds high level responsibilities in her current position; has a minimum 10 years professional experience; is in business or employed for pay; makes contributions beyond basic job duties; has achieved professional recognitions; and has accomplished above & beyond what others do in the same field. She personifies professionalism. You know this woman. Nominate her today!

To nominate a professional, successful woman, submit a completed nomination form along with any information that describes why she stands out amongst her colleagues; a maximum of 5 pages per nominee will be accepted. Convey why the nominee stands out in her field.

Nomination forms are available at and can be submitted by mail, fax, email, or in person. For more information, contact 857-5661 X 13 or


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Students' Project Explodes With NASA Rocket Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 6:22:56 AM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahTV Students' Project Explodes With NASA Rocket

TEXAS - Texas students are more than disappointed after their million-dollar project went up in flames in the NASA rocket explosion.

Those students from the University of Texas watched with the rest of the world as their satellite, which took hundreds of hours to complete, exploded with the rest of the rocket earlier this week.

"We were watching the launch, it was very exciting," said UT Professor Glenn Lightsey. "Then we realized something was wrong, and it was just very quiet for a few minutes as people were sort of processing what they were seeing."

The student's satellite, called "Race," was something they believed would change the world.

"That's why we do it," said Lightsey. "We do it for the advances in technology that you get."

The satellite would have helped scientists measure the earth's water cycle to better understand global warming.

"It's sad," said UT Senior Cody Colley. "But, it's still a positive experience, we still have to come to work...and keep inspiring people because that's what it's about, and the science we're doing, that's what it's about."

They weren't the only students who watched their work go up in smoke. A group of kids from a high school in San Antonio also had a project on the shuttle. However, they said the explosion won't deter them from trying again.

"Luckily we still have all our information," said a San Antonio high school student involved with the project. "We still have all our ingredients, we just need to put it together and send it back up."

The rocket was heading to the International Space Station to bring new supplies for the six people living there. However, NASA said the crew is still in good shape, even without that resupply.


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"Outcry in the Barrio" Conference Wraps Up Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 5:46:23 AM Dr. Brad Hoffman

The annual "Outcry in the Barrio" conference wrapped up in Corpus Christi on Wednesday.

The event is sponsored by Victory Life Fellowship.

Hundreds of worshippers gathered to give thanks, many are recovering addicts.

The program is part of a world-wide effort to rescue troubled men and woman in hopes that they may find a better way of life.

Mike Wenzel, an alcoholic for 28 years, praised the program and said he has no intentions of returning to his former lifestyle, "not a chance, not a chance, I know where I came from, I know what God brought me out of and it's some place I never want to go back because it's a dark world."


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Speaking Out On Stroke Signs Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 5:33:05 AM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahTV Speaking Out On Stroke Signs

CORPUS CHRISTI - Because 90% of first-time strokes are caused by risk factors that can be changed, the American Heart Association is updating their prevention guidelines.

The new recommendations include eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and cutting out most red meats and dairy.

They also recommend you get daily exercise and don't smoke.

Doctors said parents should learn the signs of a stroke, and teach them to their family as well, because it can mean the difference between life and death.

"We always say time is brain," said Spohn Shoreline Stroke Coordinator Amber Blimline. "Because every minute, over one-million brain cells are being killed during a stroke, and that is why it's so important to get help."

Click here for more information on recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke.


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Spooky Nice Halloween Weather Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 4:41:35 AM Meteorologist Maclovio Perez Spooky Nice Halloween Weather

Weather systems will cooperate for Halloween activities.

The first weak front came through overnight to give us somewhat cooler weather for today. High 84. Northeast winds 5 - 10 mph.

A second front will blow through early on Friday. This one will bring gusty north winds and cooler weather for the weekend. High on Friday 80.

Cooler air in place for Saturday morning when temperatures will drop to 55. High only 76.

Still nice for Sunday. High 80.

Long range forecast now indicated a heavy rain event middle of next week. It looks like a wet, Pacific storm will blow through with significant rainfall. We'll be watching.


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Giants Fans Celebration Turns Violent Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 4:30:50 AM Giants Fans Celebration Turns Violent

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco police reported sporadic violence in the city as fans celebrated another World Series victory.

Shortly after the Giant's game 7 victory over the Kansas City Royals, an unidentified victim suffered a gun shot wound to the arm, according to San Francisco police.

The victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police had not located a suspect.

Officers also reported bonfires were set at a few locations before being extinguished by police & firefighters.

Several arrests were also made during the celebrations.


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Bumgarner, Giants beat KC 3-2 to win World Series Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 4:26:33 AM Bumgarner, Giants beat KC 3-2 to win World Series

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Madison Bumgarner pitched five innings of near-perfect relief and the San Francisco Giants held off the Kansas City Royals 3-2 Wednesday night in Game 7 of the World Series for their third championship in five seasons.

With both starters chased early, this became a matchup of bullpens. And no one stood taller than the 6-foot-5 Bumgarner, who added to his postseason legacy with another dominant performance.

After Gregor Blanco misplayed Alex Gordon's drive for a single and two-base error, Bumgarner got Salvador Perez to pop foul to third baseman Pablo Sandoval for the final out.

The Giants ended a Series streak that had seen home teams win the last nine Game 7s. San Francisco took this pairing of wild-card teams after earning titles in 2012 and 2010.

Pitching on two days' rest after his shutout in Game 5, Bumgarner entered in the fifth with a 3-2 lead. After giving up a leadoff single to Omar Infante, he shut down the Royals and earned a save to go with his two wins in the Series.

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Family of 5 Likely Killed by Poison Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 3:58:08 AM Family of 5 Likely Killed by Poison

SALT LAKE CTIY (AP) - A Utah couple and their three children found dead in their home last month were likely poisoned, their bodies found together in a locked room with cups next to each of them, and empty bottles of methadone and nighttime cold medicine in a trash can.

Police in Springville aren't saying who killed the family or whether one of the parents might have been involved. Toxicology results have not determined an exact cause of death, but search warrants obtained Wednesday say the family was likely poisoned.

Benjamin and Kristi Strack were in bed, with children ages 11 through 14 lying around them, tucked in bedding up to their necks, according to the search warrants. Kristi Strack had a red liquid coming out of her mouth.

Some of the bodies looked to have been positioned after they died Sept. 27. They were found by the couple's older son and Kristi Strack's mother, who said she couldn't believe "she" would do this to the kids but wouldn't elaborate, police wrote.

Investigators found empty methadone bottles, 10 empty boxes of nighttime cold medicine and two boxes of allergy medicine in their garbage, along with a red liquid substance in Pepsi cups. They also found a pitcher of red juice, a purple bucket with yellow liquid, a bag of marijuana and other medications, including sleeping pills.

Springville police Lt. Dave Caron said Wednesday he couldn't comment on the search warrant or speculate about the cause of death until results of a toxicology test come back. That's expected in late November, he said.

"Until I get those, I really don't have anything," he said. "I could come up with all sorts of theories, but it's not helpful."

The search warrant says it wasn't normal for the children to be in their parents' room because they have their own rooms.

Kristi Strack was last seen alive at 6 a.m. by the older son's girlfriend, who also lives in the home. The girlfriend went back to sleep after talking with Kristi Strack, and the house was quiet when the older son and his girlfriend left the house that afternoon.

When they returned at 7 p.m. and saw the house was still quiet even though all the cars were in the driveway, they knocked on the master bedroom door. When no one answered, the couple called Kristi Strack's mother and her friend, who helped them force it open.

Authorities have previously said the five did not die violently.

The five were identified as Benjamin Strack, 37, his wife, Kristi, 36, and three of their children: Benson, 14, Emery, 12, and Zion, 11.

Little is known about the family. A family spokesman has declined to reveal much and, at a vigil, family members declined comment.

Benjamin Strack's former boss said he worked off-and-on for six to seven years at AK Masonry, a bricklaying company, and had borrowed money in the past. Court records show Benjamin and Kristi Strack pleaded guilty to misdemeanor forgery charges in 2008 and disorderly conduct the following year.

Springville is a city of about 30,000 near Provo, about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City.

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NFL Seeks to Dismiss Ex-players' Painkillers Suit Continuous News Thu, 30 Oct 2014 3:51:41 AM NFL Seeks to Dismiss Ex-players' Painkillers Suit

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The National Football League on Thursday is expected to ask a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former players who say team officials gave them powerful painkillers and other drugs to keep them on the field without regard for their long-term health.

NFL lawyers in court papers deny the allegations and argue that the former players waited too long to file the lawsuit.

The NFL says that a two-year statute of limitations claiming personal injury has expired. The former players filed the lawsuit in May. Several prominent former players have publicly joined the lawsuit, including Marcellus Wiley, Jim McMahon, Richard Dent, Keith Van Horne and Jeremy Newberry.

The lawsuit represents players who played as far back as 1968. It says the former players didn't realize the health hazards they faced until recently.

The former players say that NFL physicians and trainers routinely provided narcotics and other controlled substances on game days to mask the pain. The lawsuit says many of the drugs were dispensed without prescriptions.

The former players argue that they were never warned about the dangers of the drugs they were given and only recently discovered the potential harm they face from ingesting so many painkillers. Among the drugs said to have been handed out were the painkillers Percodan, Percocet and Vicodin, anti-inflammatories such as Toradol, and sleep aids such as Ambien.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined comment.

In court papers, the NFL lawyers say the lawsuit doesn't specify what damage the former players have suffered and who exactly dispensed the painkillers at the heart of the complaint.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday morning in San Francisco's federal court.

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Giants Capture World Series Title Again Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 11:08:28 PM Associated Press Giants Capture World Series Title Again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Madison Bumgarner and the San Francisco Giants succeeded where no team had in 3 1/2 decades, winning Game 7 on the road for their third World Series title in five years.

Punctuating one of the finest October performances in baseball history, Bumgarner came out of the bullpen to pitch five scoreless innings on two days' rest for his third win of the Series, and the Giants held off the Kansas City Royals 3-2 Wednesday night in a championship pushed to the limit.

A two-out misplay in the ninth almost wrecked it for Bumgarner and the Giants. He had retired 14 in a row when Alex Gordon's single fell in front of center fielder Gregor Blanco, who let the ball get past him for an error that allowed Gordon to reach third.

Bumgarner, however, retired Salvador Perez on a foulout to third baseman Pedro Sandoval. The big left-hander was immediately embraced by catcher Buster Posey, and the rest of the Giants rushed to the mound to join the victory party. Most of the San Francisco players tossed their gloves high in the air as they ran to the center of the diamond.

Three days after throwing 117 pitches in a four-hit shutout to win Game 5, Bumgarner threw 68 more and dropped his record-low career Series ERA to a barely visible 0.25.

He joined Arizona ace Randy Johnson (2001) as the only pitchers in the expansion era to win three games in one Series.

Michael Morse hit a go-ahead single in the fourth that stood up, and the Giants eked out a battle of the bullpens on a night when both starting pitchers made unusually quick exits.

The Giants were dubbed a "Band of Misfits" in 2010 when they beat Texas to win the franchise's first title since 1954 in New York. Two years later, they swept Detroit for another championship.

And this time, they became the second NL team with three titles in a five-year span, matching Stan Musial's St. Louis Cardinals of 1942-46.

Every other year. It's the closest thing to a dynasty baseball has seen in the 21st century.

Home teams had won nine straight Game 7s in the Series since Pittsburgh's victory at Baltimore in 1979, including the Royals' 11-0 rout of St. Louis in 1985. Teams hosting the first two games had won 23 of the last 28 titles, including five in a row. And the Giants had lost all four of their previous World Series pushed to the limit.

But before a pumped-up, blue-and-white-clad crowd of 40,535 that hoped noise and passion could lift the small-market Royals to a title that seemed improbable when Kansas City was languishing two games under .500 in mid-July, the Giants won the second all-wild card World Series, 12 years after losing Game 7 to the Angels in the first.

Both managers promised quick hooks if their starters showed the slightest signs of faltering, and both managers delivered as Tim Hudson and Jeremy Guthrie combined for 15 outs - matching the fewest by Game 7 starters. Hudson, at 39 the oldest Game 7 starter, allowed two runs in 1 2-3 innings. The 35-year-old Guthrie took the loss, giving up three runs in 3 1-3 innings

Jeremy Affeldt followed Hudson with 2 1-3 innings of scoreless relief in his longest outing since July 2012, getting help from the first successful replay challenge in World Series history.

With his shaggy hair making him look every bit a gunslinger, Bumgarner entered to boos in the bottom of the fifth, coated his long arms with rosin and groomed the pocked-up mound with his spikes.

He gave up an opposite-field single to his first batter, Omar Infante, who advanced on a sacrifice. Bumgarner retired Nori Aoki on a liner near the left-field line that was grabbed by Juan Perez, starting over Travis Ishikawa because of his defense. Bumgarner then struck out Lorenzo Cain.

He retired the side in order in the sixth, seven and eighth, increasing his pitch count to 52. With loud chants of "Let's Go Royals!" echoing through Kauffman Stadium, he struck out Eric Hosmer to open the ninth, then retired Billy Butler on a foulout to bring up Gordon.

The 25-year-old Bumgarner allowed two hits, struck out four and walked none. He pitched 52 2-3 postseason innings, 4 1-3 more than the previous mark set by Arizona's Curt Schilling in 2001, and finished with 270 innings combined, including the regular season.

Voted the Series MVP, MadBum became king of SoMa, and from Nob Hill to North Beach, from The Marina to The Mission, San Francisco celebrated another title won by Kung Fu Panda and Hunter Pence.

Pence batted .444 in the Series and Sandoval, a free-agent-to-be playing perhaps his last game for the Giants, finished at .429 following a three-hit night. In an era when pitching and computer-aided defense has supplanted steroids-saturated sluggers, baseball's dominant team established itself in the tech-fueled, boomtown by the Bay.

The Giants, a 20-1 longshot when 2014 odds were first posted a year ago, won their eighth title and third since moving from New York to San Francisco after the 1957 season. They also have won 10 straight postseason rounds, one shy of the record set by the New York Yankees from 1998-01.

After finishing tied with Pittsburgh in the wild-card race at 88-74, the Giants advanced when Bumgarner pitched a four-hit shutout and then beat Washington and St. Louis in the NL playoffs.

Bruce Bochy became the 10th manager to win three World Series titles - the other nine are all in the Hall of Fame.

Sandoval was hit just above the right elbow leading off the second, Pence reached out and pulled an 0-2 changeup into left for a single and Brandon Belt poked a single into right, loading the bases.

Consecutive sacrifice flies by Morse and Brandon Crawford put the Giants ahead 2-0.

But Hudson gave the lead right back and was chased after 28 pitches, walking off the mound with a stunned look when Bochy removed him after just four outs - the shortest Game 7 start since the Yankees' Bob Turley was pulled after a leadoff single in the second in 1960.

Kansas City pressured Hudson in a three-pitch span when Billy Butler singled leading off, Gordon lined the next pitch to right-center for an RBI double and Perez was hit by a pitch.

Gordon scored on Infante's sacrifice fly for a 2-all tie.


Eight players have been on all three Series rosters for the Giants in the past five years: Affeldt, Bumgarner, Santiago Casilla, Tim Lincecum, Javier Lopez, Posey, Sergio Romo and Sandoval. Matt Cain, a member of the first two title teams, was hurt this October. Before this run, manager John McGraw (1905, '21-'22) was the only Giant with three titles.

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City Denies Claims Of Flood Victims Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 9:35:03 PM Bart Bedsole - City Denies Claims Of Flood Victims

CORPUS CHRISTI - A major pipe break on Macleod Drive, behind the Woodlawn Shopping Center on Leopard, will cost the neighbors there thousands of dollars, even though it was a city water line that broke.

Rebecca Ramirez tried to save what she could when she saw the water rising outside her home earlier this month, but by the time it finally drained out of the home she rents and the backyard, the losses were extensive.

"Three heaters, air condition, exercise equipment, all of that, it's about $12,000," she said.

Ramirez submitted a claim to the city, but learned this week it was denied.

Not every case is denied by the City.

A year ago, when Jose Vera's home was filled with sewage, the City covered all of his repairs.

The reason Vera was paid was because a city crew was actually working on sewage lines in the area and their negligence caused all that sewage to back up into his house.

In the Macleod case, a water line simply broke.

The City believes it was not negligent, and can therefore claim sovereign immunity, which protects governments from most lawsuits and claims from utility mishaps.

In a statement late Wednesday, City Attorney Miles Risley wrote, "In a case like Ms. Ramirez's case, where a claim for property damage does not implicate our negligent use of motorized equipment, we are generally not liable."

Ramirez disagrees.

She believes that while the pipe break may not be an act of negligence itself, the fact that it took 8 hours to shut it off is.

"I understand water breaks, and dang, it happened to me. But you know what? They did not even try to get the whole crew out," she says.

The city claims a valve was frozen, causing delays in shutting off the water.

Because of the flood, Ramirez's family is moving, but with three kids and no extra money, the claim denial has them underwater again.

Ramirez would also like to see a "Citizens Assistance Task Force", saying the police were there to maintain safety, and the water department was there for the pipe, but no one was out here helping the people affected.

She believes if there were such a group to respond to civil emergencies like that, it could have helped save a lot of her stuff.


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Synthetic Marijuana Use Rises; Doctors Still Don't Have Treatment Protocol Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 8:33:35 PM Stephania Jimenez - Synthetic Marijuana Use Rises; Doctors Still Don't Have Treatment Protocol

CORPUS CHRISTI - The use of synthetic marijuana is on the rise. According to a recent report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the number of emergency department visits due to the drug doubled in one year; from 11,406 in 2010 to 28,531 in 2011. Despite the increasing popularity of synthetic marijuana, experts still haven't developed a standard protocol to treat patients suffering from the drug's adverse side effects.

"I thought I was dying. I literally thought I was dying," said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth spoke to KRIS 6 News about her first and only encounter with synthetic marijuana. She wanted us to keep her identity private.

Elizabeth said she tried synthetic marijuana while she attended a concert earlier this year; she noticed someone there smoking what she believed was marijuana, asked for some, inhaled it, and it wasn't long before panic set in.

"I couldn't breathe. I just couldn't catch my breath and then I started seeing people in front of me, going up and down."

Elizabeth was experiencing some of the side effects; such as anxiety, paranoia, nausea/vomiting, and hallucinations, associated with synthetic marijuana.

"It tends to raise your pulse, raise your blood pressure...a lot of people have a form of psychosis," said paramedic David Karrer, with the Corpus Christi Fire Dept.

"Seizures is another bad thing that happens with them," explained Dr. Albert Gest, an emergency medicine specialist at Christus Spohn.

Despite a state and a federal law such as the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012, banning the sale or possession of some synthetic marijuana, the drug's popularity has been increasing, especially among young men. That's troubling to Dr. Gest, who believes synthetic marijuana is very risky. It hasn't been around long, so little is known about its long-term effects. Also, its manufacturers keep changing the recipe to sidestep state laws. That means you'll never quite know which chemicals are in the drug, and that makes it very difficult for doctors to develop a standard treatment protocol when a patient is suffering adverse side effects from synthetic marijuana.

"You sedate them and do the best you can with that," explained Gest.

Unfortunately, that's not enough in some cases. This summer, Connor Eckhardt, 19, of California, inhaled synthetic marijuana, slipped into a coma and never woke up.

Elizabeth survived; she was taken to a hospital the moment she fell ill. However, she feels she was lucky and hopes other people think twice before trying synthetic marijuana.

"What I experienced was so powerful that I don't think a young kid could survive that on their own unless they get help immediately," said Elizabeth.

Here's more information on synthetic marijuana:


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Students Hold Halloween Celebration For Special Needs Kids Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 7:06:08 PM Kirsten Schaffer Students Hold Halloween Celebration For Special Needs Kids

CORPUS CHRISTI - Students from John Paul II High School put on a Halloween celebration for special needs children Wednesday.

The annual event features trick-or-treating and Halloween activities, especially for special needs kids.

The event is put on by the Voices That Care organization at the high school.

The young organizers tell KRIS 6 there's a lot of goes into getting it ready, from collecting candy to coordinating volunteers, but that it's all worth it.

"It makes a big impact because I know a lot of times it's hard for them to go out into the community and actually go door-to-door trick-or-treating like regular kids do," said Gabby Conklin, the president of Voices That Care.

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6 Investigates Follow-Up: Blocking Beach Sale Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 7:03:46 PM 6 Investigates Follow-Up: Blocking Beach Sale

A local group is trying to block the sale of a state-owned beach to Nueces County. It's a seven mile stretch of land near Bob Hall Pier.
Our Andrew Ellison explains as 6 Investigates follows up on the story.

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Bond Hearing For Hannah Overton Canceled Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 6:59:54 PM Kirsten Schaffer Bond Hearing For Hannah Overton Canceled

CORPUS CHRISTI - The bond hearing for Hannah Overton that was planned for Thursday has been canceled.

Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka confirmed Wednesday the hearing planned for Judge Jose Longoria's court was canceled.

Overton spent seven years in prison in connection with the death of her 4-year-old foster son, but her conviction was recently overturned.

Overton remains in the Nueces County jail.


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Port Event Inspires Students to Pursue A Career In The Coastal Bend Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 6:54:12 PM Kirsten Schaffer Port Event Inspires Students to Pursue A Career In The Coastal Bend

CORPUS CHRISTI - Port Corpus Christi hosted nearly a thousand local high school students Wednesday in an effort to encourage them to think about a career in the Coastal Bend.

The fourth annual "Explore Your Port, World, & Future" event showcased a variety of local industries, including the US Army, Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries, US Customs and Border Patrol, as well as several different refinery companies and government agencies.

The event has consistently received praise from attendees from previous years, who say it taught them just how much the Port plays into the future of the Coastal Bend region.

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Halloween Sex Offender Sweep Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 5:59:46 PM Priscilla Torres Halloween Sex Offender Sweep

CORPUS CHRISTI - In a couple of days children will go door to door asking for Halloween treats, but local probation officers are already out trying to keep an eye on registered sex offenders. It's all part of the ninth annual "Halloween Sex Offender Sweep."

Ninfa Martinez and Lupe Cardona are probation officers with Nueces County. Today they began knocking on doors where registered sex offenders who are on probation, live. The main goal for probation officers is to make sure offenders aren't taking part in any Halloween celebrations which means they can't pass out candy or have any halloween decorations visible. If they're found violating any of these conditions, their bond could potentially be revoked.

Probation officers were also passing out orange flyers with child safety tips and alerting neighbors there's a registered sex offender living nearby. The sweep will continue through the rest of the week and on Saturday evening as well.

Any suspicious activity by any known sex offender should be reported by calling (361) 854-4122.


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Jim Wells County Employee Arrested In Connection with Missing Money Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 5:50:57 PM Caroline Flores Jim Wells County Employee Arrested In Connection with Missing Money

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Jim Wells County employee has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a very large sum of money.

Her former boss spoke with KRIS 6 News Wednesday and told us why he has bigger concerns after the arrest.

Former Deputy District Clerk Maria Alicia Soliz, 46, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on theft charges by the Texas Rangers.

Soliz worked for Jim Wells County for 10 years, and now she is facing theft charges.

"It's not something you expect," said Jim Well County District Attorney Carlos Garcia. "Because of the situation where you're dealing with a position of trust. You generally put trustworthy people there."

The arrest came after her boss, District Clerk David Guerrero, discovered there was money missing last year.

"We decided that we should go back multiple years and we did go back multiple years and as we continued to look we found more discrepancies," said District Clerk Guerrero.

Once he discovered someone in his office was most likely responsible, he notified the County Judge. That's when the county got an outside accountant to do an audit. In it he discovered someone had been stealing money since 2010, adding up to almost $35,000.

"When something does happen I think it shocks the whole community because you expect your government is gonna be there to do what's right," said Garcia.

But the District Clerk says one of the things he believes was a factor in this alleged theft, is that his office hadn't been audited by the county for the past seven years.

"It concerns me that if this happened in this department, you know, could it happen in another department? Hopefully not," said Guerrero.

As a result of the recent arrest of Soliz, Guerrero has made some changes in his office in hopes of preventing anything like this from happening again.

Soliz was released from the Jim Wells County Jail late Tuesday night on a $10,000. Her case has not been reviewed by the grand jury yet.


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Vaughan Will be Activated if Romo Can't Play Continuous News Wed, 29 Oct 2014 4:48:27 PM Associated Press Vaughan Will be Activated if Romo Can't Play

IRVING, Texas (AP) - Tony Romo's status could be a game-time decision against Arizona on Sunday, according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The quarterback is coming off his third back injury in 18 months, and Jones said on his radio show Wednesday that Romo's injury would not end his season.

The owner said his 34-year-old quarterback's availability might come down to pain tolerance after sustaining a back contusion on a third-quarter sack in a 20-17 overtime loss to Washington on Monday. Romo missed about a quarter before returning.

Jones reiterated the injury isn't related to a herniated disk that led to surgery after a game against Washington last December. Jones also said the latest injury is unrelated to a cyst removal from Romo's back in April 2013.

There is "nothing medically" that would prevent Romo from playing, Jones said.

If it does come down to pain, Romo has a history of playing with it. He played through the herniated disk against the Redskins last season and came back after fracturing his ribs and puncturing a lung against San Francisco in 2011. In both games, Romo led fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Brandon Weeden led the Cowboys to points on both possessions that Romo missed, and he will start if Romo can't play. That would also mean rookie Dustin Vaughan would be activated from the practice squad for the first time.

Jones said he went to the training room as soon as Romo went out on a direct hit on his back from linebacker Keenan Robinson. After an X-ray determined no structural damage and doctors said Romo could return, the owner relayed that information to coach Jason Garrett on the sideline.

Romo took a pain-killing injection before returning against the Redskins, and Garrett declined to say whether he would prefer that Romo play without one.

Jones indicated Romo wouldn't practice Thursday because that will be the first full-pad workout of the week. Romo has skipped the first full practice every week during the regular season as part of his post-surgery routine.

"If Romo's ready to play, he can play," Jones said. "Now whether or not he can withstand the things that go with that, relative to pain and relative to execute, that's a big issue. That's a big if. But if he can do it, then he'll play."



AP NFL website: and


Follow Schuyler Dixon on Twitter at

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