Local News Local News en-us Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved. Feed content is not avaialble for commercial use. () () Mon, 1 Sep 2014 23:09:47 GMT Synapse CMS 10 144 25 Funeral Dispute Between Family of 6-year-old Xadrian Martinez Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 5:33:50 PM Caroline Flores - Funeral Dispute Between Family of 6-year-old Xadrian Martinez

PORT LAVACA - It's been nearly a week since the death of 6-year-old Xadrian Martinez.

A candle light vigil was held in Port Lavaca last night. The community there turned out for that vigil as Xadrian's biological father, Ruben Saenz, and other family members held that memorial.

They wanted Xadrian to be remembered as a happy, spunky little boy. They also wanted to raise awareness about child abuse. Family says about 150 people turned out for the vigil.

His mother and her boyfriend are in jail on capital murder charges but now something new is tearing that family apart. Both sides of the boy's family want custody of his body.

"I mean... He should've been done... Being resting already in peace," said Xadrian's Cousin Jeremy Gonzales.

Instead little Xadrian Martinez's body is still at the Nueces County Medical Examiners office. That's because both sides of Xadrian's family want the little boy buried in their home town. The mother's side of the family is from Corpus Christi. The biological father, Ruben Saenz, is from Port Lavaca. To try and resolve the situation, the Saenz family has hired an attorney.

"We're really just trying to get him back to Port Lavaca because, you know, this is where his real family... that really raised him, they loved him, they cared for him," said Gonzales.

Xadrian's father's side believes he should be buried in a place, like Port Lavaca, that doesn't hold horrifying memories.

"Well we feel... You know what. His life was taken over there. How it was taken, that's the sad part," said Gonzales.

Gonzales says it's sad that it had to get to the point of getting lawyers involved. But it's for the best.

"We don't really see too much over there in Corpus, but bad memories. Especially this last one that... What happened with him," said Gonzales.

Their family is expected to hear from their attorney tomorrow, to find out if little Xadrian's final resting place will with them in Port Lavaca or Corpus Christi.

The family has set up a Facebook Page called "Justice for Xadrian". If you like to "like" it, or just take a look at it - CLICK HERE.


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Hazardous Waste Fire Started in Filters Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 5:22:38 PM Hazardous Waste Fire Started in Filters

ROBSTOWN - A large fire at a hazardous waste facility near Robstown started in the concrete pit where materials are stored before disposal.

The manager of US Ecology tells us last Thursday's fire was so intense it caused the sprinkler system to malfunction.

The fire started in filters used to remove fumes from the pit, but there's no word yet on what type of chemicals were released into the air.

Air sample results won't be released until later this week.


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Woman and 2 Children Suffer Smoke Inhalation from Fire Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 5:17:54 PM Woman and 2 Children Suffer Smoke Inhalation from Fire

CORPUS CHRISTI - A fire at the La Armada housing complex resulted in a woman and two children heading to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

The Corpus Christi Fire Department had to the fire out before it spread beyond that woman's home.

We're told there is a lot of smoke damage to the unit.

A fire investigator was called out to find out what started the blaze.


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Mother Teresa Shelter Hosts Labor Day Luncheon Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 12:58:42 PM Sara Donchey Mother Teresa Shelter Hosts Labor Day Luncheon

CORPUS CHRISTI - When you don't know if you'll have a safe place to sleep at night, and someone lends a helping hand it can be an emotional experience.

Robert Dabbs was brought to tears today at the Mother Teresa Shelter's Labor Day luncheon as he listened to the sermon with his wife, Kimberly.

"Things may get real tough but you just gotta fight through it," Dabbs said.

The couple has been homeless in Corpus Christi for the past six months.

They were two of dozens of people who stopped by to get a hot meal and hear a positive message at today's ceremony.

"You'd be surprised at the kind of people that are out here," said Fela Gamboa, who helped organize the event. "There's people that have at one time had jobs but because of the way things are with the economy they have lost (them)."

Gamboa and her husband Javier have seen people's struggles first hand.

"They're going from city to city trying to find something for their families," Gamboa said. "We have come across families that are living out of cars, you know, with children."

The Gamboas say a little positivity can go a long way for someone going through a tough time.

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Woman and Man Stabbed, Attacker Still At Large Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 4:37:31 AM Woman and Man Stabbed, Attacker Still At Large

CORPUS CHRISTI - Officers are still working to piece together the details of an early morning stabbing.

The victims were found at the Knights Inn in the 2800 block of north Shoreline.

Police say a woman was stabbed in the arm and a man was stabbed in the lower torso.

Right now, it appears this started off with some type of argument between the victims and the attacker.

Officers are planning to talk to the victims at the hospital to get more information.

So far, there have been no arrests.

If the attacker is caught, police say that person will face a charge of aggravated assault.


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Woman Hit by Vehicle While Crossing Road Local News Mon, 1 Sep 2014 3:40:22 AM Woman Hit by Vehicle While Crossing Road

CORPUS CHRISTI - A woman is recovering from injuries this morning, after she was hit by a vehicle.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this accident.

This happened just after 9 o'clock last night in the 2500 block of Leopard.

Officers on the scene told us a truck was traveling westbound, while a man and woman were trying to cross the street at the intersection.

The man made it across the street. But when the woman stepped off the sidewalk, she was struck by the vehicle.

No word on her exact condition this morning, but we're told she's expected to be okay.

Meanwhile, police were trying to determine whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.


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Local Pastor Calling For A Pro-Israel Movement Local News Sun, 31 Aug 2014 6:55:27 PM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahTV Local Pastor Calling For A Pro-Israel Movement

CORPUS CHRISTI - At a time when the nation is divided on it's stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one local pastor is calling for action, asking the community to stand for the nation of Israel.

The pastor at the event at Bridgeway Church just returned from an emergency trip to Israel. He shared with the crowd the terror of standing in the Gaza strip, even during a 24-hour cease fire.

It's an experience that hit close to home for one local woman.

"They're accustomed to the bombs, 'There's bombs every day, there's bombs every day'," described Nancy Kohn of her family in Israel. "But they say, ‘God will protect us."

Kohn is a Messianic Jew here in Corpus Christi, but her family lives in Israel.

"It's very important for me," she said. "That's my homeland, that's where my family are."

That homeland is the main cause of the violent dispute between Israel and Hamas. It's a conflict that put Israel and Hamas at war for fifty days, resulting in the deaths of thousands.

That's why for Pastor Victor Styrsky, the dispute is more than religious one.

"We must continue to stand with the only pluralistic democracy in the entire Middle East," said Styrsky. "Our staunchest ally, the nation of Israel."

Styrsky, along with fifty other pastors from the U.S., flew to Israel during a 24-hour cease fire in an effort to show support for one of our nation's allies.

"It was powerful," he said. "Everywhere we went, we were thanked with tears."

He shared his experience at the "Stand With Israel" event at Bridgeway Church.

"I've been there countless times. I've never been there in the middle of a war," said Styrsky. "And it was life-changing for all of us."

He went to Israel as a part of a grassroots movement sweeping the nation called "Christians United For Israel."

It's a movement that local pastor Steven Sorensen is hoping to bring to the Coastal Bend.

"We just think that the community needs to be aware of the truth," said Sorensen. "And we pray that they make conscious decisions in everything that they do concerning Israel."

Find more information on the movement here.


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Tourists Head to Corpus Christi Beaches for Labor Day Weekend Local News Sun, 31 Aug 2014 5:43:15 PM Michelle Margaux Tourists Head to Corpus Christi Beaches for Labor Day Weekend

CORPUS CHRISTI - It's Labor Day weekend which means it's the unofficial end of summer.
People from all over Texas and even other states come to beautiful Corpus Christi for the three-day weekend.

Vanessa Martinez traveled all the way from New Jersey.

"I wanted to come to the beach and I heard that Corpus Christi was one of the best places so we came down here to have fun," Martinez said.

"I'm trying to get out. School and work are a hassle so I'm trying to have some fun before it's just all busy after this," explained local Danya Briones.

Summer might be coming to a close but that's not stopping anybody from going to the beach this weekend. Even when it was raining, people were still there.

"We came here to stay, we're gonna stay no matter what the weather is," said Briones.

"I knew it was gonna pass eventually so we just went in the water you know and it came back out," Martinez said.

Rain or shine, Bob Hall Pier was filled with tourists enoying their last few days of summer.

"We're just happy to be here. We love corpus, it's a great city and we love being at the beach," said Tyler resident Karla Hudson.

Yet again the Coastal Bend proves to be a popular spot to spend vacation.


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Paddle For Parkinson's Disease Local News Sat, 30 Aug 2014 6:06:21 PM Michelle Margaux Paddle For Parkinson's Disease

CORPUS CHRISTI - Earlier this morning the canals of Padre Island were filled with kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. Despite the weather, 200 people showed up for a special cause.
It was the 5th annual 'Paddle For Parkinson's" fundraiser.

"It's grown every year, it's fun, it's nice, and competitive. It's a good time," said fundraiser participant John Spolans.

The event was made possible through the "Catch The Cure Foundation". Most of those who participated were doing it in honor of somebody they know.

"It's a very hard thing to go through and hopefully with this money we raise there will be more awareness out there about Parkinson's," said Nina Calderon, whose mother suffers Parkinson's.

Last year the "Paddle For Parkinson's" fundraiser brought in $10,000.

"We saw a benefit with my father-in-law when we got him assistance, it really does make a big difference and helps delay certain things," participant Clint Lawhon explained.

The money that is raised from the event stays local and helps South Texas residents who have Parkinson's with medical expenses. But the main goal of the "Catch The Cure Foundation" is finding a lasting cure.


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Corpus Christi Native to be Selected to Key ICE Post Local News Sat, 30 Aug 2014 12:50:39 PM Corpus Christi Native to be Selected to Key ICE Post

CORPUS CHRISTI-A Corpus Christi native is in line to become the first Latina in charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

President Barack Obama announced he was nominating Sarah Saldaña, currently a U.S. District Attorney, to be assistant secretary of ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The division of the Department of Homeland Security has had the increasingly tough task of responding to the immigration crisis currently affecting the U.S.-Mexico border.

Her nomination still needs Senate approval.



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Kingsville Bank Robbed Local News Sat, 30 Aug 2014 12:05:02 AM Kingsville Bank Robbed

KINGSVILLE - Kingsville police need your help identifying a bank robber.

The guy walked into the bank around 5:00 this afternoon.

He pointed a gun at employees and demanded money, it's unclear if he got away with anything.

It happened at the IBC bank on Santa Gertrudis.

Kingsville crime stoppers will pay a $1,000 for the ID of the guy.

If you know anything call police.


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Corpus Christi Woman Shot Five Times, Forgives Suspect Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 7:32:48 PM Jennifer Lira - Corpus Christi Woman Shot Five Times, Forgives Suspect

CORPUS CHRISTI - A woman who was allegedly shot by her boyfriend last week spoke with KRIS 6 News about the night that almost ended her life.

On August 19, Leticia Perales was nearly killed. She was shot five times during an argument with her boyfriend, Jacob Salazar.

Perales spoke with KRIS 6 News from her hospital room. She is in bad shape and must wear a breathing mask. She didn't want her face and wounds to be shown on camera as she talked about her troubled relationship with the suspect.

"My kids hate him," she said, "but I can't hate him. I can't hate him. I just want him to get help."

Perales, 44, said she and Salazar started out in a happy relationship, but admits things have been bad for a while. She described their relationship as chaotic and, at times, "violent, it was not all the time, but when it got violent.. it got violent," she said.

That violence escalated last week when Salazar, 32, accused Perales of cheating and told her to leave his house. She says he then sent her several text messages asking her to come back to him.

Perales said she had a bad feeling and asked him why he wanted to see her. "On one text I said, 'No. Why? Why do you want me, cause you want to kill me?', because he had already mentioned that he would kill me."

Perales gave in. She went to pick up Salazar at his friend's house. She said he immediately started yelling at her, so she told him to get out of her truck.

"And as the door opened, I don't remember what we were saying, I just remember when I picked my head up , I just heard the boom, boom, boom."

She was shot five times and left for dead.

"I forgive him for what he did to me but I hate him for what he's put me through. I know it's wrong, but I still do love Jacob."

Salazar remains behind bars in the Nueces County Jail.


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Recording Device Found in Laundromat Restroom Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 6:10:54 PM Recording Device Found in Laundromat Restroom

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Kwik Wash Laundry employee found a recording device in the laundromat's restroom. Around 7:30pm Thursday, an employee called police after she found a cell phone hidden in the restroom at Kwik Wash Laundry on Leopard near Violet.

She told police that right before using the restroom, she noticed a bundle of brown paper towels wedged under the sink against the drainage pipe. She said she thought the drain was leaking water, so she removed the towels and found the black flip phone facing the toilet.

The phone had a light on indicating it was recording. She called police who removed the phone and began an investigation.

In July a cell phone was found recording in the ladies restroom at the Starbucks on Staples and earlier this month a hidden camera was found at the Stripes on Kostoryz. Police say they don't know if the incidents are related. There have been no arrests in any of these cases.


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Local Grandma Gets Habitat for Humanity Home Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 5:55:38 PM Stephania Jimenez - Local Grandma Gets Habitat for Humanity Home

CORPUS CHRISTI - Home ownership is part of the American dream; for a local grandmother, it's now a reality.

On Friday, Habitat for Humanity gave Maria Martinez the keys to her two-bedroom home. She will live there with her 12-year-old grandson. Martinez told KRIS 6 it's a dream come true.

"I've been trying so hard to get a home and the lord finally blessed me with a home...I'm humbled. I'm very happy," said Martinez.

Martinez worked hard to get her home. A rep from Habitat for Humanity said she volunteered more than 500 hours to build her home and other homes for the organization.

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Robles Given Maximum 20 Year Sentence for Sex Assault Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 5:02:53 PM Robles Given Maximum 20 Year Sentence for Sex Assault

CORPUS CHRISTI - The man convicted of sexually assaulting a woman, right after she left a park, is headed to prison for twenty years. The jury recommended the maximum sentence for Orlando Robles this morning.

The victim told police and the jury that she was headed home from an evening at a park along Ocean Drive when Robles got her attention by claiming something was wrong with her Jeep.

When she got out, she says she was assaulted. Eventually, she was able to fight back by stabbing the man with her keys.

Robles was arrested as Corpus Christi Police were looking for a man accused of assaulting women in two different occasions.

Robles still faces trial on charges he arranged to meet a woman for a book sale and allegedly assaulted her.


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Man Nearly Beaten to Death, Left Behind Downtown Church Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:34:25 PM Sara Donchey Man Nearly Beaten to Death, Left Behind Downtown Church

CORPUS CHRISTI - Father John Hayden Haby set out for an early morning; it was a day of religious celebration at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

But when medics knocked on Haby's door to tell him there was an emergency, what he found behind the building was anything but pious.

"(I saw) a gentlemen who looked like he was bloody all over," Haby said. "It looked like he had been in a fight or assaulted or something."

Corpus Christi Fire Department medics were already there treating him, Haby said.

The gruesome discovery stemmed from a 911 call police received around 7:30 am. It was from a passerby who saw a man lying in a pool of his own blood.

He appeared to have been beaten, nearly to death, and left behind the church on South Chaparral Street, according to police.

Police said the victim appeared to be in his 40s, but could not immediately identify him.

He was rushed to Spohn Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Church goers were shocked to be met with crime tape and police cars.

"I was just really concerned making sure everybody at the church was okay," said Anastasia Strates.

Strates, who owns the nearby Tango Tea Room Restaurant, said she was surprised to see the crime scene tape and police cars.

Another challenge for crime scene investigators was rain; it was washing away evidence, namely, blood on the ground.

Haby conceded that he often sees people passing near his building late at night, but said he didn't recognize the victim.

Police said that upon last check he was still in critical condition, but was making slight improvements.

They still don't have a suspect in the case, but if that person is found, they could face charges of aggravated assault.


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New Details On Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 5:54:50 AM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahTV New Details On Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy

CORPUS CHRISTI - We have the latest on the death of a 6-year old boy who police believe was killed by his mother's boyfriend.

According to police documents, officers found the boy, Xadrian Martinez, on the floor and unresponsive.

The boy's step-father, Albert Villarreal, told police that Xadrian had a seizure and fell, hitting his head. The boy's mother, Nancy Rae Martinez, agreed.

However, the boy's 8-year old sister told a much different story. The girl said Villarreal hit Xadrian after he soiled his clothing. She said Villarreal grabbed Xadrian by the neck and held him until he passed out, then slammed him against a refrigerator to try and revive him.

Martinez and Villarreal are in jail, both charged with capital murder.

Adding to the shock of this story, it turns out Child Protective Services was already familiar with this family.

6-year-old Xadrian's grandmother told KRIS 6 news that she knew the boy was suffering abuse and even asked for custody, but the boy's mom wouldn't agree. When the cps investigations closed, she said CPS sent little Xadrian back home.

"They took him away the first time," said Grandma Elena Saenz. "Why give her another chance? And the second time they took him away, why did they give her a second chance? Didn't they see he was getting hurt?"

As they prepare to say a final goodbye to the boy they loved so much, the family said they can't even have an open casket, because Xadrian's face is so badly bruised.

No details yet on when that funeral will take place.

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Judge: Texas School Funding Still Unconstitutional Local News Fri, 29 Aug 2014 4:38:33 AM Judge: Texas School Funding Still Unconstitutional

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A judge has again declared Texas' school finance system unconstitutional, reaffirming his 2013 decision despite $3.4 billion in extra classroom funding approved by the Legislature last summer.

State District Judge John Dietz's written opinion Thursday followed his verbal ruling last year that public school funding was inadequate.

He also said the "Robin Hood" system doesn't share funding fairly between school districts in wealthy and poor areas.

The Legislature cut $5.4 billion from public education in 2011, prompting more than 600 school districts statewide to sue.

Dietz's initial ruling followed a 3-plus month trial. But he reopened the case in January and heard new evidence, after lawmakers restored $3.4 billion to schools in 2013.

The written ruling can now be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

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Xadrian Martinez Is Second Case Of Alleged Abuse In Two Weeks Local News Thu, 28 Aug 2014 9:44:10 PM Bart Bedsole - Xadrian Martinez Is Second Case Of Alleged Abuse In Two Weeks

CORPUS CHRISTI - If it's proven to be a case of child abuse, the death of Xadrian Martinez would be the second fatal case in about two weeks.

Two month old Layla Garcia died earlier this month in Fulton after her father allegedly beat her because she wouldn't stop crying.

Experts say preventing tragedies like these starts with having a support system in place, long before the frustration from a crisis sets in.

"Now's the time to start thinking about what can I do to make that support system," explains John Lennan, spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

"It can be friends, it can be family, just someone that can watch the child while you de-stress or a caregiver."

The idea is that at the height of a crisis, a parent can call a family member or a friend to take over, allowing the parent to take a break from the situation.

And while most parents think they could never do what the parents of Layla and Xadrian are accused of doing to their children, those parents probably didn't they could ever do it either.

"This is something that everybody should think about," says Lennan, "so that if you do come into a situation like that, you do have that plan in place, you do have that person that you can call on, to come and help you at that moment."

The website offers an abundance of tips and information for parents, as well as testimonials from real parents who have overcome their own abusive behaviors.



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Father: Murdered 6-Year-Old Boy Was Abused Before Local News Thu, 28 Aug 2014 5:27:02 PM Janine Reyes Father: Murdered 6-Year-Old Boy Was Abused Before

CORPUS CHRISTI -- A mother and her boyfriend are facing capital murder charges tonight in the death of her 6-year-old son, Xadrian Martinez.

Child Protective Services removed the boy's siblings from the home. Xadrian's grandma says even though the agency intervened before, they allowed him to go back to the home where he died. CPS officials would not comment on specifics of this case, but did say custody decisions are up to a court, not their agency.

"He loved music, I do music so I mean he loved it," said Ruben Saenz, Xadrian's family.

We were there as they watched a video of a spunky little boy they loved so much dancing to a music video.

"This is him at 11 months, when CPS placed him with us," grandma Elena Saenz said holding up a picture of the boy.

Saenz says that's the first time she met the little boy who looked just like his dad, her son Ruben.

"He's smart for his age, very smart it took not even a day to teach him how to fish," Ruben told us.

They say Xadrian went back and forth through the years, sometimes during a CPS investigation, other times just because.

"One day out of the blue she called and said 'can you all come pick him up, I can't handle him no more,'" Elena said.

She never hesitated, even asking for custody. But mom wouldn't agree. When Xadrian went back to the home, though, Elena says he suffered abuse.

"They took him away the first time why give her another chance," she asked, "and the second time they took him away why did they give her a second chance, didn't they see he was getting hurt," she cried.

She told us Xadrian's other grandmother called her this morning, and is also distraught.

Now, those hurting the most are the family who loved him.

"I love you and I miss you and I'm so sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't save you, I'm sorry I couldn't stop them from beating you" Ruben said to his only son, crying.

They tell us Xadrian can't have an open casket because his little face is badly bruised.

"That's a monster, a mother who abuses her kids, that's a monster," Elena said.


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