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CORPUS CHRISTI - A new effort is underway in Corpus Christi to stop domestic abuse. Four women died this year all victims of alleged domestic violence.


Police say Krystal Perales was killed by her husband in February. Jennifer Herrera killed allegedly by her boyfriend in late September.  Patricia Askew killed in September by her husband who then took his own life and most recently 84-year-old Ramona Ramirez also the victim of a murder-suicide at the hands of her own husband.

It's a crime scene police in the Coastal Bend are unfortunately used to domestic disturbances some of them turning deadly. 

"Domestic violence happens every day in our community and we fight against it in our courtrooms, officers fight for it everyday in the streets," said District Attorney Mark Skurka.

That's why Skurka has decided to spearhead the first domestic violence summit.

"It's also a challenge to our community to do something. People want to believe we don't have a problem of domestic violence but we do and someone needs to stop the silence and talk about it," said Skurka.

Skurka hopes to not only bring awareness but also educate the community and come up with a plan to reduce these cases.

"Put some brains together and start thinking of ideas to start addressing these problems in a novel and inventive way than we have before," said Skurka.

He says it's a problem that has a broad impact and hopes to bring together all groups of people, law enforcement officials and even churches. All with the same goal to reduce the number of domestic violence cases in our area.

"Violence doesn't start with murder it starts with bad words, then it escalates physical violence possibly even worse," said Skurka.


The summit is free and open to the public.

It will be held at Delmar College at the Center for Economic Development on December first

From 8am to 5pm.

Please RSVP


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Motorcycle Club Donates Meals To Veteran Families Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 5:43:14 PM Kirsten Schaffer Motorcycle Club Donates Meals To Veteran Families

CORPUS CHRISTI - Some veterans in need and their families will have a Thanksgiving meal to share after a local motorcycle donated several meals Monday.

The Coastal Bend chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association put together food baskets for six local families.

They said the donation fits right in with their mission to support fellow veterans in times of need.

"We worked real close with Nueces County Veteran Services and we identified some local veteran families that were in need of some assistance during the holidays," said Jack Nyitrai, the public relations officer of CVMA.

The food baskets included turkeys donated by the Corpus Christi Medical Center.

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Judge Lowers Bond for Man Accused of Murder Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 5:33:15 PM Caroline Flores Judge Lowers Bond for Man Accused of Murder

CORPUS CHRISTI - New details are emerging in the case of a man accused of killing his daughter's ex-boyfriend.

Daniel Salazar was in court again Monday morning seeking a bond reduction. Salazar's family says he acted in self-defense.

"Mr. Salazar was protecting his daughter," said Salazar's Attorney Scott Ellison.

During Monday's hearing, witnesses took the stand to back up that claim. Explaining his daughter, Ruby Salazar, and her ex-boyfriend, David Hernandez's past.

"He was stalking her, threatening her, and constantly breaking into her home," said Ruby Salazar's Friend Corina Balderas.

Rose Salazar, Daniel Salazar's wife, told Judge Guy Williams that their whole family was afraid of Hernandez.

Because of the violence, Salazar's wife told the judge her husband went to her daughter's house on Bray Drive to protect her. The night of the shooting, Mrs. Salazar says Hernandez attacked her husband which resulted in him killing Hernandez.

But the state implied it wasn't a case of self defense, rather Hernandez was set up.

"You know that Ruby and your husband invited the victim over to their house. You know that right?" said the prosecutor to Mrs. Salazar. Mrs. Salazar responded, "No ma'am. I do not. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened."

The prosecutor went on asking, "And you also know that when Andy (David Hernandez) came over to the house, he was unarmed. Do you know that as well, don't you?" Mrs. Salazar responded with, "No ma'am I wasn't there, I don't know."

Salazar was originally being held on a one million dollar bond. That was reduced to 250-thousand dollars last month.

After hearing testimony from Salazar's family, Judge Williams decided to reduce Salazar's bond yet again. This time to 50-thousand dollars.

Last Monday afternoon KRIS 6 learned Salazar was no longer in the Nueces County Jail. Once on bond, Salazar has to wear a GPS ankle monitor.


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Attorney Requests Dismissal of Case Against Former Officer Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 4:41:14 PM Attorney Requests Dismissal of Case Against Former Officer

CORPUS CHRISTI - The attorney for a former Robstown police officer accused of having sex with a minor has asked that the charges against the defendant be dismissed.

According to court documents filed today, the attorney for Ernest Martinez is asking that the case be dismissed because he was not provided with evidence the defense claims would clear his client.

Last week the main detective in the case was ordered to present any missing evidence, including notes, by Monday. Defense council claims that evidence would clear their client of any wrongdoing.

The detective could face a charge of contempt of court, but a ruling won't be made until after the case against Martinez is resolved.

The former officer was arrested in October 2013 when a girl came forward with claims her sister had a sexual relationship with a man she met working security at Ortiz Middle School.


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New Judge Will Hear Hannah Overton Case Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 4:13:25 PM Jennifer Lira - New Judge Will Hear Hannah Overton Case

CORPUS CHRISTI - A new judge will be assigned to the Hannah Overton case.

Last month, Overton's attorney asked that presiding Judge Jose Longoria recuse himself due to a conflict of interest. Longoria had previously hired a lighting company that employed Overton's husband. Additionally, a relative of Overton is married to Longoria's stepdaughter.

Monday, a visiting judge from the Fifth Administrative Judicial Region recused Longoria from the case.

There is no word yet on when a new judge will be assigned to the case or when Overton will be granted a bond hearing.

In 2007, Overton was convicted of Capital Murder in the death of her 4-year old foster son.

After serving seven years in prison, Overton was transferred back to the Nueces county jail after winning an appeal for a new trial.


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Man Accused in Shooting Girlfriend Gets Trial Date Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 3:31:03 PM Man Accused in Shooting Girlfriend Gets Trial Date

CORPUS CHRISTI-A man accused of shooting his girlfriend several times at point blank range earlier this year will face a jury trial.

Jacob Salazar was formally arraigned Monday afternoon in front of a Nueces county judge on charges of aggravated assault and family violence.

The judge assigned a trial for December 15th.
He will remain in jail.

It was August when police say he shot his girlfriend, Leticia Perales, five times while they were both in a pickup truck on McArdle.

She survived the attack.


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More Than 600 Coats Donated In Drive Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 1:09:48 PM Kirsten Schaffer More Than 600 Coats Donated In Drive

CORPUS CHRISTI - Some people will have a coat to keep warm this winter, thanks to the generosity of the community.

The Corpus Christi Bar Association, the Nueces County Commissioners Court, and the Salvation Army announced Monday just how many coats and blankets they received as part of the 2014 Coats and Blankets Drive.

Altogether, 640 coats, more than 100 blankets, and $700 were donated to the drive.

"I hadn't expected this much!" smiled Susan Ochoa, the committee chairwoman of the Bar Association. "Truly, it's the season of giving at the end of the year, but we found even in October, before you can say it's the holidays, people were being generous."

The drive started on Oct. 22 and wrapped up Nov. 21. 

Gently used coats can still donated to any Salvation Army.

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RTA Considers Adding Two New Boats to Build Harbor Ferry Fleet Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:45:04 PM Sara Donchey RTA Considers Adding Two New Boats to Build Harbor Ferry Fleet

CORPUS CHRISTI - The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority is considering adding two boats to transport people to and from North Beach, the marina and the SEA District.

The RTA said they will put a request for proposals out in the next 90 days to find a vessel they can purchase to add to their fleet.

"We have been searching on the internet and with other agencies (and asking) 'Where did you get your boats? Where did you find waterborne transportation that the community would be proud of,'" said RTA Marketing Director Jane Dare Haas.

So far, the RTA has found two boats they are interested in.

They're two New York City water taxis that are for sale for $800 thousand dollars each.

Dare Haas explained that the RTA would need to set aside money in their budget to be able to finance the purchase of the boats.

They're more compact and seat fewer passengers than the Independence, the ship the RTA currently contracts from HMS Ferries, Inc.

A smaller vessel would be able to stop at docks that cannot accommodate a larger ship like the Independence; the RTA is specifically interested in adding a stop at the dock adjacent to the Solomon Ortiz Center in the SEA District.

Last summer, the RTA issued a request for proposals in search of a company that would provide some of these smaller ships as well as maintain and operate them, but the transportation agency said it was difficult to find a company that was able to provide their own boats, and the RFP went unanswered.

This time, they're hoping with the purchase of their own vessels, that it will be easier to find a company who will staff and maintain them--which in turn, could lead to service that extends beyond just the summer months.

"Getting crews that are experienced (and) Coast Guard savvy just for short periods of time is very difficult," Dare Haas said. "So if we can own (the ships), perhaps our goal would be to operate them more frequently."

The RTA expects to issue its first RFP within 90 days, followed by a second RFP to seek out a company to staff and maintain the ships.

They estimate that the boats could be operational as early as spring of 2016.


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Judge Agrees to Lower Bond for Father Accused of Murder Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:31:35 PM Judge Agrees to Lower Bond for Father Accused of Murder

CORPUS CHRISTI - New details come out in the case of a man accused of killing his daughter's ex-boyfriend. Daniel Salazar was back in court asking for his bond be reduced.

During this morning's hearing, his wife told the judge that David Hernandez had been stalking their daughter and threatened to kill her. She also said he'd broken into her daughter's home on Bray Drive several times.

The wife claims that on the night Hernandez was shot her husband was at the home protecting his daughter.

The judge lowered Salazar's bond from one million to $50,000. He said if Salazar does make bond he will have to wear an ankle monitor.


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More than a Dozen Children Find Forever Families Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:00:23 PM Rachel Cole - More than a Dozen Children Find Forever Families

CORPUS CHRISTI - A growing of number children in Texas need forever families. Monday in Nueces County, more than a dozen kids said goodbye to the system and hello to sweet loving parents.

Selena Ramirez, 4, is the newest member of the Ramirez family and she didn't get adopted alone. Her big brother Stephen was also adopted into the family. Child Protective Services officials say, that's an ideal circumstance for siblings, to be adopted into the same family.

"I'm feeling good, been waiting a long time for this," Stephen said.

Ida Ramirez, now a mother of 6 says, it's been a long process but well worth the wait. After four years the teen and toddle now have a family to call their own.

"Excited and glad that they're home now and we don't have to worry anymore, they're ours now. A little struggle, it was hard but we got here and we're excited, happy," Ida said.

Dreams were coming true for a lot of children at the courthouse. Plus, thanks to a partnership between local agencies including the Junior League of Corpus Christi, a reception was held for the new forever families.

"We're just happy it's over. It was a nice ceremony, it was really really nice," Ida said.

Currently, there are more than 50 children in the county who need permanent homes. Which is why events like these are cherished and recommended to people looking to adopt.

"Take the classes, become a foster parent, it's a blessing, it's a lot of classes but it's well worth it at the end," Ida said.

For the Ramirez family though, the end is actually just the beginning for their family of six.

More information:


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Corpus Christi Police Locate Stolen Truck, Gun Safe Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 11:14:09 AM Kirsten Schaffer Corpus Christi Police Locate Stolen Truck, Gun Safe

CORPUS CHRISTI - Corpus Christi Police located a stolen truck and gun safe Monday.

The Ford Super Duty was reported stolen on Nov. 20. Police said it was stolen from a work site in the Calallen area.

Police located the truck near the intersection of I-37 and Sharpsburg Road, off of a dirt road, during a routine patrol.

Along with the truck, police found a gun safe with its doors missing. It's not yet clear where the gun safe came from or who it may belong to.

Anyone with information should call the CCPD Auto Theft Burglary Unit at 361-886-2841.

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Police Searching For Suspect In Subway Robbery Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 10:28:33 AM Kirsten Schaffer Police Searching For Suspect In Subway Robbery

CORPUS CHRISTI - Corpus Christi Police said a man robbed a Subway restaurant Monday morning.

It happened at the store in the 2700 block of Staples Street, just after 7:30 a.m.

Police said a man entered the store and threatened the employee, who was the only one working in the store.

The employee told officers the man claimed to have a gun, but never showed it.

The man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police are still investigating.

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Shopping Tips for this Holiday Season Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 6:37:04 AM Dr. Brad Hoffman Shopping Tips for this Holiday Season

CORPUS CHRISTI - 147 million people throughout the country will be shopping for the best deals this Black Friday. Retailers traditionally lower prices to lure shoppers into their stores, but there may be a method to this madness.

Tracy Bracy, the Regional Director for the Coastal Bend's Better Business Bureau, suggests making a shopping list and a budget for your holiday shopping. She adds that is is important to "stick with your budget, to avoid impulse buying."

Bracy also says to pay attention to the stores return policies. If a store offers a 30 day return police and a person purchases close to 30 days before Christmas, they may have trouble attempting to return it.

Cyber Monday is the next big shopping day, and Bracy has some advice while shopping on line. "Always make sure the address bar reads, 'http-s' , the 's' stands for secure and you know you are visiting a safe site."


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String of Smash and Grab Burglaries along SPID Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 5:52:41 AM Sara Donchey String of Smash and Grab Burglaries along SPID

CORPUS CHRISTI - Police are on the lookout for a man they say used a crow bar to burglaries a few local businesses early Monday morning.

The man pried open the door of the Boing Boing Bounce business on the 3400 block of South Padre Island Drive, according to police.

There was no money in the register though, so police said it didn't appear that the man got away with any cash.

Police said he also smashed in the windows of the Carino's restaurant on the 1600 block of SPID at Greenwood.

At least one security camera at one of the business caught a glimpse of the suspect.

Police described him as a Hispanic man wearing black clothes and white shoes who was seen driving a white Nissan Maxima.

If you have any information about these burglaries, call the Corpus Christi Police at 361-888-TIPS.

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Holidays Hard For Locked out Workers Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 5:22:29 AM Miranda Leah - @MirandaLeahTV Holidays Hard For Locked out Workers

CORPUS CHRISTI - Thanksgiving will be different this year for locked out employees of Sherwin Alumina.

Like many, they're having to make adjustments to the way they celebrate the holidays.

"We did not strike, we did not walk out," said Sherwin Alumina worker Matthew Martinez. "We got locked out. So it's not like we do not want to work. We do want to work during these hard times."

It's been almost seven weeks now since Martinez received a paycheck. Being the sole provider for his wife and two kids, he said planning for the holidays has been extremely difficult.

"It's going to be tough" he said. " trying to tell them that Santa Claus isn't going to bringing them as many gifts this year."

He's one of over 450 workers locked out from the plant, after voting against what workers are calling an unfair contract.

The Union said they haven't heard anything new from the company, but that won't keep the workers from having a good thanksgiving.

"We're going to give them all the goods to have a good solid thanksgiving dinner," Said United Steelworkers Sub-district Director Ben Lilienfeld. "In spite of what they're going through."

Volunteer steelworkers are working with the Union to put together bags of groceries to hand out to those locked out employees.

"It's just another sign of unity," said locked out worker Jessie Jereen. "We plan on sticking together, helping each other out in any way, form, shape we can."

This is just one of the ways the Union is planning to take care of those that can't work.

"It's thanksgiving. This is about family," said Lilienfeld. "The company wants to say that we're family. You don't do what they've done to your family. You do this. "

Those bags and turkeys are being handed out this Monday, starting at 11 a.m. at The Union Office on Saratoga and Crosstown.


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Off-Duty CCPD Officer Arrested on DWI Charges Local News Mon, 24 Nov 2014 4:06:49 AM Off-Duty CCPD Officer Arrested on DWI Charges

CORPUS CHRISTI - A CCPD officer finds himself on the other side of the law, and is now on administrative leave.

That's following his arrest for driving while intoxicated.

CCPD has identified him as Billy Browning.

Police say they discovered a single car crash early Sunday morning, east of the JFK Causeway.

Officers say Browning was the only person in the vehicle.

He was taken to a hospital to be checked out before he was booked on a DWI charge.

Browning will remain on leave until both criminal and internal investigations are complete.

CCPD says Browning has been with the department since 1999.


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Special Report: Drone Safety Local News Sun, 23 Nov 2014 11:23:14 PM Lee Sausley III Special Report: Drone Safety

CORPUS CHRISTI - Small drones with video cameras are some of the hottest tech toys around right now. Thousands of people are buying and flying them every day. And up until recently there hasn't been much regulation.

It's a classic example of a new technology outracing our ability to regulate it. Thanks to sophisticated microchips and software, small drones can almost fly themselves. And that is part of the problem. People get over-confident and do stupid things. Small drones have crashed into crowds, and airline pilots have reported a sudden spike in mid-air close encounters.

The Federal Aviation Administration has tried to keep a lid on the problem by outlawing the commercial use of drones, until it can develop a set of rules and regulations to keep the skies safe.

But that authority has been challenged, most prominently in a case involving a man named Raphael Pirker. He was paid to make a video for the University of Virginia. And his hair-raising flight, set to a thumping techno beat, is pretty entertaining.

But the F.A.A. was not amused. It says Pirker was flying recklessly flying and fined him $10,000. He appealed the fine and initially got it overturned, claiming he was flying a model airplane which the F.A.A. didn't have the authority to regulate.

But a decision by the National Transportion Safety Board this past week, shot that argument down. It basically decided that an 'aircraft' is any device that flies, whether it's a Boeing 757 jetliner, a drone, or even a paper airplane. And if it's an 'aircraft', the F.A.A. can regulate it.

So if you have a small drone, you can't useit for commercial purposes, unless you want to run the risk of a $10,000 fine.

If you're just flying for fun, you need to follow the F.A.A. safety rules for model aircraft. Than means flying lower than 400-ft, staying well away from airports and air traffic, avoiding densely populated areas, and always keeping the drone within sight of the operator.




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Game Wardens Target Illegal Fishing In Gulf Local News Sun, 23 Nov 2014 9:46:25 PM Bart Bedsole - Game Wardens Target Illegal Fishing In Gulf

CORPUS CHRISTI - An increase in illegal fishing in the Gulf of Mexico has prompted Texas Parks and Wildlife to not only step up patrols, but also ask the public for tips.

During a recent night patrol offshore, game wardens came across a "long line", which is similar to a common trotline that you might see on a lake, but much longer.

Long lines are illegal in the Gulf.

On that line, game wardens found not only a black drum, but also a small shark.

Luckily, both were still alive, so after the hooks were carefully removed, they were tossed back into the water.

TPWD Captain Marvin Tamez says most of the bandit boats come from Mexico, often looking for shark.

The most common forms of illegal fishing involve either long lines or gill nets, which trap fish indiscriminantly in a volleyball style net.

The commercial fishermen from Mexico almost never have a permit to be there in the first place.

"Probably, the vast majority of them are not licensed and they cannot cross that US-Mexican boundary line and come fish illegally in Texas waters," says Tamez.

The concern with these illegal fishing devices is not only that they provide certain fisherman an economic advantage, but they can also deplete marine populations to potentially dangerous levels.

"We are very concerned that the balance and the populations of fish species remain level so that our citizens and our commercial fishermen can legally take those species without any problem," says Tamez.

TPWD maintains two 29-foot long range boats in a quiet corner of Corpus Christi.

They have equipment to not only track poachers, but keep in constant communication with the US Coast Guard, who will often alert game wardens of suspicious boats spotted from the air.

"They'll call us and say we have some suspicious vessels and we can move in on them via the water," explains Tamez.

If you suspect that someone is fishing illegally, or selling fish caught illegally, you should call the "Operation Game Thief" hotline at 1-800-792-GAME.

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Let the Bubble Games Begin! Local News Sun, 23 Nov 2014 9:01:30 PM Let the Bubble Games Begin!

CORPUS CHRISTI - Local teams competed for the top spot in a Bubble Soccer Tournament, Sunday.

Bubble soccer is a new twist on the classic sport. It was created in Europe in 2011, and is gaining momentum in cities across the U.S., including Corpus Christi.

Players of all ages participated in the tournament, which took place at he old coliseum site. Teammates wear a clear bubble, almost like a beach ball, instead of the standard shin guards and cleats.

Organizers are rolling out permanent leagues in Corpus Christi. You can find more information on their website:



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Local Prayer Service Held for Missing Mexican Students Local News Sun, 23 Nov 2014 7:54:00 PM Local Prayer Service Held for Missing Mexican Students

CORPUS CHRISTI - People across all faiths gathered at Cole Park Sunday afternoon to honor the 43 Mexican students who were abducted back in September.

The students were traveling in Southern Mexico when they disappeared. Mexican officials claim they were killed.

The uncertainty has sparked protests and much unrest in Mexico. Now, local leaders are urging calm.

"We'd like to bring awareness to the situation, to pray for a resolution, but also to pray for peace," said Father Julian Cabrera, of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

Mexican bishops have also called for peace and an end to bloodshed.

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