Entertainment Entertainment en-us Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved. Feed content is not avaialble for commercial use. () () Tue, 22 Jul 2014 23:07:49 GMT Synapse CMS 10 144 25 Happy Birthday to Britain's Little Prince Entertainment Tue, 22 Jul 2014 4:13:06 AM Happy Birthday to Britain's Little Prince

LONDON - Photographs of British royal Prince George with his parents have been released to mark his first birthday on Tuesday.

The official photographs were taken earlier this month when his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took him to a butterfly exhibition at London's Natural History Museum.

One image shows George fascinated by a blue morpho butterfly.

The royals are expected to celebrate their son's first birthday with close family and friends at Kensington Palace.

Prince George is third in line to the throne, behind his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William.


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Comic-Con Strikes Again Entertainment Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:04:16 PM Associated Press Comic-Con Strikes Again

LOS ANGELES (AP) - When it comes to designing coveted collectible toys for sale at Comic-Con, the annual celebration of pop culture lifting off Thursday in San Diego, the sky's the limit for the designers at Mattel. Fittingly, the building where Mattel's dreamers conceive of their limited-edition playthings is just down the street from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Inside the colorful design center - a Hot Wheels-themed shuttle bus transports employees from Mattel's parking garage - the designers have spent the past year working on 10 toys created especially for the Comic-Con crowd, including a replica of the Batmobile from the upcoming game "Batman: Arkham Knight" and a 9-inch-tall action figure of Superman killer Doomsday.

"We don't have to worry about retail. We don't have to worry about margins," said Doug Wadleigh, Mattel's senior vice president of global brand marketing for boys and entertainment. "We don't have to worry about operational efficiencies. We only have to worry about creating the coolest toys for our fans. Period."

It also offers some escape from Mattel's reality these days. Like other toy makers struggling in this digital, video-centric age, the company is trying to remain relevant in the retail world. Core brands like Barbie have seen less of a demand, with a 14 percent drop in sales in the first quarter of this year. Mattel had a net loss for the first three months ending March 31 that totaled $11.2 million.

But things will at least seem rosier at Comic-Con, where eager buyers for the toys await (the only other place they will be sold is on the Mattel collector's site). Mattel's exclusives this year run between $20 and $85, but elite toys can fetch much more when they're put up for auction.

The crown jewel for Wadleigh and his team this year is a Darth Vader die-cast car, the first official collaboration from Hot Wheels and the "Star Wars" franchise. The car - imagine if a Chevrolet Corvette C5 and the villainous Sith lord's helmet had a baby - comes in a sleek black box and encased in a replica of Vader's lightsaber, complete with a swooshing sound effect.

"We've been trying to partner with Lucasfilm and Disney on this property for a long time," said Wadleigh.

A full-size working replica of the Vadermobile will be on display at Mattel's booth at the massive San Diego Convention Center. The vehicle is capable of going up to 80 miles per hour, and the dashboard inside will resemble the interior of Darth Vader's helmet (yes, it will emit his breathing sounds, too).

Comic-Con will be the first place that fans can see the initial line-up of "Star Wars" Hot Wheels. The first set is modeled after such classic characters as Han Solo, Yoda, R2-D2 and Chewbacca.

Several other toy makers and publishers are also pushing collectible toys and books at Comic-Con. The line-up from Mattel rival Hasbro this year includes a set of Marvel superhero figures that comes with a wearable foam Infinity Gauntlet, a box of Transformers figures depicting the 'bots as rock stars and a giant foam replica axe from "Magic: The Gathering."

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Colbert Ribs New York Mayor About Planned Italy Trip Entertainment Thu, 17 Jul 2014 10:01:34 PM Associated Press Colbert Ribs New York Mayor About Planned Italy Trip

NEW YORK (AP) - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken a ribbing from Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert about his planned trip to Italy during a possible commuter rail strike.

The Democratic mayor made his first appearance on "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday night. The topics discussed in the lighthearted 8-minute interview included income inequality, universal pre-K and a potential Long Island Rail Road strike set for Sunday.

During the taping of the show de Blasio was noncommittal on whether he'd cancel his planned 10-day trip to Italy on Friday, saying he's hopeful there'll be a resolution avoiding a strike. He quipped stranded riders would have to talk to his wife about whether they could crash at the Gracie Mansion mayoral residence.

The mayor's wife and their two children attended the show's taping.

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Disabled Man's Train Art Entertainment Wed, 16 Jul 2014 5:21:46 PM Disabled Man's Train Art

A disabled man's artwork will soon be on display in Chicago. The city's rail line is using art to spruce up stations all across the city.

Andrew Hall loves to draw portraits, but he's also inspired by architecture. So when he found out that the CTA was commissioning him to create artwork, he was overjoyed.

Hall is one of eight artists out of 300 applicants to create permanent installations for rail stations on the south end of the CTA's red line. He was encouraged by staff at Project Onward, a non-profit that provides support for artists with disabilities.

Hall's work features portraits of historic figures like Harold Washington and Margaret Burroughs. He recently went to Germany to visit the glass fabricating factory that will transfer his drawing to art glass.

Not only is he excited about the public seeing his work, he's also excited about changing stereotypes about people with disabilities.

Hall's art will serve as a visual reminder of the city's history.


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Garth Brooks Announces One Date of His Tour Entertainment Wed, 16 Jul 2014 5:59:45 AM Garth Brooks Announces One Date of His Tour

CHICAGO (AP) - Garth Brooks has announced his comeback tour and he's going to Chicago.

That's the only date he's announced so far.

He will launch his tour September 4 in Chicago, a city he has not played in 17 years.

His wife, Trisha Yearwood, will be the supporting act.

Tickets go on sale on July 25 and with taxes and fees will come up to $65.50, a surprisingly low figure considering demand for tickets is expected to be high.


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Archie's Death Latest Comic Book To Inject Reality Entertainment Tue, 15 Jul 2014 4:25:13 PM Associated Press Archie's Death Latest Comic Book To Inject Reality

LOS ANGELES (AP) - For most of Archie Andrews' life, the red-headed comic book icon's biggest quandary was whether he liked Veronica or Betty.

The character's impending death comes in Wednesday's installment of "Life with Archie," a spin-off series that centers on grown-up renditions of Archie and his Riverdale pals. It brings a bold conclusion to Archie Comics' four-year-old modern makeover of the squeaky-clean, all-American character.

Freckle-faced Archie will meet his demise when he intervenes in an assassination attempt on senator Kevin Keller, Archie Comics' first openly gay character, who's pushing for more gun control in Riverdale. Archie's death, which was first announced in April, will mark the conclusion of the "Life with Archie" series.

"I think Archie Comics has taken a lot of risks in recent years, and this is the biggest risk they've taken yet," said Jonathan Merrifield, a longtime Archie fan who hosts the Riverdale Podcast about all things Archie. "If it shakes things up a little bit, and people end up checking it out and seeing what's going on in Archie Comics, it will be a risk that was smartly taken."

While casual fans likely still associate Archie with soda shops and sock hops - and that's still holds true for the very much alive teenage character in the original "Archie" series - Archie was thrust into adulthood with the launch of "Life with Archie" in 2010. The series kicked off after alternate futures were envisioned where the love-struck do-gooder married both Veronica and Betty.

Over the past four years, storylines in the more socially relevant series aimed at adult Archie fans have included Kevin's marriage to his husband, the death of longtime teacher Ms. Grundy, Archie love interest Cheryl Blossom tackling breast cancer and Jughead and friends dealing with financial struggles.

It's been a shift not unlike other changes in the modern comic book landscape, where Spider-Man's alter-ego is a multi-racial teenager and Wonder Woman wears pants.

"Every few years, we see a comic book tackling an issue that could be considered provocative," said Dave Luebke, owner of Dave's Comics in Richmond, Virginia. "It's interesting that the ending of 'Life with Archie' involves multiple social issues, but it's not surprising." (Luebke sold his rare 1942 "Archie" No. 1 comic book in 2009 for $38,837 at a Dallas auction.)

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and several Archie fans praised Archie Comics' decision to have the character sacrifice himself to save Kevin, who is depicted in "Life with Archie" as a married military veteran turned senator.

"In recent years, 'Life with Archie' has become one of the most unique books on the shelves by using its characters to address real world issues - from marriage equality to gun control - in a smart but accessible way," said Matt Kane, GLAAD's director of entertainment media. "Though the story is coming to a close, we look forward to seeing Kevin and Archie's stories continue in their remaining titles."

Others have voiced their concern on Archie Comics' Facebook page and other online forums that the character's death was unnecessary or too politicized.

Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics publisher and co-CEO, defended Archie's demise being a lesson about gun violence and diversity.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't agree," said Goldwater. "I think Riverdale is a place where everyone should feel welcome and safe. From my point of view, I'm proud of the stance we've taken here, and I don't think it's overtly political on any level."

Depending on the success of the final installments of "Life with Archie," Riverdale Podcast host Merrifield won't be surprised if Archie Comics takes on other topical issues in the near future.

"I'm sure there will be a tearful moment for me," he said of the character's death. "But this isn't goodbye. He'll be back in a couple of weeks in a book of reprints and the teenage 'Archie' will continue. Archie will still be around. He's always around."

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Best-Selling Author Brad Thor to Visit Barnes & Noble Entertainment Mon, 14 Jul 2014 12:45:41 PM Sara Donchey Best-Selling Author Brad Thor to Visit Barnes & Noble

CORPUS CHRISTI - Barnes & Noble in Corpus Christi will be hosting New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor tonight to celebrate the release of his new political thriller, Act of War.

Thor will have a live reading of his newly-released, critically acclaimed novel at the bookstore at 5129 Blanche Moore Dr. at 7 pm.

Barnes & Noble encourages guests to arrive early to the reading.

Thor will also sign copies of his new book.

Act of War tells the story of an imminent terrorist attack on the United States and the covert mission to try and stop it.

Thor says part of the novels appeal is that his carefully-researched scenarios detailing terrorism and espionage could happen in real life, at any time.


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Emmy Nominations Announced Entertainment Thu, 10 Jul 2014 8:48:30 AM Emmy Nominations Announced

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The fantasy saga "Game of Thrones," defying the Emmy Awards' grudging respect for genre fare, emerged as the leader in the nominations announced Thursday with 19 bids, including best drama series.

The meth kingpin drama "Breaking Bad" was next in line with 16 bids for its final season, including best drama and best actor nod for star Bryan Cranston.

Other top nominees included a pair of ambitious miniseries, "Fargo," with 18 bids, and "American Horror Story: Coven," with 17. The AIDS drama "The Normal Heart" received 16 nominations, including best TV movie.

The 66th prime-time Emmy Awards ceremony will have big-screen star power to spare. This year's Academy Awards best-actor winner Matthew McConaughey ("Dallas Buyers Club") and nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12 Years a Slave") are both nominees for TV projects, as is past Oscar winner Julia Roberts.

In the competitive best-drama series category, "Game of Thrones" will compete with "Breaking Bad," ''Downton Abbey," ''House of Cards," ''Mad Men" and "True Detective."

Netflix's "House of Cards" which made a breakthough last year as the first online series nominated for a major award, has the chance again to grab Emmy gold.

"True Detective," the dark-hearted Southern drama that starred McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, was entered in the series category although it had a close-ended story and its stars have indicated they don't plan on returning.

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Author Brad Thor to Visit Barnes and Noble in Corpus Christi Entertainment Mon, 7 Jul 2014 3:02:34 PM Author Brad Thor to Visit Barnes and Noble in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI - Author Brad Thor will visit the KRIS 6 News studios and Barnes and Noble to promote his new thriller, Act of War. The #1 New York Times Bestselling author is known for his fiction series focusing on former Navy SEAL and Secret Service agent Scot Harvath.

Thor's latest novel will be released on Tuesday, July 8th. He'll stop by KRIS on Monday, July 14th for a noon show appearance ahead of his 7pm book signing at Barnes and Noble in Corpus Christi (5129 Blanche Moore Drive).

For more information, visit

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Academy Sues Over Auctioned Oscar Statuette Entertainment Thu, 3 Jul 2014 7:09:19 AM Academy Sues Over Auctioned Oscar Statuette

LOS ANGELES - The organization that hosts the Academy Awards has sued over the recent auction of a 1942 Oscar awarded to the art director of "My Gal Sal" and is seeking to buy back the statuette for $10.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Rhode Island-based Briarbrook Auction Services.

Briarbrook sold the Oscar for $79,200 on June 24. "My Gal Sal" starred Rita Hayworth, and the art direction award to Joseph Wright was its only Academy Award win.

The academy adopted a rule in 1951 prohibiting winners or their heirs from selling Oscars. It is seeking an order requiring Briarbrook to sell it the Oscar for $10 in accordance with the academy bylaws.

Briarbrook owner Nanci Thompon said she has not seen the suit. But she noted that Wright's Oscar predated the academy's sales prohibition and said her company was careful before offering it for sale.

The lawsuit does not identify who purchased the statuette.

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Facebook Secret Study Entertainment Tue, 1 Jul 2014 4:03:17 AM Facebook Secret Study

CALIFORNIA - There's news about Facebook that's leaving some of people unsettled.

The social media site is under fire for conducting a secret mood test on hundreds of thousands of users.

Facebook, along with researchers at 3 universities, conducted the experiment in early 2012.

They manipulated news feed content to see how users would emotionally react to the posts.

The study found that users that were shown more negative content were slightly more likely to write negative posts.

Users in the positive group responded with more upbeat posts.

Facebook's terms of service gives the company permission to conduct this kind of research.

But many users have reacted with anger at what they say is a dangerous social experiment.

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Shia LaBeouf is Escorted Out of Theater, Arrested Entertainment Fri, 27 Jun 2014 3:26:40 AM Shia LaBeouf is Escorted Out of Theater, Arrested

NEW YORK - Police say actor Shia LaBeouf has been taken out of a New York City theater for being disorderly and causing a disruption.

It happened Thursday night at Studio 54 in Manhattan during a performance of the Broadway show "cabaret."

A spokesman for the show says LaBeouf was "disruptive during Act 1" and was escorted out of the theater at intermission.

The 28-year-old former star of the "Transformers" franchise was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. He's in police custody and can't be reached for comment. A message seeking comment from a representative for him hasn't been returned.

Police are continuing to investigate what happened.

LaBeouf's other films include "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," "Disturbia" and "Wall Street Never sleeps."


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World Cup Fanatics Get Soccer Ball Haircuts Entertainment Thu, 26 Jun 2014 4:36:12 AM World Cup Fanatics Get Soccer Ball Haircuts

INDIA - World Cup fever has translated into brisk business for some hair salons in northwest India.

Young men have been asking barbers to mimic the hairstyles of their favorite soccer players.

Some have shown stylists pictures of soccer stars on their phones and asked for a similar look.

At a salon in Punjab, India today, one young man was getting a haircut like Cristiano Ronaldo's, a soccer player for Portugal who is known for his good looks.

The World Cup kicked off in Brazil on June 12th.

The US and germany will face-off today at noon eastern.


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Johnny Depp on Set of New Movie Entertainment Wed, 25 Jun 2014 3:48:45 AM Johnny Depp on Set of New Movie

MASSACHUSETTS - Johnny Depp was hard at work Monday playing Whitey Bulger in a feature film that's shooting in the Boston area.

It was St. Patrick's Day in June with the cast and crew of "Black Mass."

Streets were closed down all around the town of Lynn.

The mobster's story, written by Boston Globe Reporters, will hit screens next year.

Filmmakers have been using Lynn as a stand-in for South Boston during the last couple of weeks.


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Special Events Will Mark First Elvis Recording Entertainment Tue, 24 Jun 2014 5:09:43 AM Special Events Will Mark First Elvis Recording

MEMPHIS - A variety of special events will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley's first rock-and-roll recording in Memphis.

On July 5, 1954, a 19-year-old Presley walked into Sun Studio in Memphis and recorded a version of "That's All Right." Days later, the song was played repeatedly on WHBQ radio, and the career of the man known as the King of Rock and Roll was born.

Sun Studio will hold an event on July 5 that will include a cake-cutting and an exhibit tied to the recording's anniversary.

On the same day, musicians will play Presley songs at a concert at the Levitt Shell, the site of his first professional performance.

Visitors to Graceland, Presley's longtime home, can see an exhibit showcasing Presley's impact on music and popular culture.


For more events visit:

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Sandra Bullock Stalking Suspect Faces New Weapons Charges Entertainment Thu, 19 Jun 2014 4:37:22 AM Sandra Bullock Stalking Suspect Faces New Weapons Charges

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A man who pleaded not guilty to breaking into the home of actress Sandra Bullock has been charged with possessing an arsenal of heavy weapons authorities say they found at his home.

The district attorney's office charged Joshua James Corbett with 19 felony counts including seven counts of possessing a machine gun, two counts of possessing an assault weapon and 10 counts of possessing a destructive device. The destructive devices were described as tracer ammunition.

Corbett pleaded not guilty Wednesday, and bail was set at $2 million.

There's no claim that Corbett brought weapons when police say he jumped Bullock's fence and broke into her home June 8.

If convicted of the new charges, Corbett could face up to 12 years in prison.

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Pirates Invade Port Aransas for Some Summer Fun Entertainment Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:50:37 PM Rachel Cole - Pirates Invade Port Aransas for Some Summer Fun

PORT ARANSAS - Smoking canons, eye patches and pirates booty. Those are just a few small features you can find at a big attraction for tourists and locals alike in Port Aransas. our rachel cole gives us a glimpse at the pirate cruise.

Passengers who board the 'Mustang' charter boat can expect many surprises during the 90 minute cruise. Including dolphin watching, a touch-tank full of sea creatures and much more.

"One of the pirates, they jump onto our boat and then we get to attack them and they shoot like a cheeto canon and an air powered water canon," one rider said.

First mate, T-Joe Miguez says, the voyage is a fun way for visitors to see the gulf and get a hands-on look at what lives beneath the surface.

"We'll go drag my shrimp trawl and catch some creatures for the touch tank and you all will be able to hold them, touch, them pet them, talk to them, kiss them, take pictures with them," Miguez said.

What innocent passengers don't know is that pirates aboard the rugged boat are lurking in the ship's shadow waiting to playfully attack.

Enter, the scallywag crew. Including Jamie Gautreaux who says, she loves dressing up in costume and showing children a good time or something like that.

"Some of them cry, some of them laugh, some of them scream, they just all have fun, once they realize it's play then they really get into it," Gautreaux said.

She says, for the most part all the kids and even adults too, love the make believe pirate brawl.

The charter boat is a U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel. No matter what the occasion, the pirates and crew are ready to take you on an unforgettable ride.


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Bahama Blaster Now Open at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Entertainment Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:35:48 PM Mike Gillaspia Bahama Blaster Now Open at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

SAN ANTONIO - Coastal Bend residents planning a quick summer getaway may want to consider heading up the road to San Antonio to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The 2014 season is now underway and there are many new activities to enjoy, including a new water park expansion featuring the extreme drop slide attraction, Bahama Blaster. In addition to Bahama Blaster, there are also two new slides for kids, Bamboo Chutes, a relaxing Cabana Village and a refreshing oasis, Dom Julio's Beach Bar.

Bahama Blaster features four body slides that sit side-by-side and offer a unique launching capsule system. After reaching the top of the six-story tower, guests step into the enclosed vertical capsule where the floor drops out beneath them, sending riders free-falling 40 miles-per-hour down an 80-degree slide.

For additional information or to plan your trip, be sure to visit


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Tracy Morgan Now in Fair Condition After Crash Entertainment Tue, 17 Jun 2014 4:33:00 AM Associated Press Tracy Morgan Now in Fair Condition After Crash

NEW JERSEY(AP) - Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has been upgraded to fair condition following the New Jersey highway crash that badly injured him and killed one of his friends, his spokesman said Monday.

"His personality is certainly starting to come back as well," spokesman Lewis Kay said.

The 45-year-old former "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock" star suffered broken ribs and a broken leg in the June 7 crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. The crash killed fellow comedian James McNair and seriously injured two other people.

Prosecutors say Wal-Mart driver Kevin Roper's truck hit Morgan's limo. The Jonesboro, Georgia, resident has pleaded not guilty to death by auto and assault by auto charges.

A criminal complaint alleges Roper hadn't slept for more than 24 hours before the accident when he swerved to avoid slowed traffic on the turnpike and plowed into Morgan's limo.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., based in Bentonville, Arkansas, has not explained what Roper's driving route was. It has said it believes he was in compliance with federal safety regulations.

Morgan's assistant, Jeffrey Millea, of Shelton, Connecticut, has also been upgraded to fair condition, Kay said. Hospital officials said comedian Ardie Fuqua, of Jersey City, remains in critical condition.

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Paul Simon, Edie Brickell Due Back in Court Entertainment Tue, 17 Jun 2014 4:30:02 AM Paul Simon, Edie Brickell Due Back in Court

NORWALK, Conn. (AP) - Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell are due back in a Connecticut court for a hearing in the couple's disorderly conduct case.

The hearing is set for Tuesday morning. A police report says the 48-year-old Brickell and the 72-year-old Simon became physical with each other during an April 26 argument inside a cottage on their property in New Canaan.

Brickell told police that he shoved her and that she slapped him. The report says that Simon suffered a superficial cut to his ear, and that Brickell, who smelled of alcohol, had a bruise on her wrist.

Both said in court April 28 that they did not consider the other a threat, and no protective order was issued.

The singers were married in 1992. They have three children.

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