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CORPUS CHRISTI - It'll be a happy Easter for a couple hundred kids thanks to the kindness of a woman and her family.

"Little Lucy" as she's known in the community wanted to give back to the people of Corpus Christi. She along with the help of City Stylz Car Club put together more than 200 Easter baskets.

She posted the free give away on Facebook hoping it would reach those who were less fortunate..

"It makes me feel good and everything that they're helping everybody get a basket because they can't afford one right now and it's good for them to help people," said one woman who picked up a basket.

It's a good deed that many parents hope won't go unnoticed and will continue. "Little Lucy" is planning to do similar giveaways on each holiday in the future.

"It's a blessing and God's going to bless them more," another woman told us.


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City Mulls New Tire Dumping Ordinance Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 6:19:44 PM City Mulls New Tire Dumping Ordinance

CORPUS CHRISTI - Walk, ride or drive in any direction in this city and eventually, you're going to run into a spare tire or several of them.

They're all over the place.

So, the city is working on a plan to rid itself of the tires.

City of Corpus Christi Solid Waste Director Lawrence Mikolajczyk on Tuesday presented a draft ordinance to the City Council asking for more control over the problem.

He says there are about 130 tire shops in the city and the ordinance would require them to register themselves with the city, begin marking their tires with a designated number, and keep a detailed manifest of the tires.

Marking the tires would give the city a way to trace where it came from.

And the manifest protects the business from liability if someone buys tires and then, dumps them.

Rafael Velasquez owns Big Boys Tires on Ayers and says random tires just show up at his place.

He says people are always leaving tires in front or beside his store.

He says the city's plan sounds good but wonders if it will work. He says if someone takes one of his tires and the city traces it back to him, he'll be the one stuck with a stiff penalty.

"Sometimes we leave tires outside and people take them because they think they're good and they're probably gonna go dump them somewhere else," he says. "And they're gonna blame us. So, everything's gonna come back to us - the tire shop owners."

Mikolajczyk says workshops are planned to help fine-tune the ordinance and public input is part of that process. The workshops are being planned for the late summer.


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Hit and Run Cases on Hold Due to Crime Lab Issues Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 6:18:34 PM Hit and Run Cases on Hold Due to Crime Lab Issues

CORPUS CHRISTI - The investigation into three hit and run case in Corpus Christi are back to almost square one thanks to problems at a crime lab in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Corpus Christi Police Department needs results from the lab to move forward. We're talking about a February 2012 hit and run that killed sent Kimberly Encinia, a crash that seriously injured Chrisitian Carrillo in March 2013, and an incident that left attorney Richard Leshin on the side of the road when his bicycle was hit in March 2013.

Sgt. David Schwartz says evidence collected in those cases were sent to the lab in the valley because it had some forensic tools needed.

However, the lab was having trouble keeping a trace forensic specialist, so the department decided to pull the evidence in that case and 2 others and send it all up to another lab in Austin.

Right now, police have no idea who hit Encinia. The suspects accused of hitting Carrillo and Leshin are out on bond.


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Rojas Indicted for Crash That Killed Passenger Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 6:10:04 PM Rojas Indicted for Crash That Killed Passenger

CORPUS CHRISTI - A young man was indicted this week for a woman's death in a police chase.

Back in April 2013, police tried pulling over 19-year-old Gilbert Rojas. CCPD says an officer was looking to make an arrest for reckless driving, but Rojas allegedly slammed into another car on Port Avenue while trying to get away.

The crash killed his passenger, 27-year old Elvira Esquivel.

Rojas is under indictment for manslaughter. A second degree felony with a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison if convicted.


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Families Gather for Easter Weekend at Labonte Park Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 5:45:01 PM Families Gather for Easter Weekend at Labonte Park

CORPUS CHRISTI- Labonte park is filling up fast as families arrive for the big Easter holiday weekend.

The park was about half full as of Friday afternoon, but park officials expect folks to collect their reserved spots Friday evening.

Still, several people were setting up their campsites, their grills and enjoying what Robstown resident Enriquetta Gomez says is a family tradition.
"We've been camping for so many years, we used to camp over there under the bridge for 20-something years, they throw us out of there and so we're here."

All the spots in the park have been reserved, you can call the Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation department to reserve yours for next year.


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CDC: Foodborne Illness Linked to Raw Shellfish Up 75 Percent Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 5:33:03 PM Stephania Jimenez - CDC: Foodborne Illness Linked to Raw Shellfish Up 75 Percent

CORPUS CHRISTI - If you like raw oysters, you may want to think twice before digging in.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said foodborne illnesses linked to raw or undercooked shellfish have increased by 75% since 2006-2008.

That number is concerning to locals, because raw oysters are considered a staple here in the Coastal Bend.

"I like them with a cold beer," said Uhmberto Romero.

"That's even more of a reason to not eat it and be more afraid that you're going to get sick," said Amanda Sanchez.

Symptoms of food poisoning from contaminated seafood include: watery diarrhea, cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills.

So, how can you stay healthy if you indulge in raw seafood at restaurants?

Charlie Alegria, owner of Morgan Street Seafood Market, recommends asking your server a few questions before you order.

"Where did the oysters come from? When were they harvested? When were they shucked?"

If you buy oysters, Alegria says you should make sure they're kept ice cold, and that they're packaged properly.

"Make sure the code date on those oysters are good. Make sure it comes from a reputable dealer. Where they harvest the oysters is very, very important," said Alegria.

The CDC agrees with Alegria. The agency is investigating a food poisoning outbreak linked to raw oysters. Only a handful of cases were reported in Texas. The majority of the illnesses were reported in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia.

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Program at TAMCC Testing Google Glass Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 5:25:02 PM Program at TAMCC Testing Google Glass

CORPUS CHRISTI-Professors and students in the I-Core program at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi are involved in a unique product test.

Some of you have heard about the Google glass, basically interactive eyeglasses that can do everything from operate your smart phone to getting live football scores, all through the eyescreen.

Executives at Google loaned out the glasses to the program in an effort to find new ways to use the technology.
One way operators here in Corpus Christi are testing the new glasses is to guide unmanned drones.

The glasses went on not available to the public yet, when they are , you can expect to fork out at least fifteen-hundred dollars.


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Annual Day Care Costs Exceed College Tuition for Some Families Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 5:04:58 PM Andrew Ellison - Annual Day Care Costs Exceed College Tuition for Some Families

CORPUS CHRISTI - A national report has revealed that in many states, the average family spends more a year on day care than they will on college tuition.

The report is from a national organization called Child Care Aware America, and it says that in Texas, the average family spends about $8,500 on day care every year. That's about $140 more than they would spend on college tuition at a public university.

So many parents who both work, like Samantha Barrera and her husband, have to make a decision about child care.

Barrera and her husband made that decision when they had their first child.

"We had decided that if what I make in one week is only enough to cover the daycare, then it's not kind of worth it putting my children in daycare. I am in the fortunate position where I do get to make a little bit more than that," Barrera says.

While it made sense for her family, a P.E.W. report shows nearly 30 percent of moms stay at home now. That's up from 23 percent in 1999.

That may be because for many parents, it doesn't make financial sense to have both of them work while day care costs eat away their savings.

The rising costs could from higher demand. It's no secret that in today's world, both parents often have to work.

Barrera says day care works for her and her family. She says the daycare can help her son prepare for school in ways she wouldn't be able to provide at home.

"He's only 18 months, and he's drawing and he's coming home with flash cards, and learning, and he's got a best friend at 18 months old," she says.


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Sunrise Passion Play at Cole Park Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 4:42:20 PM Sunrise Passion Play at Cole Park

CORPUS CHRISTI - It has been an Easter tradition in Corpus Christi for more than seven decades, and this year's Sunrise Passion Play promises to be one of the best ever.

Begun in 1942, the presentation is a re-enactment of the life of Jesus. Those who gather early on Easter morning at Cole Park will witness a play that encompasses the whole story, beginning with the birth of Christ, moving to His teachings and miracles, and ending with the account of His death and resurrection.

It takes well over 100 people to put this production together. Those who participate say it is all about telling a special story. Many have been involved for several years now, some - for decades. The play presents many locals a chance to use their talents to help tell the story.

The final rehearsal is Saturday, April 19th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Passion Play will take place at the Cole Park Amphitheater Sunday, April 20th at 7:00 a.m.


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Warrant Issued for Value Bank Robbery Suspect Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 2:00:15 PM Warrant Issued for Value Bank Robbery Suspect

CORPUS CHRISTI - An arrest warrant is now out for Seanette Villarreal on charges she robbed a Value Bank on Saturday.

Security video from the bank shows a woman who handed the teller a note demanding cash. The robber made no attempt to disguise her face.

Police say Villarreal was last known to live in Corpus Christi. She's 5'5" tall, weighing about 120 pounds.

Investigators told us over the weekend that the woman who robbed the Value Bank looks similar to a woman who has robbed two other banks in the area.

If you have any information that could help detectives, call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS, or submit a tip online at


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Don't Let the Brown Widow Invasion Ruin Easter Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:52:14 PM Janine Reyes Don't Let the Brown Widow Invasion Ruin Easter

PORTLAND -- A venomous spider is making the rounds in the Coastal Bend and health experts are urging you to take a close look around your yard before the Easter festivities begin.

Brown widows are invading certain areas in Portland and could even be in Corpus Christi making themselves at home in your yard.

"We are seeing a marked spread in a venomous spider so we want to get the word out on that," said San Patricio Health Director Dr. James Mobley.

Bill Boyd with Pest Fog Inc in Portland spotted 6 of them yesterday alone, his office took calls reporting 11 sightings in all.

The spiders themselves are not aggressive, but they do have venom and if they are disturbed they can attack.

"These are actually much less dangerous than the black widow," Dr. Mobley explained.

But that doesn't make the Brown Widow spider any less of a concern. As a parent if you do have plastic furniture or play equipment outdoors, the experts do suggest that you check that area, because that's where Brown Widow spiders really like to hide.

"Yesterday I found five at a house on children's toys." Boyd said.

Children are the ones that need to watch out for these spiders the most because of their weak immune systems.

"They would have pain and inflammation, and yes, if they think its from a venomous spider, they should go ahead and get it checked out in the emergency room, because they can monitor and make sure its safe," Mobley urged.

So, in order to avoid a trip to the hospital, check your yard before the kids start their Easter egg hunt this weekend.

"They're out there and now people will be out there with them, so its not that they're attracted to Easter eggs, but walk around the area if you're having an easter egg hunt or doing out door activities just walk around the area and take a look," Dr. Mobley told us.

"Use a vacuum, suck these guys up, inspect their lawn furniture and especially the children's toys," Boyd suggested.


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Fellowship of Oso Creek to Host Easter Festival Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:42:46 PM Mike Gillaspia Fellowship of Oso Creek to Host Easter Festival

CORPUS CHRISTI - Everyone is invited to attend the 14th Annual Easter Festival this Saturday, April 19th at The Fellowship of Oso Creek. The church is hosting the event from 10 AM to 1 PM on their campus at 7402 Yorktown Blvd.

In addition to games, face painting and a petting zoo, there will be plenty of food and live music. An added feature this year will be the presence of Corpus Christi SWAT members, who will be on-hand - along with Firefighters and a fire truck - to give children an up-close look at some of the equipment they use. There will also be an Easter Egg hunt, divided into age groups, so that each child will have an opportunity to fill their Easter basket.

The "Admission Fee" is a non-perishable food item, which will in turn be given to Mission Corpus Christi.

Visit for more information on this fun family event.


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Two Children and Pregnant Woman Thrown From Vehicle Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:13:07 PM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahKRIS Two Children and Pregnant Woman Thrown From Vehicle

ROBSTOWN - A pregnant woman and two young children are in the hospital after a major accident in Robstown.

The Ford Expedition flipped on Highway 77 and County Road 36 around 10 o'clock this morning. 

State troopers aren't sure if any of the seven people inside were wearing seatbelts. There were no signs of any childs seats at the scene.

A pregnant woman thrown out of the vehicle during the crash was flown to the hospital with serious leg injuries. The 2 injured children are at Driscoll Children's Hospital. All are expected to survive.

Troopers believe a tire came loose on the Ford and caused the crash.


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Reckless Driving Leads to Arrest for Beer Theft Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:06:55 AM Reckless Driving Leads to Arrest for Beer Theft

CORPUS CHRISTI - A couple of young men accused of a beer run from Stripes were busted last night when an officer saw their car speeding down Holly on the wrong side of the road.

21-year-old David Delbosque's Mitsubishi Montero was stopped on Treyway Lane after 11 p.m. As the officer was doing a background check he found Delbosque had a warrant out for probation violation on a family assault conviction.

The officer also heard a call go out over the radio concerning the theft of beer from the Stripes at Airline and Holly Road. The description of the suspects matched Delbosque and his passenger, 23-year-old Brian Mathis.

The beer was returned to the store. Both young men were taken the city detention center on charges of theft. Delbosque is also charged with reckless driving.


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Uproar Over E-Cig Companies Targeting Teens Local News Fri, 18 Apr 2014 6:34:00 AM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahKRIS Uproar Over E-Cig Companies Targeting Teens

CORPUS CHRISTI - E-cigarettes companies need to stop targeting our kids. That's the outcry of parents, organizations, and lawmakers across the country.

 The companies are promoting e-cigs at games, giving samples at concerts, and playing TV commercials when they know our teens are watching. For teens here in Corpus Christi, all that advertisement is working.

"They target a lot of teenagers, and it's one of the big things here in Corpus."

18-year-old Preston Gonzales said teen-ages are more tempted to try e-cigs, because they're marketed toward them with flavors like cherry crush, chocolate treat, and bubblegum.

He said he's tried them before, and has many friends that smoke them. "A lot of teenagers don't know what to try, they're curious," he said. "They want to try the new certain things."

The spokesperson for the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition, Melissa Hofstetter, said it's obvious that those advertisements are working.

"We go into high schools and do presentations on different things," she said. "The first question they always ask us is about e-cigarettes, they want to know, are they safe."

For Hofstetter, the answer is no. Nicotine is the number one most addictive substance, and the liquid nicotine, if swallowed, is extremely poisonous.

The CDC just released a study saying that e-cigarette poisonings have skyrocketed, especially for children under the age of five.

"They touch it, they inhale it, they ingest it," said Hofstetter. "Because, they taste like candy."

She said the FDA needs to speak out against these e-cigs, before more kids get addicted.

"This is serious, this is nicotine, these are dangerous," said Hofstetter. "I think once the FDA gets involved it will be easier for us to combat the problem."

The TPCC isn't the only group calling for action. A a coalition of lawmakers just released a report asking for more regulations on the almost two-billion dollar industry.

The report said because these e-cigs aren't technically cigarettes, advertisers have a loophole to target teens.

Many parents are saying now is the time to push for our lawmakers to change that.

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Judge Decides Not to Order GM Cars Parked Local News Thu, 17 Apr 2014 8:39:56 PM Janine Reyes Judge Decides Not to Order GM Cars Parked

CORPUS CHRISTI -- A local attorney says millions of GM car owners and surrounding drivers on the road could be in danger tonight. He says that's because Corpus Christi federal judge Nelva Gonzales-Ramos denied an emergency motion he filed last week.

The motion asked Judge Ramos to issue a "park it now alert," a notification that GM owners would be sent telling them that if they don't park their cars, they could potentially end up in a collision that could seriously injure, even kill them.

Because the judge decided not to, Attorney Bob Hilliard says you could be in danger.

Charles Silvas is a Corpus Christi car owner who found out first hand just how dangerous the GM ignition problem can be. His car stopped twice in the road in the middle of traffic when the ignition switch gave out.

Hilliard is representing him and about 130 more people across the nation who were impacted.

Some drivers are far less fortunate than others. Hilliard says his caseload includes about 30 deaths and several serious injuries. When the ignition gives out, the key has the potential to fall out, meaning the airbags wont deploy.

"If the airbags don't deploy and you hit the steering wheel or the dash at 40-50 miles an hour, you're going to have life changing injuries," Hilliard explained.

That's why Hilliard asked Judge Ramos to make GM notify drivers of the problems with a recommendation to park those cars now.

The judge did not rule in Hilliard's favor, saying that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acts as the auto industry watchdog, and they are proceeding with the GM recall.

Hilliard says the agency does not have enough power to keep drivers safe.

"The problem is they're outspent, out manned and they are a toothless tiger they can not control the car companies," he explained.

He does believe Judge Ramos put a lot of thought into her decision, but he fears anyone on the road could be the next victim of the GM ignition problem.

"This was a public safety issue," Hilliard said of last week's motion, "this was an emergency motion that we really, I still feel very strongly, was necessary to prevent tomorrow's accident from hurting or killing someone."

Hilliard says he's got clients who did as they were instructed and took the weight off their key chains to fix the ignition problem and they still had malfunctions that put them and others in danger.

That's why Hilliard made this motion.

The next hearing will be in Chicago, that's where all the cases against GM will be consolidated.

The the automaker is also asking for protection in bankruptcy court.

The vehicles affected are the Chevrolet Cobalt, model year 2005-2010. The HHR, model years 2006-2011. The Pontiac G5 from 2007-2010, the G5, model years 2007-2010 and the Solstice 2006-2010. Also included in the recall are the Saturn Ion and the Sky, for those makes, the model years affected are 2003-2007.

Here's more information available on GM's website.


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Driver Dies in Highway 44 Crash Local News Thu, 17 Apr 2014 6:30:42 PM Driver Dies in Highway 44 Crash

CORPUS CHRISTI - A 67-year-old woman who drove a van in front of oncoming traffic along Highway 44 has died from her injuries suffered in a crash.

Corporal Charlie Ramirez with the Department of Public Safety says next of kin for Maria E. Silvas has already been notified.

Authorities shut down all traffic at Highway 44 and McKinzie Road for the crash of two minivans.

Six people were able to get out of the vans with differing injuries. Silvas took the brunt of the impact on the driver's side door.

It took firefighters a long time to free her from the wreckage. She died this afternoon.

The area has a speed limit of 75 miles an hour along the highway. There isn't a stop light in the area, just stop signs to warn drivers crossing from McKinzie Road.


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Special Report: American Bank Center Finances Local News Thu, 17 Apr 2014 6:17:13 PM Special Report: American Bank Center Finances

CORPUS CHRISTI - On Tuesday, City Council voted to give the American Bank Center $100,000 to promote the facility. The city has spent millions subsidizing the American Bank Center. So, why does the city continue to spend your tax dollars on a something that isn't making money?

Before we go any further with this story, I've been in contact with the American Bank Center since last week to try and set up and interview to discuss this. This afternoon I got an email saying the General Manager of SMG, the company that runs the ABC, will not do an interview with me on this matter either today or in the future. What makes this so disturbing, is that the event center is being subsidized with millions of your tax dollars and SMG is refusing to tell us why and how they are losing so much of your money.

SMG is the company paid by the city with your tax dollars to bring different performances to the area and generate revenue. Well, while you may have a good time at one of the many different performances when you look at the revenue its bringing in... it's almost non-existent.

When the city announced SMG as the company who will be running the event center in 2003, the city said the company would generate a lot of revenue and bring in great acts to the coastal bend. Well you can decide on the acts for yourself, but as revenue goes they're running in the red and are refusing to explain why.

As of July of last year. The American Bank Center Arena's gross income was almost $3 million. That sounds pretty good until you hear their expenses were $2.7 million. Making their actual net income a little over $200,000. That's nothing compared to how much of your tax dollars the city gives them to promote the arena.

As of 2013, the city has given them $1.1 million for promotional purposes. City council just agreed to up that amount by $100,000. Making the total $1.2 million.

Now when you look at the ABC Convention Center's numbers, it gets worse. The convention center's gross income last year totalled to just over $2.5 million. The expenses were so high that just to break even, the city subsidized SMG with over a million dollars. And that's a trend that doesn't look like it will get any better.

Now i'm sure the question for you at home is, why does the city keeps spending millions of your tax dollars on a business that is running in the red? We thought that was a good question too. So we asked the city.

They gave us the raw numbers, but no explanation or even an interview. What we did get was a very short and simple statement saying that the center has a positive economic impact on the community.

We will continue to ask questions and try to get answers from the people who work for you.


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Rep. Farenthold Concerned About Nuclear Waste Proposal Local News Thu, 17 Apr 2014 6:05:41 PM Rep. Farenthold Concerned About Nuclear Waste Proposal

CORPUS CHRISTI - Governor Rick Perry's recent call for a state-funded nuclear waste storage site has raised some eyebrows among Washington lawmakers.

The governor has been a long-time champion of nuclear energy. He's asking other state leaders to help come up with a plan to build a single storage dump, large enough to handle all the radioactive waste from the 4 nuclear reactors here in Texas.

Of course 2 of those reactors are at the South Texas Nuclear Project up in Bay City which is within Congressman Blake Farenthold's district.

The congressman tells KRIS 6 News that while he thinks nuclear energy is a good thing he worries about the long-term impact of Perry's plan.

"My concern with that is if we get a good one done we're going to start attracting a lot of nuclear waste from other states to Texas. Whether or not that's a good thing, I don't know.">

Rep. Farenthold says what he doesn't want is for the government to turn Texas into a nuclear dumping ground for the entire nation.


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Beach Land Up for Grabs May Land in Kleberg County Local News Thu, 17 Apr 2014 5:20:50 PM Andrew Ellison - Beach Land Up for Grabs May Land in Kleberg County

CORPUS CHRISTI - A large stretch of beach thought to be going to Nueces County may actually become property of Kleberg County.

Over the past several months, the Texas General Land Office has considered selling nearly 4,000 acres near Bob Hall Pier to several different parties including Nueces County.

The State's first plan was to sell it to the Nature Conservancy, who was going to turn it over to the National Seashore.

Now, the Ed Rachel Foundation has stepped in, and was offering to put up the cash for the sale, and give it to Nueces County.

But this week, Kleberg County has announced the foundation will purchase the land and give it to them.

While it's unclear exactly who's going to end up with this beach, all three parties, Kleberg County, Nueces County, and the Ed Rachel Foundation all agree on one thing, they want the beach to be free and open to the public.

If the National Seashore had gotten it, they would have charged people to use it.

Nueces County Commissioner Joe McComb says if Kleberg County wants the beach, that's fine. After all, it is physically in Kleberg County.

But McComb did say he thinks Nueces County is better suited to maintain the beach, since their law enforcement is closer, and their equipment needed to clean the beach is right there near Bob Hall Pier.

He added that even if Kleberg County had the resources to maintain it, you still have to cross the intercoastal canal to get there from the main parts of Kleberg County.

"That's a big expense if you're trying to move equipment back forth from Kleberg County on any kind of regular basis. I mean it's a big expense in man hours, and it's a big expense in equipment costs," McComb says.

Kleberg County Commissioner Romeo Lomas says their county can provide the law enforcement needed to police the beach.

He added that they will try to get money from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to fund beach maintenance.

Nueces County says they're willing to do the beach maintenance for Kleberg if Kleberg pays them for that service.


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