Local News Local News en-us Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved. Feed content is not avaialble for commercial use. () () Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:07:54 GMT Synapse CMS 10 144 25 Death Penalty Sought for Tim's Market Killing Local News Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:41:26 AM Death Penalty Sought for Tim's Market Killing

CORPUS CHRISTI - The three suspects charged with the murder of a local convenience store owner are now facing death themselves.

27-year-old Del Victoria Cavazos, 26-year-old Arturo Navarro and 26-year-old Daniel Garcia learned during a hearing this morning in Judge Jose Longoria's court, that prosecutors will seek the death penalty against them. They are all charged with capital murder for their roles in the April 14th attempted robbery and shooting-death of 59-year-old Ben Mustafa, the popular owner of the Tim's Market on Ayers at Brownlee.

Daniel Garcia initially admitted to killing Mustafa with an assault rifle. Now, his attorney has asked that he be given a mental health evaluation.

An August 18th trial date has been set. The three remain in the Nueces County jail.


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Airport Threat Investigation Local News Fri, 25 Jul 2014 8:15:19 AM Amanda Jackson Airport Threat Investigation

CORPUS CHRISTI - Access to a portion of the Corpus Christi International Airport is being restricted due to a threat.

According to airport officials, the threat is at a facility located on the airport property, not the terminal.

The threat does not affect the airport terminal.


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3 Vehicle Accident, Man in Critical Condition Local News Fri, 25 Jul 2014 5:30:49 AM Amanda Jackson 3 Vehicle Accident, Man in Critical Condition

CORPUS CHRISTI - An early morning accident leaves one man in critical condition.

This happened around 3 am, a man in his early 20s driving a car ran into the back of a tractor trailer on Northbound Crosstown by Horne.

The car spun out in the middle of Crosstown.

While the driver of the car was exiting the vehicle, he was then struck by a pick up truck.

The pickup truck, tried to avoid the wrecked car but could not stop in time.

The man in the car was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

The drivers of the other vehicles are ok.

Alcohol is not suspected to be a factor in the wreck at this time.


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Union Grievance Forces City To Decline Grant Program Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 9:29:06 PM Bart Bedsole - Union Grievance Forces City To Decline Grant Program

CORPUS CHRISTI - A grant program intended to help reduce the number of unnecessary calls for EMS service won't happen after all.

The local firefighters union filed a grievance with the City over the program, claiming it would violate its agreement with the City.

The 3-year $860,000 grant would have funded the hiring of four people, made up of two nurses and two paramedics, but the paramedics were not going to be Corpus Christi Fire Department paramedics, and the Corpus Christi Firefighters Association believe using non-association paramedics violates its agreement with the City.

The fire department estimates that 80 percent of all calls to 911 for EMS service don't actually need to go to the emergency room, and a high percentage of those calls come from the same small group of people.

As part of a concept known as "Community Paramedicine", the fire department would have identified individuals who fall into that category, and a team of two nurses and two paramedics would have helped them get primary care earlier, reduce the strain on ambulances and hospitals.

"The goal was to help with case management and resource management for those people that are calling 911 that are not in an emergency life threatening situation," says City Spokesperson Kim Womack.

But this week, the Association filed a grievance.

The Association says it supports the concept of Community Paramedicine, but believes only fire department paramedics should be used in the program, not paramedics under the umbrella of the Health Department.

"That way, we'll be in compliance with not only civil service rules and regulations, our collective bargaining agreement, and state statutes that affect firefighters here in Corpus Christi, Texas," says Association President Carlos Torres.

Torres says the association will be happy to talk about the program as part of its ongoing contract negotiations with the city, but not separately.

"We feel that if the city and the association are going to enter into a Community Paramedicine program, that's where it needs to be talked about, at the negotiations table, and since talks are not ongoing right now, we're at a standstill."

The City believes citizens of Nueces County will miss out on a very beneficial program because of union technicalities.

"Because of this, the citizens are going to lose out," says Womack, "The citizens are going to lose out on the care, and it's unfortunate that it comes down to where a paramedic resides, whether it's the health department or the fire department."

Womack says the city believes if this grievance went to court, it would win, but dealing with the grievance forced the city to give up the grant.

There's no immediate hope of reviving that program.


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KRIS 6 Investigates Long-Term Unemployment and Solutions in the Coastal Bend Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 8:43:31 PM Stephania Jimenez - KRIS 6 Investigates Long-Term Unemployment and Solutions in the Coastal Bend

CORPUS CHRISTI - If you've ever been unemployed, you know how stressful it is. Imagine being in that situation for six months or longer; that's a grim reality for families across the country and here in the coastal bend.

"They were laying-off people and it was just cut-backs, but I knew I would be on top of the list," said Richard Ubbink, 65.

"It's been hard to find something that's for my degree," stated Angela Rosales, 27.

Both Ubbink and Rosales have college degrees, but have been jobless for years. And, it's not for lack of trying.

Ubbink was an engineer for more than 30 years, but lost his job in 2008. Since then, he said he's tried everything to find work-- sending his resume to companies across the country, to no avail.

"There just wasn't anything in what I could do," explained Ubbink.

Ubbink said he even tried his hand at minimum wage jobs, but still couldn't get hired.

"I've applied everywhere, like McDonald's, Burger King...they all look at me, and they look at my resume and they say, ‘you're too over-qualified,'" said Ubbink.

Dr. David Hudgins, Associate Professor of Economics at Texas A&M Corpus Christi said Ubbink isn't alone.

"The last recession really raised the level of unemployment," said Dr. Hudgins.

Economists said that's given rise to another problem: long-term unemployment. Ubbink and Rosales fall into that category because they've been out of work for more than six months.

"About 30 percent of the unemployed are long-term unemployed nationally. Those people have a harder time finding a job," said Dr. Hudgins.

Dr. Hudgins said many people, even those with degrees, have had to consider taking lower-paying jobs. Angela said that's what happened to her; she was offered a job that paid $10 an hour, but had to turn it down because it didn't make financial sense.

"I have...little just didn't make sense to go to work full-time and have them in daycare full-time," said Rosales.

But, there is a glimmer of hope. Last month, the country's unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent; while that's partly driven by some frustrated workers dropping out of the labor force, the economic outlook in the coastal bend is much better. The region has 5.2 percent unemployment, and there are plenty of job opportunities. According to Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend, there are more than 2,000 job openings in our area. Most of those jobs are in the construction, business and healthcare fields.

Economists suggest that people who have been unemployed long-term get re-trained.

"What's really important for those people is to keep their skills current," said Dr. Hudgins.

Workforce Solutions has programs to help job-seekers.

"The Workforce Investment Act program...identifies skills needed by employers and targets occupations that are in-demand to help for quick job placement and matching," said Monika De La Garza, with Workforce Solutions.

At 65-years-old, Ubbink has reached retirement age, which makes finding work even harder. But, Rosales is hopeful. She's thinking outside the box to find a job.

"I recently discovered a group called Baby Boot Camp for fitness for moms. It's a small franchise...I start training in September," explained Rosales.

If you'd like more information on job openings, visit, or visit your local Workforce Solutions center.

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Texas School Police Chiefs Learning Best Practices in Corpus Christi Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 5:46:01 PM Janine Reyes Texas School Police Chiefs Learning Best Practices in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI -- School district police chiefs from around the state are gathering for a conference here in Corpus Christi.

Today they trained on how to deal with sexting and online predators. They also had a debriefing about school shootings with officers who responded to the College Station shooting sharing case details.

CCISD'S chief tries to attend this conference each year, he says he really enjoys having it here. It has allowed him to bring more of his own staff along to learn best practices, among other things.

In all he has 37 sworn officers on staff.

"Well, there's two things," Warnke said of the conference, "there's the information that we get which is part of the lecture, but, then there's also the vendors that come in and show here's the latest greatest thing," he explained, "some of those actually could help us in our mission.

Warnke showed us some of the new gear that's available and said he hopes to get dash-cams and body cameras for his officers.

"Cameras that record our interaction is a good thing, it helps the police and it helps the citizens, that way there's no confusion about what happened," Warnke explained.


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Neighbors: Stray Sanctuary Not Shut Down Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 5:29:08 PM Janine Reyes Neighbors: Stray Sanctuary Not Shut Down

CORPUS CHRISTI -- Strays seem to be taking over the neighborhood on 10th Street. Neighbors there say dogs and cats are everywhere.

From packs of dogs duking it out to show dominance, to cats corralling under a house, our cameras caught plenty this morning. The corner of 10th and Craig looked like what some may call a stray sanctuary

"At feeding time when she goes out there and feeds them, we've counted up to over 25 cats," said neighbor Russel Braziel.

"Sometimes they'll come up and sometimes they'll be on every step," another neighbor Dan Champion told us. He said he thought about calling the city. "They said that if it's cats the city won't do anything about cats," Campion said, explaining why he hadn't made that call.

But, Russel Braziel has called. He's spoken to both Animal Care Services and police. When Animal Care Services doesn't answer, police do, since they monitor Animal Care. His latest call came just days ago, when he spotted dogs with mange. "I have called before on the cats, same thing," Braziel told us, "they don't come out, it's not their problem."

No one at Animal Control Services or the police department could comment on camera today.

But, a police spokesperson did confirm calls at the specific address where we found all the animals back in 2011.

Since what we saw looked like strays, they do move around.

The police spokesperson confirmed that on 10th Street, they responded to two calls in June and three in July. After those calls, they impounded just one dog. They did spot more, but couldn't catch them all.

Officers picked up second one, but, gave it back to the man who claimed the dog, along with five citations.

There's no way of knowing if that's the same person neighbors say is supporting the strays with food and water.

We knocked on the door today, twice, and got no answer.

We also visited the landlord.

"It's like a stray haven out there," we explained to the people who answered the door. "And so what did you want me to (do)," the woman replied.

She later said they'd take care of the problem.

According to the Animal Care Services website, if you feed an animal for three days, it is considered yours. That means the city could cite the person feeding those strays. Violations can come with fines of up to $2,000.

The problem, according neighbors, is that the enforcement rarely happens.

"I called animal control 3-4 days ago," Braziel told us.

Still today, we saw stray after stray at the home.

The city says there are more strays on the streets than they could possibly handle.

Since the beginning of this month, they took in 269 dogs, but they only have 73 kennels to house them in.


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Street Maintenance Fee Results Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 3:24:44 PM Caroline Flores Street Maintenance Fee Results

CORPUS CHRISTI - It's been seven months since the Street Maintenance Fee was tacked onto folks utility bills. Now that the money has been put to use, we found one business owner who is pleased with the results.

Baldwin Boulevard is one of 58 streets that has benefited from the street maintenance fee.

Jerry Dalton owns the Hi-Ho Convenience Store and Drive Inn on Baldwin. He says before the street maintenance fee was created, Baldwin was dangerous and full of potholes.

"It was kind of rough. It needed repairs. It was sinking in some areas," said Dalton.

But now that it's been fixed with money collected from the street maintenance fee, Dalton says "it's really really nice. It feels like you're on the Southside now."

On top of the road looking nice, Dalton says he has also noticed some positive changes with his businesses.

"You know a lot of us are... Are starting to do more signs on our buildings to... And it... And I can see it's attracting more business. You know, hopefully it will bring... Keep on bringing the business," said Dalton.

Dalton also believes the changes will help keep him and his customers more safe.

"I think it cleans the area up. It kinda detracts, maybe, crime... Or you know... Cus people see it's a nicer street and they're less likely to think we're just poor businesses or poor people and they might, you know.... It's just good all the way around," said Dalton.

Dalton says he wasn't sure about the street fee at first. But after seeing the results, he says the extra money out of his pocket is worth it.

From January 1st to June 30th the city has collected $5,167,370.41 from the Street Maintenance Fee. If you would like to see the full list of streets that have been fixed and the ones that are next, we have a full list for you - here in PDF form.


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Pipeline Windfall No Boon for Taxpayers Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 2:07:18 PM Pipeline Windfall No Boon for Taxpayers

CORPUS CHRISTI - A financial windfall for the county won't mean one for the taxpayers.

KRIS-6 told you last week about a lucrative deal on a pipeline right-of-way that's paying off for the county: about $500,000 so far and counting.

But Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley says don't expect a check in the mail, anytime soon.

The money is already spoken for.

"The way that deed is structured it goes directly to the school districts," Pusley says. "And that's the way it was set up and we respect that."

Instead, the money - the deal is expected to bring about $ 1 million in the coming weeks- will be divided among the 12 independent school districts within Nueces County.

The calculation is based on average daily attendance in the 2012-2013 school year.

This is the projected breakdown, rounded to the nearest $100:

*Agua Dulce: $3,100
*Corpus Christi:$316,800
*Port A:$4,300
*Flour Bluff:$45,800
*West Oso$16,400


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Dr. Hernandez is Sole Finalist for CCISD Superintendent Job Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 1:01:04 PM Dr. Hernandez is Sole Finalist for CCISD Superintendent Job

CORPUS CHRISTI - Dr. Roland Hernandez is one step closer to becoming the next superintendent of Corpus Christi ISD.

This morning, the board of trustees announced they had named Hernandez the lone finalist to replace Scott Elliff as head of the district.

The announcement now kicks off a 21 day contract negotiation period mandated by state law.

If all goes well the earliest Hernandez could begin his new job would be August 15th.

He is currently the district's chief administrative officer. Hernandez was the only one of 4 finalists asked to come back today for a second interview.


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Boxers Giving Back Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 7:53:05 AM Edna Cortinas Boxers Giving Back

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS-Brothers, Gregory "Bad Boy" Gutierrez and Robert "Boom Boom" Vela, are Pro-Boxers. Gregory is 10-2 with 3 knockouts while Robert is 9-0 with 6 knockouts.

However, this duo has more than winning fights on their minds. They are trying to make a difference in the lives of those who live in Robstown.

Growing up was tough for Gregory, he was bullied and really didn't know how to protect himself when experiencing hard times.

Then at nine years old, his father taught him about boxing, now he and his brother are giving back to their community.

Jennifer Hernandez initially came to the gym to lose weight, but now her daily visits are more like being with family...something she says is all because of TGBoxing.

"These guys are amazing. When I first walked through the doors I was greeted friendly. It felt like I was meant to be here. It felt good to be here. I like was meant to be here the entire time," Hernandez said.

In this small gym, these brothers teach self defense skills, how to be healthy, and serve as personal trainers. Plus, they offer kids a safe environment to be themselves.

Gregory "Bad Boy" Gutierrez said, "Kids come to me and they don't speak up, they're not outspoken. You bring them here and it just gives them a little spark. It gives them a little authority in their voice. It gives them a little heart."

For kids like Ryan Cantu, who used to be bullied, Greg and Robert inspire and motivate him to be more outgoing.

"It helped me become more confident. I'm not shy or as shy as I used to be. If I hadn't done any of this right now I wouldn't even be close to the camera I'd be just shy but not no more," Cantu said.

Which is exactly what Gregory and Robert say is a life long dream come true...and more good things are happening at TGBoxing soon the gym will move into a larger facility with new equipment.


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Smoke Shops Burglarized Overnight Local News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 7:44:34 AM Smoke Shops Burglarized Overnight

CORPUS CHRISTI - A string of smoke shops were targeted by vandals in the Calallen and Annaville areas earlier this morning.

The first one hit was American Smoke Shop off of Leopard and McKenzie. Even though the shop had protective bars on the inside, thieves managed to smash one of the windows with a hammer and break into the cash register.

Later the thieves broke in to S & G's Escape off 5 Points Road. The suspect plowed through the front door, kicking it in to steal ecigarretes, each priced at around $100.

However he was unable to make a clean get away, leaving blood spots on the door.

Curtis Volling, a Corpus Christi Police Officer, said, "They're smash and grabs. Like this one they kicked in the front door, they broke probably looking at around $600 in damage."

Police are currently reviewing the surveillance footage for more details on the robberies.

As of right now the suspects appear to be young males between 17 and 22 years old.

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Family Urges Jury Not To Give Sanchez Life Sentence Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 9:15:36 PM Bart Bedsole - Family Urges Jury Not To Give Sanchez Life Sentence

CORPUS CHRISTI - A jury found Victor Sanchez guilty of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child on Wednesday, but remains deadlocked on a punishment.

It's a certainty that Sanchez will receive at least 25 years in prison.

that's the minimum sentence allowed by law for molesting a child under 6.

During the punishment phase, Sanchez's family urged the jury not to give him any more than that.

Erica Zamora, Sanchez's girlfriend and the mother of his two year old son, says his whole family is in shock over the guilty verdict.

None of them can believe he molested a girl inside the Family Dollar at Weber and Holly in November, despite DNA evidence found on the young victim's panties.

Sanchez's mom believes he's a good son and a good father.

Jesusa Sanchez testified, "Yeah, he plays with him (his son). When he's not working, he's with him, playing or trying to watch TV with him."

His father, Antonio Sanchez, said in court, "He's always told me 'Dad, I want to better myself' more than me, and that's what I encourage them all the time."

Other relatives told the jury that Sanchez was never a threat to them or their children.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Eric Perkins said Sanchez has no criminal history and deserves a chance to eventually get out of prison.

"I'm asking you, I'm pleading with you, to consider that Victor Sanchez has some rehabilitative capacity," he said.

But prosecutors urged the jury to consider putting him away for good, as a way protecting other potential victims.

Prosecutor Kim Gonzalez said, "There's no other way to keep a child safe, if her mother looks away, or if her father gets distracted, unless he's in a place where we know there are no children."

No one from the victim's family testified in the punishment phase.

It's not just the jury who will have a hand in punishing Sanchez.

Judge Jose Longoria will decide if the two punishments for the two guilty counts will be served one after another or at the same time.

With a 25 year minimum for each count, that will be a big factor.

Deliberations continue Thursday morning.


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U.S. Marshals Find Man Wanted for Hit and Run Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 5:49:57 PM U.S. Marshals Find Man Wanted for Hit and Run

CORPUS CHRISTI - Authorities in Corpus Christi captured a man wanted for a near fatal hit and run that happened earlier this year in Illinois.

The Gulf Coast Fugitive and Violent Offenders Task Force found 22-year old Jorden Johnson at a public housing complex on Rojo Street.

According to, Johnson is one of three people facing charges for leaving a man lying in the street after he was hit by a car on April 2nd in Whitside County, Illinois.

The victim was seriously injured, but is making a slow recovery.

Johnson was wanted for attempted homicide, and for violating his parole on an aggravated battery conviction.

Corpus Christi police did not detail what connection he has to the Coastal Bend.

U.S. Marshal Supervisory Agent In Charge Carlos Alvarado said the task force developed a lead on Johnson with the help of their counterparts in Illinois and found him at the La Armada housing complex.

Alvarado said Johnson is a member of the Latin Kings gang.

He added that fugitives like him, "will not be allowed to use Corpus Christi as a place to hide, because we will catch them and lock them up."

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Officers Decline Bribe, Bust Driver for Hidden Weapons Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 5:40:33 PM Officers Decline Bribe, Bust Driver for Hidden Weapons

ROBSTOWN - Police say a driver tried to bribe them during a traffic stop on highway 77 this week, but they busted hime instead.

The unnamed man allegedly tried to hand over a $100 bill when asked for his drivers license.

Officers searched the truck and found a hidden compartment containing several weapons including an AK-47 and several handguns. One of the pistols fires a 5.7 round called a "cop killer."

The driver claimed he had been paid to drive the car down to Brownsville from Georgia.

Police say the man is associated with the Gulf Cartel, but since he didn't have any felony convictions they let him go while the case remains under investigation.


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Beach Goers Weigh in on City's Bollard Plans Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 5:07:12 PM Janine Reyes Beach Goers Weigh in on City's Bollard Plans

PADRE ISLAND -- City leaders are again considering bollards on the beach.

The posts put along a mile stretch of Padre Island in the sand leading to the beach never went up after voters approved them six years ago.

That plan had General Land Office approval, but now, it would need to be re-evaluated since erosion has changed the logistics.

The south most section of the area has the least amount of beach, and may only leave enough room for one lane of traffic.

Parking at your favorite beach spot in that area and setting up by your car would no longer be an option.

Any bollards approved now would restrict traffic on parts of the beach, limiting it to pedestrians.

It would also come at a cost to taxpayers of at least $100,000, plus annual maintenance costs.

We talked to beach goers today and found most vacationers approve the bollards.

"Honestly I like it best when it's just pedestrians and no vehicles allowed because on thing, the noise but also because of the safety of the kids and everyone that's here," said Michelle Ward from San Angelo. She visits every year.

But local beach goer, Teddy Bridges, does not like the plan, and he says most locals don't support it either. "I don't think people want that, they voted on that and I think it was 55 percent that voted against it, so I don't think people want it," Bridges said.

City leaders have not set a date for a vote on the bollards, but they did review a presentation Tuesday with five different options. Some restricted access to cars all together, but those options did not receive support.


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Mobile Home Park Residents Without Water, Property's Front Lawn Not Lacking Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 4:53:14 PM Janine Reyes Mobile Home Park Residents Without Water, Property's Front Lawn Not Lacking

CORPUS CHRISTI -- People living at a local mobile home park say they've had water problems for months. But, while they're going without too often, the lawn in front of the complex has plenty, even though that's a city violation.

We arrived around noon today and the sprinklers quickly turned off.

Even so, the just-watered lawn at the entry way to Misty Winds made it obvious. We found the lawn dotted with pools of water.

It's a different story inside the mobile homes at the complex.

Toni Elsberry went without all morning.

"You wake up," we asked.

"And no water," Elsberry jumped in.

"You want to brush your teeth," we said.

"No water," she replied again.

"Want to take a shower," we said.

"And nothing," she added, frustrated.

After living there almost a year, she's not surprised.

"(It's been) ongoing since I've lived here, at least once a week here lately over the summer the whole time I've been here, I've been without water at least 10-12 times," she explained.

Jim lives there, too. He agrees this problem is constant. This morning, it cost him his shower.

"So you didn't get to shower this morning, but you're out here waiting for the bus, did you see that the ground up here's been watered," we asked him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he replied.

"Is that frustrating for you," we asked.

"Of course," Jim said.

He said the complex waters that section of the property regularly at that time.

Stage two water restrictions allow for watering on trash day, which was Wednesday for Misty Winds, but, watering is not allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Management would not comment on the water violation, or on lack of water for mobile home residents.

A member of the maintenance crew at Misty Winds did say that the pipes in the entry area to the park are different from the ones that lead up to the mobile homes and that is why the irrigation system had running water when the mobile homes had none. He did not address the fact that watering here during this time of day is a stage two water violation.

The violation is an added frustration to those who spend too many days going without in their mobile homes.

"It's pretty," Elsberry said, pointing to the lawn, "but who cares about this, the residents need the water."


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Heavy Construction Could be Coming Soon to Southside Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:52:29 PM Rachel Cole - Heavy Construction Could be Coming Soon to Southside

CORPUS CHRISTI - Heavy construction could be coming soon to a busy road on the city's south side. First, officials want to know how the public feels about giving Corona Drive a facelift. Some folks, like business owner, Roy Pell, who uses that stretch of street regularly, says the idea is bittersweet.

"It's a rough ride, again a lot of the driveways there's a significant dip to get in and out of the driveways on the street," Pell said.

No wonder Pell has mixed feelings about a possible Corona Drive roadwork. His company, Southside Automotive and Marine has operated on Corona for 35 years. He's apprehensive that construction on the road could bring his business to a halt.

"As most other businesses in this community that have been affected by street improvements is the amount of time that it takes," he said.

The city's planned improvements include new paving, curbs and gutters and work on the storm drains.

"If they come in here and do storm water improvements it'll jack this street up for a year or more and I can't afford to basically be out of business for a year," Pell added.

The proposed plans are in the very early stages, so there is no set timeline for construction. Plus, Pell admits the chewed up street could use some TLC. As part of the plans, the city wants to repair wheelchair ramps for the sidewalks as well, which people like Abl Alonzo use frequently.

"Some sidewalks in some parts are fixed, others are not and when they're not we're forced into the street, anytime we're forced into the street," Alonzo said.

He added that, it can be difficult and dangerous as a pedestrian to navigate the street. While problem areas have been patched in the past, it may take more than a band aid to heal that one.


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Local Volunteers Feed, Clothe Migrant Families in McAllen Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:47:21 PM Sara Donchey Local Volunteers Feed, Clothe Migrant Families in McAllen

CORPUS CHRISTI - On a Saturday morning, eight people got in their cars in Corpus Christi and began the two and a half hour trip down to the Rio Grande Valley.

They took two trailers loaded with food and clothes and a flat bed packed to the brim with gallon upon gallon of water to the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen.

They had a big job to do.

"It was truly humbling for me to be able to interact with (the children) and just see in their facial expressions how comfortable they were with us, even though we were strangers," explained volunteer Freddie Perez.

He and seven other volunteers from the Diocese of Corpus Christi helped feed and clothe dozens of immigrants who were staying at the church.

Many of the undocumented immigrants had just made a grueling trek through the desert; Perez said many were sunburned, dehydrated and exhausted.

"We saw a group of immigrants...there was probably about 25 from what we witnessed, and there were anywhere from a six-day-old baby to about a 40, 45-year-old man."

Perez joined forces with volunteers from churches all across South Texas to deliver and distribute the clothes, shoes and food--all donations from the community.

Perez said they set aside politics and focused on the task at hand--saving lives.

"Our importance was not to ask any questions or to ask where they were coming from or why they were coming, but rather to share our love and to greet them with compassion," Perez said. "And to give them the needs--the basic necessities--that they needed."

The Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi says they still are in need of donations.

The items they need most include diapers, baby wipes, over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine for children, small blankets and pillows, and small women's underwear.

For more information on how and wear to donate, call the Catholic Charities at (361) 884-0651.


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Store Manager Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Child Local News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:08:39 PM Store Manager Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Child

CORPUS CHRISTI - A jury has found a former Family Dollar employee guilty of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl inside his store.

24-year old Victor Sanchez was arrested last year after the girl's mother came forward with the accusations. The girl told police Sanchez took her to the bathroom claiming he needed to see if she was trying to steal anything.

Last week, Sanchez' defense told the jury their client is innocent because the sexual assault simply didn't happen.

The prosecution responded saying if they believed Sanchez was innocent then they would also have to believe that the five year old girl made up an elaborate lie.

Deliberations started last week, but had to be delayed until today due to a conflict in the judge's schedule.

The punishment phase will start this afternoon. Sanchez faces up to 50 years in prison.


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